April 2005

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April 2005

Postby viking » Mon Jun 13, 4:58 pm

Seeing as I will never find the time to
write a day-by-day trip report of my April
trip, I've decided to just do some general
rambling about last month's big Channels

Met LastHamlet at JFK airport on Saturday
the 16th, as we prepared to board our
transatlantic flight. Been wanting to meet
him for a number of years, and it was well
worth the wait. Super nice guy.

After landing at Schiphol, I called sdshadow
on my mobile and set up a meeting at Centraal
Station. As LH and I walked out of CS, there
was sd, his brother, and their friend, Jay.
sd had rolled up joints for both LH and me,
and we lit up right there and then. My j
was a hash/tobac mix, made from Honey Maroc
from Softland. This was my 14th visit to
Amsterdam and the first time I'd ever been
met by a friend waiting to hand me a j. Nice!

The five of us walked on over to Central
coffeeshop, grabbed some window seats and
headed to the counter. I bought 2.5g of
their Super Polm and was very pleased with
it. We continued smoking and rolling and
just reveling in the fact that we were all
back in the Dam once again. We smoked until
around 10:30 and then we headed to our
respective hotels.

I was due to meet a fellow Smokers Guide
friend, jak, at the Noon at noon
and got there around 12:15 to find jak
already there and toking. jak's a local
friend of mine and this was his 2nd trip
to the Dam, and the first time we'd hung
out there together.

My notes for the rest of the day are few and
also nearly illegible. A good sign!

jak was in town to attend the ICMag420 Cup,
where he was one of the judges. So we headed
on over to Gypsy Nirvana's seed place, but not
before a quick stop at Grey Area. As we were
almost to GA, jak said that every time he went
there, Steve had been working. I, on the other
hand, had never seen Steve, but had always lucked
out with John working. Well, we walked in and
there was Steve:( I have never seen anyone
working in any coffeeshop in such a f--ked up
state. I was there to buy a nice bud of
Greyberry which BlueBerry wanted for her first
j when I met her at Schiphol the next day.
I didn't want to disappoint BB, otherwise I
would have walked right out of the store.

Greyberry was crossed off the menu, but Steve
produced a container of it as he talked to
someone on his mobile. He then hung up and
started a conversation with the ceiling. He
was making all sorts of jerky motions, strange
noises, and carrying on with the ceiling. I also
discovered that he was talking to me on occasion,
but while still talking to the ceiling. Anyway,
the transaction was finally done and jak and I
hurried out. (BTW, the Greyberry was not cured
well and wouldn't stay lit for BB.)

Next stop was Gypsy's place and things were
hopping over there. jak checked in and picked
up his samples - 27 weed, 3 hash. About a gram
of each. jak and I headed on over to Amnesia,
with several of his fellow judges. Manager
there freaked out when the 4 judges had a table
full of sample packets. He told them that all
that weed/hash would put the shop in danger of
being over the total weight limit for the shop
and asked them all to leave. The judges put
everything back in their packs and we eventually
left after finishing up out joints.

Seeing as I hadn't been toking since my last
visit to the Dam back in Sept. `04, I was
taking it easy the first day and actually
passing on j's passed my way. A new thing
for me, but it worked out well.

jak and I hit Bushdocter next where I sampled
some of their King Hassan hash to compare it
to the King Hassan from de Kabouter cs, one
of my very favorite hashes (and shops) in the
Dam. Bushdocter's KH was a real disappointment.
Too hard and dark.

jak and I decided to meet for dinner at Coco's
Outback later on, but we somehow managed to miss
each other there, even though it's a small place.
Don't know how we could, we both made the rounds
there several times. He ended up eating with
his fellow judges in one section and I ate alone
in the toking section. Tried their goulash and it
was fantastic!

Swung by The Otherside cs afterwards to pick up
another favorite hash of mine, their Special Super
Polm. Tasty.

Walked up Leidsestraat to Leidseplein and the Get Down
cs to check my email and then it was off to bed.

OK, got to start rambling here or this report will
be way too boring and long.

Up early on the 18th to get to Schiphol to meet BB.
Great seeing her again and we stood outside and
toked leisurely before heading to Bear's apartment
via a weird route - train to Amsterdam Zuid-WTC,
tram 5 to Leidseplein, then taxi to Bear's out near
Kashmir Lounge. Bear has spare bikes and we had a great
afternoon cruising around de Pijp. My notes say
I bought some King Hassan at Katsu, also. .66g/10euro
and not too great.

After a nice afternoon of biking, BB crashed on Bear's
couch and I headed back to my hotel near the Rijksmuseum.
I wanted to stop in at Tweedy cs and Bear decided to come
along. He biked and I walked (fast). It was my first time
to Tweedy and I liked the place. Bought some Lebanon 1g/7euro
and some Caramello 1g/10euro, Leb was fair, and Carmello was
good. Bear headed on home and after a quick pitstop at my
hotel I was making a beeline for de Kabouter. Just had to
get some of their King Hassan!

