November 9

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November 9

Postby Gage » Tue Nov 16, 10:03 pm

Our plane landed about 6AM. My wife was headed on to Frankfurt to visit a friend. This gave me three days in A'dam until the wife and her friend showed up. I took the train in and made it through the construction. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky.

In my previous trips I'd never made it to Barney's or any of the shop on Haarlemerstraat. I went to Barney's and picked up a gram of the White Widow and a pre-rolled of the NYC Deisel. Smoked the Deisel right there, so-so. I made my way to the Quentin and tryed to check in. They didn't have my reservation but they did have a room. Unfortunately it was room 27(?) at the bottom of the staircase on the groundfloor, a little bit noisy.I was going to grab a couple of Belgian beers to put myself to sleep good, but could only find Heineken and other pilsners which just don't do the job. So, I decided to pass on drinks and smoke some more weed and try to get a nap.

I awoke about 6pm, got high, showered and headed out for something to eat. Then I went to Belgique for a Westmalle and a Rochefort. Then over to Gollem for a couple of St. Bernardus. I ended up talking to a couple from Ireland about their butcher business and ended up drinking a little extra. When it was time to go I headed for Rokerij. They are really concerned that you might wear a hat inside. If anyone is going to any of the Rokerij's make sure to take off your hat. They are really weird about it, this crops up again on another day.I just had a coffee there and smoked some more. Then I felt the need for some Jameson so I headed to one of those Irish places on the Leidseplein. I know it sounds like I drank a lot, I did. I couldn't finish that drink and had to head back to the Quentin to sleep it off.

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