saturday in a quiet town(no trams)

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saturday in a quiet town(no trams)

Postby hebe » Sun Oct 03, 10:07 am

beautiful day and very active. seems someone called for a demonstration and 300,000 friends showed up. trams had to stop due to the throng or supporters in the tram office i'm not sure. from 10:30 until 800 or so you had to walk.if you were at central and the hotel was vondel park area,well you know.therefore the bars were more crowded than usual since all the friends were from out of town and they had to see the sights since they were here. but it didn't bother the goods. i went to amnesia,stella blue and haiwaii haze.very nice together with some kif from the grey area. all the fixings there were good. that kif is just the thing on a joint. almost enough not to put hash with it but wait, thats going to far,a joint without hash..and lost my little stash on the way to the hotel,wasn't much it was all my leftovers from rolling joints,etc.,and it was potent. didn't lose any money. the exchange rate is horrible. please be warned,put your money in the bank at home and take it out w/debit card.

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Hate the lost stash.

Postby LastHamlet » Sun Oct 03, 3:29 pm

I hate you lost your stash man. But is is replaceable in AMS.
Yes, you know the rate can be horrible, you have to plan buying you money way in advance during some times of the year.
Have a Grand one Hebe,
Best Regards,

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