arrival day

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arrival day

Postby hebe » Fri Oct 01, 9:55 am

this is afirst for me. i have made it to mokkum in this life-time single. this is strange, i have beencoming here for 19 years and this is a new experiance. after getting checked in the europa 92 and i'm on the street by 12:00. i'm not going to mention prices because thats not important as the quality and thats not what i came this far for.started at the centraal and i got jack herrera with some temple ball hash. it took all day to finish that hASH. i usually crumble up the hash in all my joints thru the day. after dekuil opened i bought nevilles haze,creeper haze and something else. went down to picasso and got pot of the day. even went back and got another g. met up w/some irregulars at six at dekuil. after six went to picasso and not sure. the dealer there deserves a plug. nice older flower child kinda guy.very nice. anyway we went to siberie for night caps on soome other good stuff and i bought the skuff there. it surely puts a good kick to your mix.i believe i should have been using that all day. at times there were some very good looking women in the windows. i had a beer at the sailors bar in the rld and there was a real honey in the window that faces the bar. you guys know the one i'm talking about. prettiest girl of the day. sorry if this report gets worse but my shake and bake this am is skuff mixed with poison and a very small piece of the temple ball . i think i'll take a walk now. lets go db..

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Postby Juss » Fri Oct 01, 8:46 pm

You gotta love that poison!i also agree the dealer in picasso is a very friendly person.

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Postby a bollocks » Sat Oct 02, 12:02 am


I think I took more notes on this lil' trip report than any in my life.



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Nice Variety

Postby LastHamlet » Sun Oct 03, 3:11 pm

Killer weed and temple ball hash list, Hebe. Wished I could have a hit of that Poison.
Thanks for sharing the view.
Best Regards,

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