feb 10-16 report

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feb 10-16 report

Postby patrick » Sat Feb 19, 4:26 pm

the continental flight over only had 50 people on it but beer was 5 dollars.

hotel luxer was wonderful. it is on Warmoesstraat across just north from hunters coffeeshop. the place had been completely refinished a few years ago. i paid 600e for a triple room with bath. the room was very large for amsterdam and the bathroom was huge. the bathroom was almost as large as the first budget hotel room i got in amsterdam. all three windows opened all the way, real beds and a real heater/airconditioner with a thermostat and everything. the hotel also had a modern lift and served a decent breakfast. also the hotel bar was open 24 hours a day. security was very good and the place was clean and tidy. i highly recommend this hotel. i booked thru this site without any problems at all.

hill street blues...average weed, nice view from the back, music was abit to loud for me.

grey area....tried grey haze, bubblegum and 4077th. grey haze was the best and ended up being 2nd best weed i smoked all week. i also tried the crystals and once again they kicked my ass. i thought the crystals were a better buy then ice hash, it is easier to use and easier to smoke. across from the chocolate shop the place in under construction and there are large plywood sheeting surrounding the building. somebody has painted life sized simpson cartoon characters smoking joints and pointing the way to the grey area.

amnesia....went several times, ak-47 was very impressive. nice place, good music, comfortable seating.

route 99....internet access 50 cents for 4 minutes, rock and roll music, prepacked bags, tried the orange bud, averag weed, nice place for a quick stop

de kuil....made several trips....420 haze was very good so was the shiva and the blueberry, they had some fresh sour diesel but at 11.50e per gram i thought it was way over priced. overall i was unimpressed with the sour diesel and tended to only buy NYC diesel.

coin and sower.....just a short walk from the hotel so i was there almost every morning very early. they do open at 7 a.m. i never bought any product but they had the same menu as hunters.

pablo picasso....had the poison as the picasso did not look as good. poison very very good. we sat upstairs and listened to polka music while smoking out. i had never been in this shop before and was very impressed. very friendly staff and very interesting music selections.

excalibur....still there and looked to be the same staff as last year. i did not buy anything and did not see anybody else buy any gear. they may not even sell it anymore but it is a cool place to hang out in.

sensi seeds coffeeshop.....they also do not sell weed but i love to hang out in this shop and observe life and listen to james brown.

extase...across from sensi seeds coffeeshop....it appeared to be closed down.

green house centrum.....excellent weed....i highly recommend the NYC diesel. the cantolope was also very interesting. very crowded in this shop every time i went.

old church....spent alot of time up stairs looking out the window, when i have some time i will scan some pics and post a link. we only tried some black afghan hash 3grams for 12e. it was okay but i am not a big hash fan. i did like getting a bottel of water and my milkshakes in a "to go cup"

baba...nice place to chill out and watch the world go by.

nes cafe....my first vist there. nice place with a full size pool table in the back and what looked like a never ending pool tourneyment. the bartender was extremly nice. i recommend the weed of the month 4 grams for 15e. fantasic mucic selection. i also tried the applejack it was only average.

out underwood....loud rock music, more of a bar then a coffeeshop.

chocolate....tried the chocolate bud, pretty good, above average.

hunters....tried the kali mist and seemed unimpressed. the place has been completly refurbished and looked alot nicer. i went to check my email, put my money in and tried to log on, damn computer would not work no matter what i did, i could see my time running so i knew it was on. push a few more buttons before i realized i had put my money in the computer next to me and it was running just fine.

dreadrock.....very nice bar. jody the bartender was very friendly and offered alot of advice.

rastababy....kinda nice, decent bud 3 grams for 12e. nice view and very comfortable chairs.

haarlem shops.....went to indica, very nice place with maybe the best view of all. you can sit in some old tram/train seats and stare at the windmill. i tried some skunk special for 6e per gram. it was some very nice smoke. i also went to WW near the train station. i bought 2 kinds of ice hash and some amnesia haze. the amnesia haze was incredible. the ice haze was very good but still not worth the money in my opinion.