Their menu only offers the KH at 1g/8.30euro, but I asked
if there was a discount on a 5g deal, and was told, "Yes."
5grams was 40 euro, a break of .30 euros per gram. Not a
great discount, but every eurocent helps. This batch of
KH was their best ever! That first 5 gram lump didn't
last very long:)

Man, was it ever nice to be back in de Kabouter. What a
pleasure to just sit back and enjoy some time alone in
a favorite shop, with my favorite hash, enjoying a cup of
coffee and watching the locals file in and out. Kabouter
is right on the edge of de Pijp's RLD, sharing a wall with
a kamer, even. Most of the women in this area are kinda
rough looking, but there were a few who really stood out.

Think I went to FEBO after de Kabouter. Ate at FEBO so many
times this trip that it's hard to remember. PurpleHaze, theguest,
and I ate there three times in one day later in the week.
(In addition to three other meals, for me.) Bear turned me
on to FEBO's spicy fried chicken and I found it hard to pass
a FEBO without slipping in for a fried chicken leg, one of
those fried cheese "thingys", and a soft ice cream cone. Yummmm.

Next day was my 44th birthday and the first time I'd been
in Europe on my b-day. And what better city to celebrate
your birthday than Amsterdam?! Did I sleep in? No! I had
to get to Schiphol with BB to meet BOhannon and Delta9 who
were due in early that morning. It's fun meeting people
at Schiphol and watch their faces light up as they light up
the joints you bring them:) The four of us stood outside
toking away before taking Bus 370 from stand B3 direct to

At Leidseplein, I mistakenly told Delta9 that we were all meeting
up later at de Kuil's and after he took off on the tram to his
hotel, I found out we were in fact meeting at Amnesia. Oops.
Had to rush to his hotel and let him know of the change.
Got there as he was still checking in. Bumped into sd and his bro
there, too.

Got to Jan Piet cs that afternoon, a place I've wanted to
visit for several years. It's directly across from Kashmir
Lounge. Supposedly the crew that runs the Smokers Guide often
hangs out there and I'd been meaning to check the place out.
Was surprised to have to ring a buzzer to get in, but once in
I really liked the atmosphere. So much different than Kashmir's.
Only one person behind the bar and one customer drinking coffee
and reading the paper at the counter. I asked for the menu and
was told they had none, but was asked what I liked. I told him,
"light marocs", and he said that was good as they only had one hash
on offer that day, a fine maroc for 5 euro/gram. Bought a gram,
and settled in at a window seat to roll up a j with it while
I sipped my coffee. The hash was very good indeed and I just kicked
back and watched the people file in and out of Kashmir. I will
definitely stop in at Jan Piet next time I'm back in town. Nice place
with nice vibes.

Didn't write down any notes while in Haarlem for my birthday that day,
but I had a great time! Trying to recall who all went with? BlueBerry,
BOhannon, Delta9, moe and Bev, OHD, LastHamlet, and, and........
I have gotten the memories of my two Haarlem visits this trip mixed up:)
Finally got to meet Nol and Marushka at Willie Wortel Sinsemilla!
Told Nol it was my birthday and he gave me a nice 5 gramish chunk of
what he described as a "fertilized maroc" hash. Very, very nice hash
and a very nice gesture, too! Thanks, Nol! Had a nice conversation
with Marushka about Christiania, while she was painting one of the shop's
male torso statues.

Lots of hash smoked at WW Sinsemilla that afternoon, as we were not the
only heavy smokers there. My friend jak was also there, as Nol was hosting
a pre-4/20 bash for the ICMag420 Cup gang. jak and I got a few games in on
my favorite pinball machine, the shop's Lord of the Rings machine.

Our gang ate at Wilma & Albert's after leaving WW Sinsemilla. I decided
to try something other than steak (since I was coming back to W&A's on
Sunday the 24th) and ordered their "Zalm a la Copenhage", salmon filet
blackened on the bottom. Tasty! I had already toked up big time on the
way there, and think I slipped out a couple of times to toke after ordering.
One thing I had never done was actually toke inside W & A's, so I rolled one
under the table and headed up to the mensroom for a few quick birthday hits.
I didn't want to offend any patrons who headed up to the bathroom area, so
I slipped into a stall and proceeded to light up, figuring I'd hold the
burning j up to the exhaust fan between tokes, as well as exhale toward the
fan. I light up, take a huge draw, hold the j up to the exhaust fan vent......
and discover the fan blows into the stall!! Damn. Well, what to do?
Decided to just go ahead and hurridly finish a few more tokes, and after
about 5, the stall was getting pretty smokey so I dropped the burning j into
a joint tube and opened the stall door. Man, the bathroom was rather smokey,
too:) Now who's fault is that? Seems to me that bathroom fans should pull
fumes out, not blow them back at you.

