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Re: Brexit News

Postby Dazzler » Wed Jan 31, 12:58 pm ... 85336.html

A New Zealand-born backer of a think tank advocating a hard Brexit has obtained an EU passport through Malta, it has been reported.

Christopher Chandler, founder of Legatum, which backs leaving the single market and the customs union, has become a citizen of the Mediterranean island.

Critics branded the move double standards as the passport would give him the right to live and work in any European country. A hard Brexit is expected to leave Britons without that same privilege.

Under Malta’s scheme, individuals can obtain Maltese passports in return for a €650,000 contribution to the national development fund and the purchase or lease of property, as well as well as investments of at least €150,000 in stocks and bonds. Family members can be added for an additional fee of €25,000 to €50,000 per person. The main applicant for the citizenship must have legal residence status in Malta for a minimum period of one year.

Really sticking it to the elites, this Brexit. People are paying hundreds of thousands of Euros for something we're throwing away.

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