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Grey Area Menu

Postby Generous_J » Mon Aug 24, 11:43 am

Just saw something interesting... There's a link for the 'menu' on the official Grey Area website.... It sends you directly to FBN's website!

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Re: Grey Area Menu

Postby FlyByNite » Mon Aug 24, 5:41 pm

It is the Grey Area Fansite, it is not Grey Area's site. Either way they are not allowed to advertise. I on the other hand may post all the vacation photos I wish.

My disclaimer direct from the menu index page:

In no way is this site intending to advertise any coffeeshop.
It is more of an archive, with a few shops back to the guilder.
These menus are for recreational purposes only.
Coffeeshop menus are in a constant state of change so
the prices and strains may or may not be out of date.

This is also displayed prominently.

The only relationship I have with any coffeeshop is as a customer and menu collector.
So please don't send CVs looking for work.
I have none to offer.

The fansite end arounds all that by linking directly to my page for Grey Area. The same spirit still applies.


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