My notes say a bunch of us ended up at Dolphins later that night and I have
a few pics from there, so I know it's true. Must have been a great birthday,
since my memory's real spotty about what went on.

Next day was 4/20 and I skipped the early morning crawl meetup at Barney's
and met up with everyone at Coco's Outback for lunch. seouleast and his
wife arrived that morning and he had rolled one of his special mixed bag
bombers to pass around at Coco's. SE lit up one that my notes say included
weed, Kali Mist ice hash, Scheherazade hash, and Nol's special hash.
The j was really thick and send up an amazingingly thick cloud which soon
brought the manager in to speak with us:) Seems the fog bank from SE's
j had rolled into the non-toking section, hehe. No problem though, as
the manager switched on the toking section's exhaust fan (which blew OUT,
thank you very much) and asked that we only light one of those super j's
at a time. Don't think we obeyed that last request too well, as there
were several j's burning at the end of dinner, but then none were of
the magnitude of that first one. Those at lunch were BlueBerry,
Wolfdangler, seouleast and Mrs. seouleast, Delta9, moe (and Bev, too?),
LastHamlet, and me. Most of the guys, including me, ordered the
"small" kangaroo burger which turned out to be HUGE!! I barely finished
half of mine and I think LH was the only one to finish the whole thing?

Rest of 4/20 is very foggy, indeed. Bunch of us met up at de Kuil's
at 4:20 and had a ball. My notes go on to say I had a FEBO dinner and
then ended up at Old Church cs around 9:30.

PurpleHaze and theguest both arrived the next day, 21/4, and Team Febo
was born, hehe. I met PH at Schiphol with some nice King Hassan/toasted
tobac j's for us to smoke outside. Once the three of us got together,
my notes quickly degraded as the heavy-smoking "Team Febo" hit the town.
LH, Otis, PH, theguest, and I all hit Siberie that afternoon.

Had to stop in at the Orange mobile phone store at Rokin 64 that afternoon.
Earlier in my trip, I asked sdshadow to call my mobile from his to check
if mine was working ok. As I took my mobile out of my daypack, the bottom
of the plastic zip bag I had it in broke open, and my phone headed straight
for the sidewalk. It split into three pieces as it hit, but amazingly
snapped back together and seemed to work fine. But when I went to
charge it later, it would not accept a charge. Damn. Didn't tell the
guy at the Orange store I had dropped it, only that it wouldn't charge.
Well, my phone checked out fine and it was my charger that had crapped out.
What a coincidence, huh? But it was true, as my phone charged fine when
plugged into a new charger, but wouldn't do anything when attached to
my old one. Well, a new charger was 39 euros and a new model phone with
a charger that also worked on my older Siemens phone was only 10 euros
more at 49 euros. So I bought the newer phone and the Orange guy swapped
my SIM card over. Now I had a new phone (with all my unused calling
credits still on it), and also my old phone which they said they'd unlock
for free at its one year anniversary this coming September. Cool.

I don't have a mobile phone here in the States, but I really find having
one in Amsterdam to be useful. Makes tracking down your friends so much

Didn't have my new phone a day before I dropped it, too! Luckily I
had purchased a leatherette cover for it, luckily in more ways than one.
PH and I were over in de Pijp and I decided to use one of those
outdoor pissoirs. An older, metal, green one on the edge of a canal.
Finished peeing and was zipping up when I knocked my new phone off
its belt clip. It fell and landed dead center on the hole I had just
been peeing into! Ewwwwww! For those of you who know me, you know
I'm more than just a little germ conscious, to say the least.
I picked it up gingerly and shook off a few drops of pee. At least it
was my pee:) I took out a Wash-n-Dri moist towelette, and squirted
a bunch of the alcohol hand sanitizer I carry around onto it, and wiped
the leatherette cover off. Checked out the phone and it still worked
fine. Must say that these Siemens phones survive being dropped!

I think that this was the day that PurpleHaze and I headed out to
Marnixstraat to check on the status of coffeeshop Aggie. We had heard
that it had closed and discovered that indeed it had and then had been
reopened as Softland 2. Damn. The place had the same menu as Softland,
but PH and I passed on buying anything. We were both very discouraged
that Aggie's was gone and we could no longer buy their wonderful hash
called simply "Cream". Not that it was anything like normal, dark
"creams". Aggie's "Cream" was more in the light maroc vein and packed
the heaviest punch of all the non-ices PH and I have sampled in the Dam.

