LUNACHICK'S trip report April 29th thru May 6th

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LUNACHICK'S trip report April 29th thru May 6th

Postby LUNACHICK » Sun May 23, 3:07 pm

Our 8.5 hour plane ride from Atlanta was not so bad since I slept about 5 hours of it. Poor Jeff did not sleep at all. I made my first purchase of the trip, the duty free catalog is dangerous, too many things I wanted, but I chose a Chanel compact with 6 lipsticks, so I was a very happy girl.
We arrived at Schipol at 8:30am (2:30 am cst). We collected our luggage, and headed out of the airport to find the Conexxion bus that would take us to the Mariott by the Liedsplien, and it was just 2 blocks to the Owl hotel. Once arrived at the hotel the cute little black cat was there to greet us, he was there last time we stayed at the Owl.
We waited on the back patio until our room was ready. We quickly freshened up and headed out on the streets to hit the Dampkring. We arrived to a pretty full house, Jeff ordered us some Coffee and I spotted a cat perched on a stool in the corner so I went over to it and petted it a bit and made myfirst new friend in amsterdam ( I am an animal lover!), a table opened so I grabbed it. It was just past noon and I am wondering where every one is. I asked a guy sitting by himself who had long curly hair is your name "John" (changed to protect the identity of Lectricty) he said no. So I decided to go up to the bar to ask this other guy "are you here to meet some people from the Channels web site" he said, Lunachick? yes, I said. So I greeted Danpanther and asked him and the other guys with him to join us at the table. We exchanged hellos and introductions and proceded to party. I can not remember everyones user name from Channels so I am sorry, not good with names. Everyone was very cool and it was great to finally meet everyone I had been in contact with.
Danpanther opened his bag and pulled out this tupperware container filled with many many bags of weed and hash in it. Jeez, he had a lot of stuff! We all chatted for a while then Lectricty showed up, and joined us. I am not sure how long we were there but Jeff and I were dead tired and needed a nap and a shower, so we said our goodbyes and confirmed to meet on May first at the Greenhouse in the RLD. We got about 2 or 3 blocks away from the Dampkring and I realized I had forgot my prescription sunglasses on the table, so we went back and they were not there, I was kinda freaked since they were not cheap and prescription, but figured, oh well. Got back to our hotel and there they were, I never took them with me, geez I must have been very stoned and jet lagged. I was relived I would not need to squint the whole trip with the sun glaring in my eyes.
We took a short nap and headed to the Hard Rock for dinner, then back to the hotel, the time change just kills us, tomorrow will be better. Did not sleep good, the mattress on the bed was about 4" thick, and not comfortable.

INSANE is the only word I can think of to describe Queens day.
Got up at 6:00 am, had breakfast, got ready and headed out at 9am. We walked to the Jordan, the crowds were not bad at all, people selling their junk. I managed to find a hairdryer for sale amongst the junk and paid only 2 euro for it, I was very happy, I have a lot of hair and the dryer in the hotel was awful and would take an hour to dry my mop. We headed to the Dam where there was various carnival rides were set up none of which I felt like riding on since I was not in the mood to puke. It became very very crowded around noon, we hung out for a while and watched the people. We then headed down the Damrak twords central station, huge huge crowds of people just walking and walking, where were they going? It was surreal.
You had no choice but to move with the crowd and walk with them to where ever they were going.
We headed back to the hotel to unload my pack and change shoes. Then headed to the museumplein, where the crowd was massive and there was a concert going on. We hung back away from the madness and grabbed a hamburger that was more like a sausage burger it sucked, and sucked even more when the heartburn kicked in. We watched a guy peeing on a wall get busted by the cops. We then headed to Vondel park, even worse crowds doing the disneyland shuffle (moving very slowly taking a few steps, stopping,then a few steps more). We got out of there and went to Gouchos to eat, it was very good and nice to sit down and relax for a bit.
Went back to the hotel and crashed for the day. I heard on Queens day anyone under 30 comes to the city, and anyone over 30 leaves the city for the day. I can see why. I had a great time and it was a wonderful experience but crowds that big were a new experinece for me and I doubt I would do it again. I am not patient with slow moving masses of people.
I forgot to mention we were walking in the RLD and walked past Old Church and looked up in the window and saw Danpanther hanging out. We joined him, he was very generous and gave us a glass pipe and some weed, very nice of him, thanks Dan. And for some odd reason the bit I camcorded of you did not record, I messed up and had it on standby.

