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Silly police

Postby kiwi_in_Oz » Fri Dec 22, 11:03 pm

The Police will be reimbursing a legal hemp grower after destroying an estimated $16,000-worth of plants.

Police have apologised to a legal hemp gower after ripping out his entire crop on an East Coast farm.

Willie Kaa is part of a collective of growers working with Hikurangi Hemp to develop medical cannabis products from industrial hemp plantations.

He had planted 16 hemp plants supplied by Hikurangi Hemp as a trial, but when he came home on Wednesday, he discovered all the plants had been ripped out – and police have admitted they did it.

The local cops know where the growing sites are. In this case, there seems to have been a communication breakdown somewhere along the line ...

"It's growing in the open, not trying to hide anything. You would have thought they'd have do some background checks.

"People's livelihoods are going to be on the line as the industry grows, and they need to get their system in ordeR

Asked about the cost of the damage, Caddie said that, when police took growers to court, they suggested each plant was worth $1000 – "so there's $16,000 for the plants".

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