I wanted PH to check out 1e Hulp (Eerste Hulp, or First Aid) coffeeshop
just down a bit on Marnixstraat, so we headed there. I had stopped in
here last September for the first time and was very impressed. It was
good to be back there again, too! The shop had been recently redesigned
when I had last been there, and was still nice and "fresh". I didn't
take any notes on what I bought there, but PH and I were both happy
with our hash purchases. We headed to the upper level in the shop's
rear section and had the place to ourselves. Wonderfully comfortable
sofas to lounge on, while surrounded by Arabian style furnishings and
decor. I love this shop!

Vermeer's White Widow handover at Rookies was in the evening.
Very nice to meet Vermeer, and his White Widow samples were
nicely packaged with a pic of "his" Girl With a Pearl Earring
inside:) I have no recollection of what I got up to after
that big meetup broke up. Suffice to say that Team Febo ate
at FEBO that evening.

Notes for the following days get shorter and shorter now that PH,
theguest, and I were back together again. On Friday the 22nd, seems
I got to Umma Gumma/Pink Floyd, Overkant Hortus, and Italy coffeeshops.
First time I'd been to the last two. Seems I liked the Diamond Top
light hash I got at Hortus. My notes also say that sdshadow, his
bro, and Jay were with us at Umma Gumma and that Delta9 and seouleast
were with us at Hortus. Not sure why we went to Nieuwmarkt that day,
unless I was leading some people to my favorite head shop near there -
The Headshop:)

Hmmmmm, this must have been the day when I showed theguest and
PurpleHaze how great the Metro system was. I think we
got on at Weesperplein to go to Nieuwmarkt. We got on the Metro and
it just sat there and didn't go anywhere. This was strange, so I
decided to hop out through the still open doors, but they started to
close just as I did and I found myself stuck between the closing doors.
Man, those things are hard to move and I kind of "popped" out onto
the platform. The doors slam shut, the Metro starts rolling, and I
wave to my friends as they roll away.......
I get on the next Metro hoping they remembered we were headed for
the Nieuwmarkt stop, but they're they were waiting for me at the
next stop, Waterlooplein. They hopped on and away we went.

I love to toke while waiting on the Metro platform and usually head
toward the end away from people. At one station (Waterlooplein?)
it was least crowded in the center section of the platform and I
was toking away, when theguest alerts me to a trio of police
headed my way. I had already seen them, as I try and keep a lookout
for anyone headed my way, but they were fairly close when I spotted
them. No problem though, and I leisurely strolled behind a column,
dropped the burning j into its joint tube and slipped it right back
into my pocket, and I emerge from behind the column as the police walk
by me. I'm sure they could smell burning hash, but it wasn't me
smoking, that's for sure:)

Back to Nieuwmarkt. I've been through this area many times, but had
never spotted coffeeshop Italy. Not sure who spotted it first, but
we headed over to check it out and crossed paths with Wolfdangler
on his bike! My notes say it was Wolfdangler and someone else, but
I can't read my notes! Italy seemed like a nice shop, with a nice,
helpful young guy working the counter. Can't remember a thing about
the menu. Guess I'll have to stop back in here in September.

Saturday, 23 April - The Channels Bash

PurpleHaze, theguest, and I did a mini-crawl through de Pijp
during the afternoon. Started at de Kabouter where I bought
another 5g chunk of King Hassan. We met sdshadow and his bro
at Katsu. Isn't it nice how you often run into friends while
coffeeshopping? After parting from those two, Team Febo moved
on to Carmona coffeeshop. This is a shop I have passed several
times on my way to Yo-Yo's on the same street and I think it was
the first time any of us had been there. Another fine locals
only shop that I should have gotten to years ago. Like 1e Hulp cs,
Carmona is also decorated in an Arabian theme. Very nice female
dealer and a nice menu, too, from what little I can remember.

After Carmona, we headed up a few blocks to Yo-Yo's so I could
get a slice of their apple pie. I was also hoping to sample their
Baalbeck hash again, but they were out, unfortunately. Tried their
Kif Kif nederhash, 2g/10 euro, and was not disappointed.

My notes for the day end with our visit to Yo-Yo's, so I'll be scraping
the limits of my memory about the Channels party later that evening.
The three of us arrived just a little past the start time, and the
place was hopping. Found my name tag at the door, pinned it on, and
started looking for a place to sit and roll. I had all day to roll
up enough j's to last me through the party, but I had smoked everything
I rolled. Surprise! PurpleHaze and theguest scored a fine spot at
one of the few tables, but somehow I ended up in a chair by the front
window and had to roll on my lap. MaxT was sitting beside me and we
struck up a conversation. The food looked really good, but I never
did get around to tasting any of it, as I pretty much spent the party
rolling and toking. I almost tried the pasta dish, but never got
around to it. But I did eat at FEBO after we left the party:)
While sitting and rolling, someone came by and gave me an orange
suede hat, but I can't remember who. OHD, maybe? A little while
later, Chichi came by and complemented me on my hat. Seems she
had brought it along and given it to someone else, but she was happy
that I was happy with it. When my mom saw that hat when I got back,
she liked it, so now she owns it. She saw the Saks Fifth Avenue
label inside:)

