The Continuem: Merging Days

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The Continuem: Merging Days

Postby Dogbreath » Wed Sep 29, 10:06 am

I had forgotten how nice Amsterdam can be in September.

Pleasant days and evenings.. a long sleeve shirt or light jacket is all it takes. The city is still in summer mode, with all the sidewalk cafe tables set out, yet without the large summer crowds.

Monday morning in Dam Square... a city slow to wake on a Monday morning. Yet something was different, but I could not put my finger on it.

Slow, aimless wandering. The morning cleanup crews quickly and efficiently clean the streets.

On to Freeworld Internet Cafe, for a morning smoke, and email updates. My new business partner now holds down the fort... the first time in my 20 amsterdam visits somene is there to deal with the clients. New she may be, she is a quick study, enabling me to enjoy the city even more.

A wander down to the bloemenmarket, admire some flowers I know Mrs. Dogbreath would like, but know importing them is forbidden. Then decide, what the hell, I may as well go to Dampkring Coffeee Shop.

As always, Dampkring is crowded. And, as usual, a higher than average precentage of very nice looking women.

The weed dealer counter in this shop is in the back. Business is so good there are two amiable Dutch men selling weed. The menu temporarilly overwhems me, a huge laminated affair, laid out in spreadsheet fashion. Probably 30 to 40 items on the menu. There are three major catagories.... weed, hash, and... well, "other". These are further broken down into sub-catagories, such as sativa type weed, Indica, bio (organic). Various columns add supplemental data for assistance in decision making. "Good strong high". "Sleepy high". "Energetic high". etc. There it is, Kali Mist, a long time personal favorite, a blue blooded sativa.

My order for one gram is efficiently processed. I see the large digital scale display rise... .4g, .79g, .92g, 1.08g, finally it stabilizes at 1.01g. I pay my €9.00 and wander out through the jovial crowd.

Then to the Dam... where some sort of big rally was taking place.... perhaps a labor rally? Throngs of Dutch men wearing orange hats and orange scarves. Crowded, so I go to get a tram to Central Station, but oddly, no one was waiting at busy Damrak tram stop. I look around, do not see a tram anywhere. They are not operating. Quite unusual, no trams, . and that explains the odd something-is-not-right morning sensation. No trams.... there go my plans to visit Liedseplein.

So a Plan B quickly develops... time for a nice smoke sounds nice at Siberie coffee shop on sleepy Brouwersgracht.

It's quiet in Siberie in mid-day... only a few locals hanging out. I order a coffee, and am reminded again the of huge koffie's Siberie provides... the largest cup I have ever had in NL. Best of all, only €1.35 a cup. A few tokes of Kali Mist... a sacred herb indeed, and then the requisite daydreaming, looking through those big front wondows at the boats going by in the canal, Dutch women pedelling by on their "feits" (bicycles).

An afternoon catnap, noisy back alley sounds frequently interupting.

Then back out sauntering into another plasant Amsterdam evening again.

What day is it? Does it matter?

Dogbreath :-)

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Postby hebe » Wed Sep 29, 12:49 pm

atta boy db.sounds good to me. love that early morning feeling. no where but the dam.i'm leaving on a jet plane in 8 hrs. see ya soon.

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Postby jerkypete49 » Wed Sep 29, 1:05 pm


You have captured the 'flavor' of Amsterdam very well. Trams not running? WTH, you just check out Siberie, which is right there.

Catnap? NICE.

Then wander about to see what the evening will bring. Sounds like a slice of heaven to me. Enjoy!!! :D

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Postby naughtynurse » Wed Sep 29, 1:55 pm

it's like I'm right there with you....we arrive in 48 hrs! See you at dekuil.


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Postby Banks » Wed Sep 29, 2:17 pm

Just like I never left... thanks for the walk! Keep 'em coming!

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Thanks DB

Postby LastHamlet » Sun Oct 03, 3:04 pm

It was like I was there with you Dogbreath. From the morning street cleaning, to the ncie midday trip to Siberie Coffeeshop. (Goodness, I love the Siberie.)
I really enjoy your writing and have missed the installments of one of the great original trip report masters of the Channels Forum. Way to go DB, it really is good to have them back.
Best Regards,

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