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Postby Otis » Wed Oct 13, 5:24 pm

Those buds have me drooling...
and breathing hard.


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Re: Editguy's Amsterdam 2004 Photo Gallery

Postby uk*bag*lady » Thu Oct 14, 8:55 pm

editguy wrote:Hello everyone! We've been back almost a week now and I finally have all my photos in order and posted in my revised Amsterdam Photo Gallery. We were in Amsterdam from April 28th to May 18th and stayed in two different locations. The first five days we spent at Hotel de Munck, a very small hotel near the Rembrandtsplein area and the rest of the time in the same canal houe apartment we rented last year on the Herengracht.

My apologies for missing the meets I said we would attend. We got off to a slow start this trip, something I will detail in upcoming reports. We did hook up with lctricity accidently, it's something I'll let him tell you about in his wonderful trip reports. I'm actually looking forward reading about that day with great anticipation.

I took close to 1600 photos, almost 6 gigs worth of data. I posted over 370 photos in 800 x 600 resolution for pretty good detail. The web site is best viewed in 1024 x 768 screen resolution.

http://www.editguy.com/420 for this years and last years pictures.


Ooooooh!! More pix of Mokum!
I shall save this for later and enjoy them. Thank you for sharing!
If you'd like to see mine (not such a good camera though, I'm afraid):



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Postby hebe » Thu Oct 14, 11:40 pm

just getting back and then i saw those shots. you have a talent for this. please do not stop and try to keep the dam in those lens.

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Postby Mike » Wed Oct 27, 3:14 am

Great pictures. I spent the last 2 hours looking at them. Wish I was there. Thanks for sharing.

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Editguy: 2004 Amsterdam Trip Pics

Postby PatriaPR » Thu Oct 28, 3:03 pm

Bellas..simply beautiful pictures!
I'm surfing the net from my home in PR, and going from one pic to the other made me feel like I was back to Amsterdam! well almost...
Warm Regards from the Caribbean, you make a great looking couple!

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Postby BaronBudz » Fri Oct 29, 10:24 am

Nice pictures man! What kind of camera were you using to get those close ups? Keep up your good work and can't wait to see your bud pics next year (should you decide to post them).

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Postby d3kings » Fri Jan 14, 4:15 pm

Great Pics EditGuy.. Hadn't seen these before.

Thanks for sharing!


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Postby martin6661 » Fri Aug 05, 6:55 pm

forgot about this one

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Postby sidhe333 » Sun Aug 07, 7:20 am

hahahahaha! great photos!
looks like a fabulous trip!
loved the airport smoke-out!
the straights musta thought you guys were nuts!


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