It was great meeting so many Channelites at the party. And it was
really great to finally meet bas, and thank him for maintaining
The Channels site and for throwing the party. When my name was
called as winner of the heaviest hash toker award, I made my way
up front through the crowd, trying hard not to burn anyone with
the lit j's I had in my hands. I think I had two lit at that moment,
as I was comparing two mixes. I wanted to grab the mic and say a
few words of thanks, mainly to the people of Morocco, but I didn't
get the chance. So, people of Morocco, "I thank you!".

Like I said, my notes don't have any info about what I got up to
after the party. All I know is that Team Febo hit FEBO later.

The next day, Sunday the 24th, was the day of the Haarlem coffeeshop
crawl. It was scheduled to start at WW Sativa at 1pm, but I wanted
to hit a couple of shops behind the train station beforehand.
Otis joined PurpleHaze, theguest, and me as I lead our merry little
group toward Key West, the coffeeshop, not the city in Florida.
I had wanted to stop in at coffeeshop Birdie in the same area, but
they were closed as we walked by. I had been to Key West as recently
as last September, and was surprised to find it on the opposite
side of the street from where I remembered it being. Had they
moved? Probably not. I think I just remembered wrong:)
Once inside we settled into a front booth. Nice shop, though I
wish I had taken down some notes about it. I do recall we had
a nice time there, too much time, actually, as we were running
behind schedule as we headed back to the Sativa. As we passed
back by Birdie, it was now open, but we didn't have time to stop in.

Upon arriving at Sativa, we met up with MaxT and Mr. Breeze.
And then in walked Bev, but not moe. Bev was doing the Haarlem
crawl "moeless", hehe. Otis had decided to head on back to
Amsterdam. Once together, the six of us (Bev, MaxT, Mr. Breeze,
PurpleHaze, theguest, and I) decided to blow off the planned
crawl. Why? I dunno. I think it because nobody else showed up.
BlueBerry, lula, Wolfdangler, and Birdman were biking it from
Amsterdam to Haarlem and we waited a while for them to show up
at Sativa, but finally we decided to head on over to WW Indica,
figuring we'd all meet up at WW Sinsemilla (which we did).

Since I was familiar with the bus route to Indica and Sinsemilla,
we headed across the street to wait on Bus 73, direction Houtplein.
I think this was when I spied sdshadow and co. walking nearby and
I quickly called sd, mobile to mobile, before he got out of sight.
A brief merging of groups and then we spilt again as he and his
group headed out on foot and my group headed over to wait on the
bus. Bus 73 stops near Indica on the way to Sinsemilla, so we
hopped off and hung out at Indica for a while. Filling up their
front booth, we toked up a storm while looking out at the windmill
which is my avatar:) Hmmmmm. Methinks I am forgetting some people
that were in our party at Indica? Let me know, and I apologize
ahead of time for any omissions.

Eventually we got back on the bus (or did we walk??) and headed
to the most excellent Willie Wortel Sinsemilla coffeeshop.
More Channelites showed up, including BlueBerry, Wolfdangler,
Catobession, Trekknhil, Lola, seouleast and Mrs. seouleast,
Dedbud, and, and...???? Hey lula, were you there, too?
And Birdman? And what about Dave? Damn, I'm afraid I've gotten
my two visits to Sinsemilla mixed up. Or perhaps "merged" is
a better word? Well, whoever the hell showed up there, we all
had a great time. Sitting around a table with Nol and his
"magic box" full of ice hash goodies was what probably warped
my memory:) I do remember taking lots of hits from his cool
"Dragon" glass pipe. Great hash, Nol! Thanks for being so

Eventually it was time to head on over to Wilma & Albert's
for dinner and I found myself near the head of the pack on the
way there. Not a position I like to be in, but we all got
there OK. More Channelites converged on W & A's and I'm glad
we had reservations, although I think it was lula and (?) who
came in a bit late and didn't get seated? Is this right?
Boner and his wife ended up at their own little table for two
and I kept passing them as I went in and out to toke. I already
knew not to toke in their bathroom:) There's no way I can list
who showed up for dinner, as there were two big tables full of
us. In addition to those at Sinse, Dogbreath was there, and FBN,
Birdman, and, and....? Damn. Oh well, I guess you know who you

After ordering, Trekknhil and I slipped out to toke and to buy
tickets for the big ferris wheel which we planned on riding after
dinner. FBN joined us as we headed on over toward the carnival
area. As we walked by a row of slot machines, I slipped a 2 euro
coin in one and ended up winning a handful of tokens. Tokens??
I was hoping the thing would spit out real coins. Taking my
winnings around to the operator, I discovered my winnings wouldn't
buy anything but the cheapest of the cheap shit they had on offer.
However, I spied a keychain with a little pickle "face" on it and
chose that. Gave it to Trekknhil on the spot as a souvenir:)
We bought our ferris wheel tickets and headed back to W & A's
to find the food still had not come. No problem, there's more
hash to be toked outside! Had a chance to roll two j's under
the table during dinner for use before hitting the ferris wheel.
Had the cheapest steak on the menu for dinner (around 14 euros?)
and it was delicious.

