December Comments and Observations

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December Comments and Observations

Postby loser » Mon Dec 15, 4:44 pm

Just spent a wonderful 8 days in Amsterdam, I first want to thank all who write those detailed narratives of thier exploits in amsterdam. This trip I was walking in many a shoes,LH, banks, BBB and the others who so eliquently post thier adventures here. Due to thier descriptive tales and my stoned wandering and biking, I in some wierd way at times felt like I was in someone else's trip report.Oh there is the resturant or shop they were talking about!So instead of a day by day acount, always so hard to put onto paper the way i feel when I go to amsterdam.Ill give you some general observations....

First off this trip I was a weed tourist. I arrived and headed straight to the Damkring bought 20 euros of Buddas Sister and 10 euros of Bubblehash23. The bud of buddas was a rock nug the best looking bud of the trip.Smoked some of the bubble later in a bowl with a screen. That stuff was awsome-headrush on every hit.

Bought a gram of hash at the noon called noonshine 15e, smooth and uplifting-recommended - blond darker outside creamy center
Mixing joints of grey mist crystals
yellow cab- both from grey area- perfect joint combo for a night of smoking and drinking. Good strong long lasting buzz.
Stopped by the Greenhouse to see if they had el nino on the menu-no luck picked up a gram of super silver haze I heard so much about-no real smell and the buds looked crappy. rolled a 1gm joint smoked it was cured nice messed with my vision right away,walking around later,had my first parinoid-panic attack-weed moment in a long time.good stuff.
Coined a new phrase this trip" wake and vape"
Stella Blue from anyday-vaporize a half gram or better of this in the am-Life is good. Stuff tastes real good in a joint-best flavor of the trip-Thanks for the tip Mr. Banks.
Durbin Posion from Picasso-The real McCoy-For those who seek this strain from the past-It's a don't miss, I even impressed the bong guru with this one!
Ice hash from anyday-20e per gram- this was black and soft pressed and crumpled when you squeezed it. seemed homemade but very good.The dealer said it was made just from stella.
Malana Creme, black hash from dolphins and grenhouse 13e per gm. Nice to mix with pot.
I tried other stuff when I was there, I tried g13 from green house , 420 haze from 420 cafe,did a bag of that, I prefered the mason jar vaporizer over the bags.
Crystal from hunters bar.
bubble gum ice hash from dampkring- good smooth and strong only bought a 5e piece 35/gm and that was good for a couple of highs.
Coffee shop observations and prefrences
Early morning shop this trip-
The anyday, nice small shop , mostly locals, give the lungs a break in the am with some vapor hits.Had some great conversations and met some good, really genuine, people.
I allways tried to stop daily at the Rojerki on the amstel in the afternoon or early evening.Allways playing mellow music,a different crowd than at the coffee shops by central. Great friendly staff.
Abraxxas have to stop by at least once, have yet to see a bad looking barkeep!:) that goes for the Rojerki at Leidsplein also.
Best night bar to drink and smoke at- The Other Place or The Excalibur in the Red Light District.Good rock, in the heart of the action.
The prix di ammi, near central station, last shop before i have left the last two trips,the lady who works there (over 18 yrs) has never smoked pot!And was so cool.Last Hamlet, and others you must stop in and talk to this woman, her general concern for the human condition is beautiful.

I stayed at Hotel De la Haye, have been ther before, so i know what to expect.Friendly staff, when I was there years ago, they had no drugs signs everywhere, they are no longer there but I read somewhere that someone said you cant smoke in the rooms,small place ,a joint would reek the place out.They redid the bathrooms and now have tvs and phones in the rooms.Still a one star. But for 46 e night including breakfast, not a bad deal.Clean and safe and right by the milky way. I would recommend it for a single traveler.

My suggestion to anyone who goes is rent a bike. You get around the city so much easier and when you get lost or are forced to backtrack, it saves your feet.But be prepared to be humbled by an older dutch lady passing you out!

The dollar really sux against the euro and you will spend more money, everything has gone up again, everyone is complaining, the conversion to euro was only to cost the average worker a 1% cost of living increase well there was a miscalculation and it is now more like 8- 10 %.

I have gone in dec before but this time the streets seemed very empty.Even on the weekend, bars were quiet. Week day nights in the red light district at 8 pm was like night of the living dead .Kinda creepy.On the weekend they had on the bridges where the dealers hang,tempoary police stations.

News while I was there. A coke dealer was shot and killed and his girlfriend was injured in Dam square on saturday afternoon.The Royal Family had a new addition to thier family.Prince and his wife had a daughter, but I forget her name.

The Rijkes was free this was the last weekend before it closes, let you in to see the paintings, boy it's amazing how much detail you miss when you are shrooming out of your head the first time you are there.Those milita paintings are awe inspiring.Cant help but walking out of the place on a cloud.

Good blues on sunday nights at the burbon street in leidsplien- The band that plays there every sunday kicks ass.

This was my first trip that I was not going to smoke , drink, drug away my sorrows.Or had any impending traumas awating my return.
My general feeling was this would be my last trip to adam, for a while, havent gone anywhere else the last four vacations,each trip i take i learn more about who i am and i leave there feeling so good about life and the expierence i just had that I am already planning my return.

So instead of giving you guys my version of the cheech and chong" how I spent my amsterdam vacation", I woke up ,ate, smoked, ate, smoked, drank and smoked.etc,etc,woke up......this is what ya get

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Postby LastHamlet » Mon Dec 15, 7:47 pm

Way to go Loser, I thought that was well worded and very interesting.
This time I got to travel along with you.

Loser Wrote:
"The prix di ammi, near central station, last shop before I have left the last two trips, the lady who works there (over 18 yrs) has never smoked pot!And was so cool. LastHamlet, and others you must stop in and talk to this woman, her general concern for the human condition is beautiful."

So kind of you to have the thoughts of myself and others on this one. I have never been in the place, but will have to put it on the list for my next journey. I feel I would enjoy a good conversation, and she does seem to be such a nice person. (Next Trip It Is.)

Thanks for the insight to your travels Loser. It truly must have been a little strange to see the streets so empty. I have never been in the winter, so I didn't even imagine what sights were like at that time.

Excellent Report and Simply Wonderful.

Best Regards,

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Re: December Comments and Observations

Postby Otis » Tue Dec 16, 7:56 am

Hi Loser, was fun partying with you a bit while you were there. You hold up the Amsterdam experience quite well and I'm glad we got to smoke-a-thon one evening.



Postby Miguel » Tue Dec 16, 7:09 pm

Hey Loser - my thoughts exactly - as far as maybe this is the last time, not sure if I should be going - but it is the yearly attitude adjustment I make over there, that makes me know life doesnt suck so much, and I need to do this again real soon - good to smoke with you and the others -


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Postby TrekknHil » Wed Dec 17, 3:15 am

Hey Loser...glad you had a blast...we didn't make it over together but at least we both made the trip.

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Postby Bon Bon Billy » Wed Dec 17, 4:37 am

Nice to read your report loser. And, it was great to smoke a few spliffs with you at Amnesia and break bread and beef steak with you in Leidseplein. We'll have to do it again some time.

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Postby Banks » Wed Dec 17, 5:05 am

Really nice report... thanks for sharing your time with us... makes me want to go back all the more!!!


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Postby entrada » Sat Jan 10, 1:41 pm

top notch report loser,many thanks entrada.

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