we went to several others but those are the ones that i really remember well.

m pizza was closed. the main rld district canal sidewalks were all torn up and the giant penis in front of casa rossa was gone. still alot of construction in front of central station. ice rink in dam square was 6e to skate all day, that included skate rental and a stocking hat souvineer. the pirate was still missing his sword. musuem vrolik still there and still the strangest place i have ever been.

very cold and windy. one morning it snowed sleeted rained and had bright sunshine all in 3 hours.

meet several channelites and had a wonderful time with all of them.

i exchanged some dollars here before i went and got 70e per 100 dollars. over there using my atm card i got 76e for 100 dollars. the most i could get from a atm was 250e.

all in all a great trip. top 3 smokes.....NYC diesel.....grey haze....amnesia haze

next trip jan 2006.

thanks to all the channelites over the years who have been friendly to me.

i am gone......................................patrick

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Postby hebe » Sat Feb 19, 5:27 pm

good report. very clear concise ,like i would like to write if i could keep it together long enough. almost like a chamber of commerce monologue. just kidding. good report.

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Postby Boner » Sat Feb 19, 5:41 pm

Nice reprt Patrick we'll have to meet up for a smoke one day..............


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Postby des » Sat Feb 19, 5:48 pm

Like Hebe said, a very concise report Patrick, I would have liked to have read more detail! The Luxer sounds cool, I'll have a closer look next time we're booking for A'dam. Does Rasta Baby still have the big ginger cat that sits on the bar stool like it's waiting to get served?

Peace, Des.

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Postby martin6661 » Sat Feb 19, 5:49 pm

Great report Patrick brought back some great memories thanks!


Postby patrick » Sat Feb 19, 6:29 pm

2 giant cats at rasta baby, maybe the largest cats i have ever seen.

i can not say enough about hotel luxer, it was wonderful and i forgot to mention, smoker friendly.

i also noticed some price increase over last year in alot of places, some drinks went from 1.80 to 2.00, there was alot more weed priced over 10e per gram, almost all hazes were expensive.

alot fewer americans and some coffeeshops seemed to be filled with itailian tourist groups.

there was no "anti american" sentiment to be found and i did not notice any racial/religouse tension with the locals.

jazz jam night at the old quarter hotels bar on monday nights starting at 9 is not to be missed.

ate 2 bags/containers of hawaiann shrooms with little or no effect, ate half a container of philosipher stones (sp?) and did get more of a effect.

to the covered area.....smoke two joints at old church coffeeshop, then smoke two more, exit to your left, turn left, look for sexyland on your right, turn right just past sexyland turn right again thru the plastic hanging door just before the end of the alley.


Postby patrick » Sat Feb 19, 7:07 pm

there was a large R.I.P. mural in memory of Rico 1973-2005. it was near the winston hotel. anybody have any idea who this person was?

also on my last day i checked my bank balance to see how much money i had left to blow and i had 666.36 cents. kind of ironic i thought to be in the land of weed and hookers with 666 dollars.

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Postby LastHamlet » Sat Feb 19, 7:38 pm

Nice reporting on the weed and coffeeshop info Patrick, gonna be useful in 2 more months. :)
Well worded and to the point.
I am glad the journey was wonderful.:)
And, yes, the Pirate is still missing his sword, and did you notice his hook has been cut off too. How terrible that this be the fate of the Pirate. I feel so quilty, I am gonna bring his sword back in April.
Many Best Regards,

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Postby wolfdangler » Sat Feb 19, 7:41 pm

Very nice report Patrick,
I love your description of a classic Warmoesstraat crawl.
You've got me all jazzed for april.


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Postby mobiljenny » Sun Feb 20, 2:55 am

Awesome possum. This is perfect.

It's either nine or ten days for me. I'm finding it hard to focus.


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Postby lctricity » Sun Feb 20, 3:54 am

Very nice report patrick. The details on your purchases were especially appreciated. It's reports like this that shape my gear agenda. Can't wait to be overwhelmed with the choices again.

Thanks for takin' the time!

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