November 13, 2004

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November 13, 2004

Postby Gage » Thu Nov 18, 6:04 pm

Woke up with another hangover. Ah, vacation! We all got cleaned up and headed to the AlbertCuypstraat Market. Picked up some clothes and of course some more cheese. I had never seen an Emmentaler( what we all know as swiss cheese in the US) made from goat's milk before so I had to pick that up. It was unmistakenly Emmentaler and unmistakenly goat but had the texture of an pencil eraser.
After going up and down the market once we needed something to eat. Stopped inside some Irish place south of the Markt. It took us an hour to get a BLT. Apparently they were short staff and then got slammed at the exact moment we walked in.
SO, we took the tram into the Muntplein. My wife and her amiga wanted to shop for shoes, we walked along Kalverstraat and then down the Leidseplein, made a jog to get some Goat's milk Banon and Sheep's milk cheese with truffles at de Kaaskamer. Headed back to the boat with a stop at a glassware shop called Breek Baar near the Rijksmuseum. They have some really cool stuff there. I got some cups for our Senseo machine. The crumudgeonly fellow behind the counter made fun of us for our Senseo use. Yeah, I know it's really more about getting you to buy the coffee thatn the machine. The nice thing with the Senseo is that the coffee is Douwe Egberts. Everymorning you can have dutch coffee at the cost of 28 cents a cup. So it's not cheap.We also got a cool cow lighter there. If you go check out the cool collection of glassware, can't remember the name, with cartoon like figures on them. They're packed in cannisters similar to those that good scotch comes in. They're really expensive, but if I were looking for a new expensive hobby I start collecting these.
This evening we're to meet another friend of my wife's , Elizabeth, and her German husband Christophe. My wife had set this all up by email and had never really talked to Elizabeth so I was unsure if it would really happen. We were to meet them at Castell on Lijnbaansgracht at 7. I go to Castell everytime I'm in the 'Dam, it's a cool space, lots of dark wood, a fireplace. Areas for groups to eat at coffetable like settings. But I had never made a reservation. I always had gone alone or with my wife, and we probably didn't go on a Sturday night. So we ended up sitting around the bar enjoying the entertainment provided by the bartender, who doubled as our server. He hooked us up with a grat oaky spanish wine , those of us who had the steak were happy with our choices, those who had the tuna were not.
After dinner we went to Dampkring and grabbed a joint and smoked it. Went over to the RLD so everyone could get an eyeful. Then had one more drink at one of the bars in the steegs between Damrak and Neiuwendijk. The bartender was a real nice girl from somewhere north of Amsterdam. She lived above the bar and just wanted to telll us anything we wanted to know. My wife still bartends and I did so for 11 years, so we know she must have just wanted anyone to stay and keep her company. We stayed until somebody else came in and then said our goodbyes to Elizabeth and Christophe and headed back to the boat. My wife's friend Briana was still under the weather and wanted to get to sleep. We tucked her in and spent the rest of the night talking smoking and drinking.

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