Democrats Presidential Ticket 2020

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Re: Democrats Presidential Ticket 2020

Postby Cat » Mon Aug 26, 9:01 pm

Bohannon wrote:
Cat wrote:I'm endorsing Beto. He won me over with his El Paso post shooter analysis of Trump Culture.

I'd like him better if he could manage to keep from flailing his arms about like they are attached to his mouth. I cannot watch.

Beto could hook up with Pete as VP running mate.

Beto and Pete are just as progressive as spinster schoolmarm Warren and get off my lawn Sanders, but both are of course dark horses to the establishment apparently as usual.

They both have the requisite intellects and analytical skills. We've seen the geezers and its time to pass that torch.

I'd like to see Beto debate Trump. It would be like a knock down drag out with that abusive father you always loathed.

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Re: Democrats Presidential Ticket 2020

Postby modern roots » Wed Sep 04, 8:34 pm

I like Kamala Harris. Biden and Bernie are too old and Beto is unelectable.

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