A short visit in May 2007

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A short visit in May 2007

Postby Ireland » Wed May 09, 12:10 pm

A short report on our visit from the 3rd to the 7th May.
We arrived into Central Station at 12.15 after an uneventful flight and started the walk in glorious sunshine to our City Mundo apt ( L10618). On the way stopped at Pink Floyd and was disappointed to see that the old menu with many favourites was gone to be replaced with the likes of “Oceans Twelve� and the like. I also stopped in Spirit and got some very undistinguished Pollom. By the way the Moroccan Ice is gone to be replaced with Ice at 25 euro per gram or 115 for 5 grams. We arrived at the apartment to be meet by our jovial host Guy, pronounced Gee. The place was small but Ok and location, location, location in the Jordaan. We stopped by TAK and Holly’s but they were out, they were packing to head home and I am sure up to ninety but they had still extended an invitation to drop by. Sorry we missed you but looking forward to our summer stay.
Some time ago I had started a thread about ribs and the one we had opted for was De Klos
Kerkstraat 41 - 020-6253730. It had been great and we decided to go back this time. If you like or love ribs this is the place. It is not big and laid out like a bar with many people eating at the counter. The ribs are cooked on an open grill and the smell pervades the air. Another great thing about this place is that it is just across from Dolphins! We went in after eating and I bought 2 grams of Dolphin grass and three grams of the Dolphin special hash, then something happened that had not ever happened before. The very friendly bud tender asked if I was carrying any other smoke as I had just bought 5 grams and that was all I was allowed to have on me. Do the coffee shops get in to trouble if people are found on the premises with more than 5 grams?
Friday I made my way to Haarlem to do a little Willie shopping, stopped at Sativa and bought 62.50 euro of Temple Ball for 50 euro and some Moroccan with the same offer, so 125 euro of quality for 100 euro, I suppose you should take away the 6.20 train ticket but still I would have gone to Haarlem anyway.
By the way the one remaining ticket machine that took money in Central Station is gone! You will need to look for a machine that displays the Maestro symbol and if you look at the bottom left of the display screen you will see an English flag, just tap on that and follow the instructions.
I seem to be going on a bit but let it be said that the sun shone, other meals were taken, all good and smokes were had and the only bad experience was Spirit. We walked the legs off around the Jordaan and arrived back rested, happy and smiling as we knew that we had only six weeks to go before we do it all again!

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