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JUJU - trip recap

Postby Jujumann » Sun Nov 07, 3:31 am

Well theres another trip come and gone. A hell of a trip i might add as well. This was my second adventure to the dam and my first one solo. I do have to say that going solo opens up a whole different perspective on Amsterdam. Everything can be done at your own pace instead of having someone holding you back or pushing you to do things that you dont wish to do, if either one would be the case as it was on my first trip.

I made many many visits to coffeeshops this trip and to tell you the truth, thats about all i did. Other than walking around and sightseeing, i smoked and smoked and smoked and drank and drank and drank.

The highlights of this trip were definitely the different sightings in and around Amsterdam during my daily walks around the city. This as more of a trip of observation more than anything. I just kinda sat back and observed the life of the Dutch people in Amsterdam.

One observation i did have was that the bums in this city are the most annoying i think ive ever encountered in any other city that ive been to. Now im sure theres worse cities that Amsterdam but out of the ones ive visited this was by far the worst as far as drug dealers and bums unless im just a magnet for these sort of people.

Before i get to the coffeeshops visited, i left a few shops out of my reports that slipped away from my notes.

I visited Dutch Flowers at some point during my stay and purchased Zenith. I have written down that this smoke was very smooth and a nice clear uplifting high. Definitely recommended. I just purchased at this shop and then left.

Another shop i visited that i left out was Greenhouse Centrum. Bought some Haiwaiin Snow from there and left. This smoke was not what i expected. It was definitely a hell of a smoke but for it winning the Cannabis Cup i expected a whole lot more. But then again who says the Cannabis Cup is accurate considering some of the winners pay off High Times.

Last but not least i left out my visit to Tweede Kamer for 1gr of Kali Mist. Same Kali Mist as De Dampkring. Great smoke.

Now on to the good stuff. Coffeeshops visited and smoke purchased:

Picasso - 3.4 gr Poison
The Noon - 1 gr NYC Diesel
1 gr Blueberry
De Kuil - 1 gr 420 Haze
1 gr Parvati Cream
Betty Boop - 1 gr Bubblegum
Softland - Spaceshake
Other Place - 1.5 gr Katama
Kadinsky - 2 gr Orange Bud
Abraxas - 1 gr Purple Power
2 gr Haiwaiin Haze
6 Space Brownies
Stix - 1 gr Kali Mist
De Dampkring - 1 gr Super Silver Haze
1 gr Moonshine
1 Space cake
Nes Cafe - 2.3 gr Matanuska Mist
Greenhouse Effect - Space cake
Katsu - 3 gr Golden Sage
1 prerolled
Amnesia - 1gr Stella Blue
Free World - Internet
Grey Area - 1gr Double Bubble
1gr Grey Mist
1gr Greyberry
Rokerij - 1gr NLx5 Haze
Bushdoctor - 2 gr Amnesia Haze
2 gr Sunburst
Homegrown Fantasy - no purchases
Rookies - 2.3 gr Rookies Skunk
Barneys - 1gr Mekong Haze
1gr Sweet Tooth
1gr Laughing Buddha
Siberie - 2 gr Siberian Tiger
Central - 2.5gr Buddha
Pink Floyd - 1gr Mothers Finest
Old Church - space cake
Greenhouse Centrum - 1gr Haiwaiin Snow
Dutch Flowers - 1gr Zenith
Tweede Kamer - 1gr Kali Mist
The Dolphins - no purchases due to them losing license
La Grotte - Had Lunch here

This brings the totals to:

48 grams of weed and hash
1 space shake
9 space cakes

31 Coffeeshops

That definitely makes for a successful trip. Some other places i visited included Temple Bar in the Red Light District. A small Irish Pub with some great Guiness. Also had a lunch at De Bekeerde Suster. Nice little place to sit on the terrace and watch Amsterdam go by over a nice lunch. Hit lots of Falafel stands as usual and loved every one of them.

Visited the Flower Market, Albert Cuypmark, and Waterlooplein. All very interesting.

Favorite shops: TOP 6
Nes Cafe
Grey Area (if you can find a seat)
Other Place
The Noon - had to add it

Favorite Smokes: TOP 6
Matanuska Mist
Double Bubble
Golden Sage
Rookies Skunk
Mothers Finest

Well thats a wrap. I thank everyone for reading my report and hope that they were a help to someone. Til next time.


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Old Hippy Dave sez......

Postby Bohannon » Sun Nov 07, 5:47 pm

Hay! there are only 6 entries in yer "top 6" lists! What's up wth that?
OHD (not)


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Postby BlueBerry » Sun Nov 07, 5:59 pm

woohoo great Smokage JUJU!

you sound like my kinda smoking buddy :)

thanks for the reports,

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Postby hebe » Sun Nov 07, 10:13 pm

hey mon, i.m impressed by the record keeping. sounds like a nice trip. sorta like mine if i could keep track after the third shop. i agree with you that the poison from picasso was just about the best i had on the trip. later

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Postby Johannes » Mon Nov 08, 7:22 pm


I'm sure I could live in the Dam for a year without going through that much stash, but I sure enjoyed reading about your adventures. Any further thoughts about the Nes Cafe thing?


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Postby LastHamlet » Tue Nov 09, 1:05 pm

High Regards on the stash smoking JuJuMann. Excellent choices indeed.
I also wonder of the Nes/job thing. I wish the best for you, and hope all goes well, either way.
Fantastic finale', loved the read.
Best Regards,

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Re: JUJU - trip recap

Postby muckypup » Thu Nov 11, 2:07 am

Jujumann wrote:48 grams of weed and hash


How long was the trip?

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Postby Jujumann » Fri Nov 12, 6:48 am

The trip was a total of 7 days but i didnt smoke anything on the last day. So the smoking lasted 6 days.

Thanks for the replies guys. I now everyone else will keep the reports coming from their trips to hold me over until i get to fly over the great pond again. Who knows when thatll be. I dont even wanna think about it. I know its gonna be a while. Oh well. Two good trips. I know ill make it back at least once before my time is over. Thanks again guys


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