We're here...Day 2

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We're here...Day 2

Postby moe. » Sun Mar 30, 10:34 pm

We got here Saturday midday, checked in and headed straight for Greenhouse Namaste. Unfortunately, they were all out of Neville's Haze, but Bev got some Super Kali Mist, listed on the menu as 17.9% THC. Very tasty, very nice. From there we headed over to Bushdoctor and got some Ice Blue Velvet and Jelly hash. From there we went back to the room to party out a little bit and get ready for our meeting at De Kuil with Big New and his girlfriend. When we got to De Kuil we bought a gram of Shiva. A nod to BlueBerry for the recommendation on the Shiva, very very nice. We also got a pre-rolled for Big New's birthday. SkipMDman was there as well. Big New got a gram of Phazer and the next thing you know we were doing vaporizer hits. That was a first for me and it was really nice. After that we headed over to Pancake Bakery and had a nice dinner. From there it was off to Dampkring. There we got a gram of Buddha's Sister. Next stop was Rokerie and a gram of Christmas pollen. From there back to the hotel to knock out. All in all a great first day in Amsterdam.

This is about the end of day two and it has been a pretty uneventful day. Back to Dampkring for a gram of AK-47 and just got 2 grams of Blueberry from Noon. A couple more bowls and we're gonna call it a day. Below is a list of prices for what we got so far:

Super Kali Mist 15.00 1.9 g
Ice Blue Velvet 15.50 2 g
Jelly Hash 30.00 1 g
Shiva 7.50 1 g
Buddha's Sister 7.70 1 g
Christmas Pollen 12.50 1 g
AK-47 7.70 1 g
Blueberry 11.00 2 g

Check back with you later in the trip. Got a meeting with a few Channelites tomorrow at Rookies at 4:20.


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Postby BlueBerry » Sun Mar 30, 10:40 pm

Thanks for reporting from the front lines, much appreciated:)) And glad you liked the Shiva, it is one of my most favorites!!

Keep having a great time.......I'm jealous:))


........waitin' for more............

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Postby Dogbreath » Sun Mar 30, 11:12 pm

So, second day, nothing eventful. Hey, that sounds like a perfect day in Amsterdam.

You certianly got off to a good start.... don't know how you do it with the jet lag and all.

Super Kali Mist... a new entry it seems. Price not bad either.... nice to hear news like that.

Keep 'em coming please.......

:-) Dogbreath

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Postby dobbs » Sun Mar 30, 11:51 pm

Don't think I've mentioned it before, but I really am Very Impressed with all you organized tripsters who have the presence of mind to catalog all your weed/hash purchases. We usually keep track for the first day, then it degenerates. Last time, we ended up with several mystery strains which were eventually referred to simply as "more". And I can't recall what we paid for any of them. This means I will never be able to tell you guys which strain tasted exactly like Owen's Country Breakfast Sausage, and which strain tasted like (as one of my buddies so delicately phrased it) Ass.
Anyway, Good reporting, Moe. Keep 'em coming!

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Postby buckofive » Mon Mar 31, 3:19 pm

I actually enjoy finding the mystery weed that you can't quite remember where it came from or what it is. Having "more" weed is such a pleasant predicament. Plus, it is fun to play cannabis detective and try to deduce from where the unknown strain came from.

Or you can go with my friends approach which is pretty much the opposite. He takes all of his different mystery strains into the "salad bowl" and rips it until his lungs collapse. Not to scientific, but highly effective.

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Ass weed!

Postby a bollocks » Mon Mar 31, 8:00 pm

dobbs wrote: This means I will never be able to tell you guys which strain tasted exactly like Owen's Country Breakfast Sausage, and which strain tasted like (as one of my buddies so delicately phrased it) Ass.
Anyway, Good reporting, Moe. Keep 'em coming!

LMFAO!!!! "Tasted like ass" Did you ask your dude where he first tasted ASS? and how he remembers it? Still LMFAO!!! Thanks.

p.s. Invalid session 800 times. Lordy.

Hey Docski. I went with IE instead of AOL/Compuserve browser. It worked.

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Postby Weldon » Wed Apr 02, 12:23 am

Super Kali Mist, huh...

How does that compare to regular Kali Mist? Your tastes pretty much echo mine. Looking forward to sampling it all later this month. (Less than three weeks!)

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Postby GT » Wed Apr 02, 3:11 am

appreciate the good reports, keep up the good work, reminding us all of the great memories :-)

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good memory

Postby hebe » Wed Apr 02, 1:40 pm

keep at it.you never know when lom(lack of memory due to the dam)will strike. mine usually about second day or evening and then i do not remember anything...

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Postby Banks » Wed Apr 02, 4:25 pm

Or when the memories return... I find that happens as something jogs my memory later on...
Real nice report.

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