After we left the restaurant, I headed on over to ride the wheel,
but for some reason Trekknhil no longer wanted to ride it.
Neither did anyone else. Well, the wheel was empty and I wanted
to try it, so on I went. Lit up near the top and enjoyed the view.
This wheel was quite big and the view was really nice at the top.
After spinning around for what seemed quite a long time, I motioned
to the teenage operator that I was ready to get off, but he just
grinned and kept me going around. And around. And around.....
Eventually he stopped the thing and let me off. Guess he was in
need of a little entertainment himself that evening.

My notes say that Team Febo (again, that's PurpleHaze, theguest,
and me) ended up at Betty Boop's that evening. We were there
until closing. I think it was the first time there for all of
us and we all liked the shop. Super nice lady running the counter
and no other customers, except for a friend of hers. I bought
2 grams of their super polm for 12 euros. Nice stuff. All three
of us decided to order chocolate weed milkshakes. The dealer took
real care making them and they took almost 20 minutes of intense
mixing before she served them to us. They were very tasty and
delicious, but after smoking hash, make that LOTS of hash, all day,
there was no way that a half gram of weed in a shake was going to
affect any of us.

Monday the 25th was the last full day for all three of us, and
also the day we were scheduled to go on the second smoke cruise.
I wanted theguest to see 1e Hulp coffeeshop, so PH and I took
him there before the cruise. We had the upper tier of the shop
to ourselves and it was nice to once again stretch out and
relax in comfort. Eventually we headed on over to Rookies for
the smoke cruise. The 15 euro cruise ticket was well worth it!
Man, was that ever fun:) OHD and I had fun yelling, "We're
smoking marijuana!" to people who were waving at our boat.

After the cruise, Team Febo headed for who-remembers-where?
I don't. I know that I kept telling them I had to get back
to my room and pack for tomorrow's early departure, but they
managed to keep me out late. "Ow! Ow! You're twisting my arm, guys!"

It was close to midnight when we finally got back to PH's and my
hotel and we had a farewell spliff on my balcony. Actually we
had three, since we all smoked our own. Those two guys had it
lucky, in that their flights left much later than mine the next
day. After our final goodbyes and plans to meetup once again
this September, I finally got around to packing and got to bed
at 02:30 and was up again at 05:55 to get to Schiphol for my
10:25 flight.

Well, I got to Schiphol a bit later than I had planned.
Checked the departures monitors and saw my flight listed
at it's scheduled time, then stepped outside to quickly
smoke a j. Got into line around 08:45 and by the time I
got to the counter, it was 09:30. "we've closed that flight,
sir." Damn! Seems they closed the flight 60 minutes before
departure. Uh-oh. At first I thought it was OK, as I might
get another day in Amsterdam, but I really did need to get
home that day. The next Delta flight was overbooked, (though
my original flight was not, so that's not the reason they
wouldn't let me on). The third and final flight was quite
empty, and I got a seat on that one. Would get home almost
three hours later than I had planned, but now I had another
hour and a half to go back outside and toke:)

Here's a lesson for you - never throw out all your gear until
you're all checked in. I grabbed a coffee at Burger King and
headed back outside to toke. Didn't want to cut it too close
and get stuck in a long line at the passport check or security,
so I headed in with about 45 minutes to spare. Breezed through
and was at my gate quickly. Flight was pretty good as I had
three seats across to myself. Nice. Nothing else really
interesting to report. It's always depressing to leave The

All in all, it was a great 14th visit to Amsterdam. Awfully
nice to meet so many of my fellow Channelites. Just wish I
had had more time to get to know more of you better.

Looking back, some of the highlights of this trip for me

Finally getting to meet Nol and Marushka.

Actually meeting bas, brief as our meeting was.

Hanging out, all too briefly, with my Smokers Guide
board friend from near here where I live, jak.

Arriving on the same plane as LastHamlet and
being met at Centraal Station by sdshadow and friends
and being given a handrolled hash/tobac j.

Going to Schiphol three times to meet people
as they arrived. Bring them weed and hash,
see their travel fatigued faces brighten.

Being back in the Dam with BlueBerry
and biking around with her and Bear.

Talking "Trek" with Trekknhil.

