Lyin Michael Flynn

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Lyin Michael Flynn

Postby nemesystem » Tue Apr 25, 11:38 pm

This made me chuckle.. ... d=47005640

The same asshole (along with his son) who started the pizzagate bullshit and lead the chants of "Lock her up" at Trump rallies...

So he took payments from both Russia and Turkey and lied to the FBI to get his top secret clearance lmao so shouldn't we "Lock HIS ass up" ?

fucking idiots smh

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Re: Lyin Michael Flynn

Postby Cat » Wed Apr 26, 1:04 pm

Its time to appoint a Special Prosecutor and end the stonewalling.

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Re: Lyin Michael Flynn

Postby Rudy » Wed Apr 26, 4:40 pm

He must protect the Führer at all costs.

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