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Chillin in brussels

Postby Progress » Sat May 24, 1:01 pm

whats up everyone; it has been well over a week since i last got on a computer. i am in brussels, or Brussel as the dutchies call it. the keyboards here are all jacked up, keys are in a weird order so it is hard to type.
i dont have too much to say right now, luxembourg was so beautiful. we went to the EU court of justice and the European Investment Bank, as well as a number of other financial institutions. we arrived here yesterday afternoon. i already miss the luxembourg kids we met playing soccer on the field behind the hotel, they were cool as hell and i might actually come back to visit them...i hit some AMS hasj with one of them the night before we left, and gave him a sizeable chunk to keep, he was very happy. believe it or not i have had a fat chunk of supa twizzla and a small €11 glass piece, it has done me well this whole time.

to be quite honest, this keyboard is pissing me off and i really dont want to be here much longer, so i´ll see some of you in AMS next weekend and keep posting while im there:

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Them damn Euro keyboards

Postby DedBud » Sat May 24, 4:44 pm

I have the same problems sometimes here in Amsterdam. Luckily there's not too much that is different here. I'm at @ right now (I guess i'm below buckofive's pad) and it seems to be an almost-American keyboard here.

cya soon when you get back to the Dam.

running wild
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Postby running wild » Sat May 24, 4:47 pm

thanks for the update and I agree that sometimes those keyboards will drive you made :-) So how did you smoke you hash? I haven't smoked any in a long time and want to do some when I return back to a'dam in november. How much more time do you have left in europe before you come back to the u.s.? well take care and have fun - running wild

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Postby buckofive » Sun May 25, 2:48 pm

I feel your pain about trying to type on the various euro-style keyboards. Whenever I am Germany I always end up with all these z's where my y's should be and funky dots and hats on all my letters. The French keyboards are even worse...

I am looking forward to meeting up with you guys when I get back to Amsterdam next weekend. Until then I suppose I'll have to enjoy Zurich a bit longer, and then endure the London traffic for a few days before I am back in Mecca.

See you then!



Postby Progress » Sun May 25, 7:08 pm

running wild - i have the €11,00 glasspiece. i am in brussel until friday, then back to amsterdam for like 10 days, then hopefully if i can work things out with this specialist i will be back in brussel working in a printing company. the guy said he would help me find a place to stay for 2 months and have a specialist help me get a residency visa and working permit and all that, so we´ll see how it goes...
later everyone

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