Trip Report - Part 2

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Trip Report - Part 2

Postby thaioneon » Fri Jan 07, 3:09 am

DAY 2 - Amazing Grace

Woke up and could see! Hallelujah!
Didn’t leave the room until 12:30PM, as we were both dragging a bit after our first full day of drinking and toking. Finally got it together and headed out. I love that feeling you get when you walk outside that first time of the day to embark on a new adventure in this city, always a rush of adrenaline. The weather was great again, sunny and high 30’s, beautiful.
Walked down Rokin, over to Kalverstraat, stopped at Le Marche’ at the V&D department store. This cafeteria style market/restaurant was terrific! Reminded us a bit of Harrods in London, only not nearly as large or expensive. We shared a banana-orange juice concoction and agreed to return here later for some supplies for our room.
We continued down Vijzelstraat to Ferdinand Bolstraat and to the Albert Cuypstraat market.
We had lunch at the Groen ____? at the same corner as the Katsu. Pea soup, M didn’t like, I did. Then a stop at the Katsu to purchase some of their Tibizia black hash.
Over to the New Gollem café’ on Daniel Stalperstraat. M had a La Chouffe draft, I had a Westfletren 8. M had a delicious bowl of onion soup served with fresh french bread.
Back over to Ferdinand Bolstraat , trammed it to the Muntpleine. M bought tulips for our room at the Singel flower market, then back to Le Marche’ for some fresh grilled veggies (mushrooms, zuccini, eggplant, sweet potato) and some fresh rolls.
Through the Historiche museum and up Spuistraat to the Bierkoning on Paleisstraat, open!
Bought 16 various Dutch beers including two Christoffel gift packs complete with glasses and coasters.
Back to the room and sampled our wares. Vlo Speciale was speciale indeed. Veggies and rolls were perfect.
Left the room at 7:30PM, walked down to Café’ Nes, closed on Mondays, oops.
Over to the Nieuwemarkt and Café’ Bern. Teriffic meal of fondue and entrecotte. Chatted with the two guys from NY sitting next to us at the bar. Drank Westmalle Tripel with dinner.
Stopped for Amstel Bocks at In De Waag and La Chouffes at T’Loojste. Definitely getting buzzed from all this 7+ % alcohol beer, which was to be the theme this trip.
Hunter’s Bar to check email and more football scores from yesterday. Some more Lavender. Next door to the Old Quarter for some incredibly hot jazz at their Monday night jam session, yet more Westmalle Tripel.
Back to the room and off to sleep within a half-hour.
No surprises tonight for Lady M.

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