reefer madness

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reefer madness

Postby smokedpeppers » Thu Jan 30, 1:54 am

so this gal was arrested last april and sentenced to 7.5 years after police found nine grams of cannabis in her bags
during a stopover at a moscow airport, en route from india to israel . that's what? 10mo per gram, gee'sh .
reads putin pardon and free her this week during a visit to isreal . ... sia-a69093

tale of 2worlds ... sis and brother-in-law few years ago flew philly to jamacia by way of arizona .
for whatever reason?? he decided to take some of his stash in his check in bag, just in case .
story is when he arrived in jamacia and opened the suitcase the pot was on top with a nasty
note wrapped around it .

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Re: reefer madness

Postby alpha » Fri Jan 31, 10:33 am

Singapore will still execute for trying to smuggle any amount of cannabis into their country.

My state actually has a better chance of legalizing before Singapore, but knowing my state's thinking, it won't be my much.

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