CNN fires Chris Cuomo

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CNN fires Chris Cuomo

Postby modern roots » Sun Dec 05, 3:57 am ... -says.html

Good to see this irritating, loud mouth gone. Now he can go live in infamy with his disgraced brother.

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Re: CNN fires Chris Cuomo

Postby Cat » Mon Dec 06, 4:55 pm

His reportage from the Ukraine after MH17 was shot down by the Russians was superlative. Between the smell of the 200 dead Dutch passengers bloating in the sun, and the harassment of the local militia who were taped looting through their luggage, he was out there in the heat and stench doing a yeoman's job reporting out the facts in a hellish setting.

His outdoor live shots at Schipol airport afterward where he interviewed the victim's family members was done with great empathy and sensitivity. It's rather hard to get people to talk on live broadcast when they're still in shock, but most who stopped were willing to talk to him anyway. He's pretty talented, a good analyst and he'll find another gig.

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