OHD's coffeeshop hawking at Old Church
"Hey! Hey you! You ever smoked marijuana?"

Celebrating my birthday with friends in Haarlem.

Hanging out once again with my Team Febo mates.

Winning the heaviest hash smoker award and getting
that cool lighter.

Cruising the canals while toking non-stop.

And meeting so many Channelites. Too many to name,
actually, and I'm afraid I'd leave some of you out
if I started listing.

Is it September, yet?
Last edited by viking on Wed Jun 15, 5:29 pm, edited 1 time in total.

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Postby Santoka » Mon Jun 13, 5:52 pm

Lovely report, Viking! I'm taking notes on places to visit & things to smoke for my next trip. Thanks for writing all that down!

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Postby Boner » Mon Jun 13, 7:51 pm

Excellent report, thanks for taking the effort, I can just see you know sneaking out of Wilma & Alberts on one of your 'I need to toke' missions and all alone on that big wheel!


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Postby sdshadow » Mon Jun 13, 8:27 pm

You must have really got wasted from the first spliff becuase Jay was in France while we were at Central that morning.

You may not remember that you saw Boner and me in Haarlem when you first arrived, another one of those chance meetings.

Good times, good times!

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Postby viking » Mon Jun 13, 9:26 pm

sdshadow wrote:You must have really got wasted from the first spliff becuase Jay was in France while we were at Central that morning.

Nah, I just have a bad memory, which your j made worse:)
I got so used to seeing you, Jay, and your brother together that
I see the three of you together all the time when I think back.

I actually do recall meeting you and Boner in Haarlem, but
I've gotten my two Haarlem visits from this trip mixed up
and merged in my mind.

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Postby Otis » Tue Jun 14, 3:09 am

Nice report Viking. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time...

You deserved the hash-trophy. In fact, I just finished watching OHD's video and you were in it getting your trophy!

And you met me at the airport when I arrived, offered me a hash-tobacco joint, and schlepped my luggage on the tram and up to my hotel. Nice guy, thanks! Such a gentleman....thank you.


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The Viking Take, The Hash Champion Lives!!!

Postby LastHamlet » Tue Jun 14, 4:07 am

Way to go Viking, you roll it out like a carpet, a magic carpet that is :-)
You were the Happy Viking this April, and many best travels and adventures this September. :-)
BTW, Will you be taking the lighter with you this next trip??? You Hash Smoking Champion!!! And, a well earned title I might add :-)
Many Best Regards Viking, can't wait to meet up again.

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Postby TrekknHil » Tue Jun 14, 4:29 pm

I've got Viking's pickle!!!!!

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Postby viking » Tue Jun 14, 5:55 pm

Otis - Man, I know you don't like tobacco and I hope I had
a j on me without it in it? And since I didn't write down
about accompanying you to your hotel, I had forgotten
all about it. Thanks for mentioning it. Who else did I meet
at Schiphol with you? And thanks for the nice voicemail
message you left me on my mobile the day I left. I listened
to it on the train to Schiphol. Hope it's still available to listen
to again when I'm back there in September.
I'm on OHD's dvd accepting my award?
I've got to mail him a check and get one of those to watch!

LH - I'm gonna try and mail my lighter to my friend in
Christiania soon. That way I can use it both there and in
the Dam this Sept. I know my reports pale in comparison
to yours, but I have to write them un-high, hehe.
Thanks for the compliment.

Trekkn - You can have my pickle any day, girl:) hehe

And to anyone else, please help me fill in the gaps!

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Postby lctricity » Tue Jun 14, 6:21 pm

Hats Off Viking! I knew I was saving this to read for a reason.

Too funny my man. I was actually laughin' out loud a few times. Great details and cheers to pacing yourself that first day.

It never ceases to amaze me how many of you guys were there around this time. Another thing that never ceases to amaze is the Hasj consumption on your part Vik. Your Trophy is well deserved. I can only hope to make your aqcuaintance in person next year.

Thanks for takin' the time to share.

Dave J
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Postby Dave J » Tue Jun 21, 2:40 pm

What a great read, ta for sharing. Viking you sure make Amsterdam sound like a small place the way you kept bumping into people!.

Dave J

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Postby frizbeedog » Thu Jun 23, 7:27 pm

I loved the bit about the dude from Grey Area having a conversation with the ceiling. He was acting kind of loopy when I last saw him too. I think he was on ether or something.

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Postby TrekknHil » Fri Jun 24, 12:01 am

Last visit to the Grey Area and he actually left...for like..10-15 minutes. Told me to tell people he'd be back. I was sitting there with Lola for a few and then I decided to get up and take a bunch of pictures and really check out the counter.

Sitting in Amsterdam...with my mom...in Grey Area...and it's empty, with Steve AWOL.


