A White Nationalist in a Tainted White House

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Re: A White Nationalist in a Tainted White House

Postby Rudy » Fri Sep 08, 2:32 pm

Old Fart wrote:
Rudy wrote:
Old Fart wrote:Obama deported 3 million people...

...thanks to Bush`s changing of the official definition of "deportation".

Snopes is your friend...

Snopes is officially mixed.
Bush didn't change the definition of anything.
Besides Snopes, I can't find anything that disputes the 2.7 million number deported under Obama. I understand it includes the so called "catch and release" people who instead of going through the system were bussed home, but it's still a big number.

Of course its "mixed".
That`s how people get away with misrepresenting facts.
A fact backed up with misinformation to make a specific point.

This was the part I was talking about...Changes in the definition of "deportation" in reporting under the Bush Administration.


"that statistic is somewhat misleading, as a significant portion of it was due to a change in the way “deportations” are defined that began during the Bush administration, not in the actual number of persons turned out of the U.S. As the Los Angeles Times noted, if not for that change in definition about what constitutes a “deportation,” the Obama administration likely would not have been a record-setting one in this area:"


It says that what you said is somewhat misleading.

I deduced that when it began during the Bush administration that maybe the Bush administration had something to do with it.

I blame Eisenhower for all this military complex bullshit by the way...

Bush was just a flunky yes man.

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Re: A White Nationalist in a Tainted White House

Postby Old Fart » Sat Sep 09, 12:12 am

I'm with you Rudy, I read the whole thing. I'll take back the three million number and plug in the 5 million Cat said was more accurate.

You can always prove both sides of any argument on the Internet.

I don't know how many it was, but that administration lied about who was being deported and when they were so...

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