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orange Saks hat

Postby chichi123 » Fri Jun 24, 3:00 pm

Dear Viking,
You did look handsome in that Saks hat. But I am glad to think its safe in Mom Viking hands.....Funny how things travel around this earth...from Chicago to Amsterdam to your Mom. Next April (may) I will bring you and your Mom another one. Maybe we will meet. Nice report Viking.
As Always I Am Sincerely yours,

P.S. Btw the orange flowered one LH had on I wouldnt let him keep. Wore it around adam and then sold it last week at a antique shop for 30 bucks. Aha, think how that hat got around...Chicago to Adam back to Chicago and now on God knows whose orange head.

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Re: orange Saks hat

Postby DedBud » Fri Jun 24, 6:12 pm

chichi123 wrote:P.S. Btw the orange flowered one LH had on I wouldnt let him keep. Wore it around adam and then sold it last week at a antique shop for 30 bucks. Aha, think how that hat got around...Chicago to Adam back to Chicago and now on God knows whose orange head.

So that's where that shop got the hat. I was going to wear it for Queen's Day next year. Now I know it's just old hat.

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Postby TrekknHil » Fri Jun 24, 6:28 pm

The legend lives on...as does the one about the hat...look at that flippin joint!!!

http://www.boldlygoing.photosite.com/Al ... 00233.html

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Postby bigbird » Fri Jun 24, 10:30 pm

Hey Viking.I was the other late arrival at Wilma and Alberts.Too bad I missed out.It was great meeting up with you and your crew at DeKuil,some mighty fine hash we all shared.May we meet again in the future.Peace.

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lh orange hat

Postby chichi123 » Fri Jun 24, 10:35 pm

Dear Trek,
Yep, you got it thats the hat I was cheap enough to grab back and sell for US currency. The hat that Vikings mom has was too new to sell in antique stores. Great pix of LH.
Was Fun Wasnt It?

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Postby seouleast » Sat Jun 25, 1:47 pm

Good shit Vike. Reads well and although some parts are a bit fuzzied, who the hell cares? We all had a great time, didn't we?
I sure did have a laugh when the waiter told us to light only one joint at a time! Remember his face when we told him that that was the only one lit? Classic....!
I almost finished my burger! Damn..... so close, too! I think I was called methodical by Wolffie.
Till the next time........Hopefully I can join that FEBO gang again.


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Postby Doofus » Mon Jun 27, 1:05 am

Wow, this trip report is so good it practically turned SoulEasy into a channelites celebrety.

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Postby Weldon » Mon Jun 27, 7:18 am

I went to Haarlem on the 24th thinking I'd catch up with the crawl at some point according to the schedule. Was surprised to find the group at WW's near the train station. But according to you, the crawl part I went on with you was something like Chapter 3 or 4 of a series of forays. You forgot to metion that we went to the Theehuis. I enjoyed reading about all the coffeeshops other than the "usual" ones. Great report.

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Re: trip

Postby seouleast » Mon Jun 27, 11:38 am

Doofus wrote:Wow, this trip report is so good it practically turned SoulEasy into a channelites celebrety.

I'm not even close to being one.
DannyMac....and a few others are the real celebs. I'm just along for the ride. But I do like to get some of them legends stoned to the bone! Along with myself.


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Re: trip

Postby DedBud » Mon Jun 27, 11:40 am

seouleast wrote:I'm not even close to being one.

Sorry, refusal to acknowledge your celebrity status will not keep the paparazzi at bay.

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Re: trip

Postby Banks » Mon Jun 27, 3:13 pm

seouleast wrote:I'm not even close to being one.


Please. I have you on video! Your hash joints are even celebrities! Your rolling techniques/ingredients have made you the "Beast from the East!"

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Postby viking » Mon Jun 27, 10:44 pm

Weldon wrote:You forgot to metion that we went to the Theehuis. I enjoyed reading about all the coffeeshops other than the "usual" ones. Great report.
Thanks for mentioning our stop at the Theehuis,
Weldon. We did indeed stop for a while at that fine shop. All my visits
to Haarlem and Amsterdam just kinda merge together after a while...

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Postby Weldon » Tue Jun 28, 6:57 pm

You certainly do the complete coffeeshop immersion, Viking. Keeping your hat in sight (so as to not get lost) while taking pictures that day will forever be burned into my memory. That day was also marked by meeting Nol and being the most stoned in my life. No whitie but several noddies.

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Re: April 2005

Postby Banks » Sat Apr 23, 4:29 am

Good old days...

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Re: April 2005

Postby chichi123 » Sun Apr 24, 2:17 am

Lordy that was awhile back it seems. We have "legends" Channel Legends.

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Re: April 2005

Postby slither » Mon Apr 25, 3:43 am

chichi123 wrote:Lordy that was awhile back it seems. We have "legends" Channel Legends.

Yes, legends.

And squatters.

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