Day 3 MAY 1
Woke up early at breakfast and showered and headed out for another day of adventure.
I was amazed at the trash in the streets, it was rather sad it was such a mess, they had started to work on cleaning it up but it was the first time I had ever seen so much trash on the streets.
Went walking around went into a few shops did not buy anything since I did not want to lug it in my pack all day.
We went to the Greenhouse at 11:30 and grabbed a table outside and had a delicious white coffee, the white coffee I always ordered are the best, I wish I knew what kind of coffee was used and how they made it so I could attempt to duplicate it at home.
Noon jjk4h showed up and joined us, chatted for a while, very nice guy and interesting to talk to (hope that user name is correct, I remember his real name but dont want to use it, he is from Virginia, sorry if I messed up your user name). Lectricty showed up shortly after noon and joined us. We hung for a while, then parted with plans to meet at 8 pm at Amnesia coffee shop.
Jeff and I headed to Museum Amsterkrling (our lord in the attic). Highly reccomended, very old very cool, I loved this place. They had some very old tiles on the wall in the kitchen area that just amazed me, I wanted to peel one off the wall and take it with me (Now dont freak, I would never do that). The musuem is a hidden church in the top of 3 canal houses.
The altar was amazing. I had a feeling while I was there, this place is haunted (no, I am not crazy, I just got a weird vibe while I was there, if you ever have gotten this vibe from a place you know what I mean). We headed to the hotel and took a short nap (we have walked everyplace so far and had not taken a tram as of yet, we feel you see more on foot. And wanted to walk as much as possible). Woke up at 8, we were to be at the Amnesia coffee shop at 8, so we did some speed walking and busted our butts getting there, we made it at 8:30 and hung for an hour and Lectricty and jjk4h did not show, we walked to the Grey area and it was closed, SURPRISE!
We stuck a sticker of our friends band NEVER DIVIDED on the door and took a pic of it for them.
We walked back to the Liedsplien area and stopped at Australian, shared a shake and each had a piece of candy, WOW it was awesome, if you get a chance to try that place do so, its great!
Still hungry we stopped at burgerking and had a shitty chicken sandwich that just did not taste good. Went back to the hotel and crashed.

DAY 4 MAY 2, our 12th wedding anniversary.
12 years of marriage, we havent killed each other, and we are celebrating in Amsterdam, who could ask for more!
Woke early and walked to the Tropenmusem, it was a brisk windy day and looked as if it could rain.
Stopped on the bridge over the Amstel river and took a few pics, and admired the view.
We enjoyed the museum. You know how they tell you in museums NO FLASH for cameras, well I broke that rule accidently. There was a display of shrunken heads and I thought they were cool and wanted a pic of them. So I got a good angle and proceed to take the pic, my flash goes off like a bright bolt of lightning, I forgot to shut the flash off, UGH, I felt like an idiot and even worse when I said SHIT real loud after it went off, I looked to see who saw and heard me, only a bunch of little kids with their parents who looked at me like I was the stupidest person ever, and I felt like it. I bolted out of that area in case security saw the flash. We ate lunch at the little cafeteria at the museum, went outside to have a smoke and then went to go back in and realized we did not have our ticket to get back in, only the recipt we got when we paid. So we explained at the info desk and they were kind enough to allow us back in, very nice of them. We finished the museum and I went to the lowest level to use the restroom. I was washing my hands when this guy walked in and stopped and stared at me. I said hello he was very embarassed realizing he entered the ladies toilet, Jeff was standing outside laughing, he watched the guy walk in, guess you had to be there.
We then walked from the Tropenmuseum to Nemo, we wanted to go on the roof and see the city from up high, the roof was gated off so I guess you had to go inside to access the top. We rested on the stairs for a while and decided to grab a tram to get back to the Liedsplien.
We hopped on and there was not an attendent at the back to take our money. The tram then takes off, its very crowded and would be pushing people out of the way to make it to the front to pay the driver, then we figured he would gripe us out since we did not enter at the front when we boarded. Not wanting to look like dumb tourists we just stayed where we were and jumped off at the next stop. We realized we were in the area near the smart shop we wanted to visit and get some mushrooms. We purchased 3.5 grams each of mexican mushrooms. We headed to the Kadinsky coffee shop, ordered some coffee, 2 space cakes to go and ate the musrooms. We sat there about a half hour and headed back to the hotel. The mushrooms kicked in just as we arrived back at the hotel.
I looked down at my running shoes and the reflective strips were GLOWING. Very visua, it was like the flowers on the curtains were moving. We also laughed like idiots. We just laid there and watched tv, there was no way I was going to be able to function in public and not look like an uncontrolable laughing fool. Ace ventura pet detective was on TV so that captiviated us and made us laugh even more. We decided about 3 hours after they kicked in it was safe to head out and I wanted to go to the Hard Rock and have some drinks. Walking out ofthe recpeption area of the hotel I started to burst into laughter so I am sure the desk clerk was real amused. We sat at the Hardrock for a while, we had a great seat and watched the people outside and groups go on evening canal cruises. We headed back to the hotel and crashed, it was an intersting and fun Anniversary.

Took the tram to central station, purchased train tickes to Leiden, once in Leiden we purchased bus and entry tickets to Keukenhoff. This was the highlight of the trip for me. I loved this place it was so beautiful. I will never see anything so awesome again, I can not explain how great this place was. I love flowers and yellow tulips are my favorite. I was in heaven. The smell there is like none other. I reccomend anyone who goes to holland to see this place. I can not describe how much I loved this place, it has to be the best or one of the best gardens in the world. My pics turned out wonderful, I will treasure this memory forever.
Once back in Amsterdam we ate at a greek restaurant, it was very good. I tried greek coffee, WOW, you want a strong cup of espresso try this, it will knock your socks off.
We returned to the hotel and I ate my space cake, about an hour later it kicked in and just made me feel like a rock and could not or did not want to get up and move, I slept good that night!

Walked to the Heinkekn Experinece only 7.50 euro to get in, this was fun and one of the cheapest things we did. I was surpriesed to see Heiniken had draft horses like Budweiser has, they go out daily and pull a cart around, for excercise and to promote tourism. We got 3 FREE beers on the tour (wow nothing is free in amsterdam, or I did not find anything for free). At the end of the tour you can visit the gift shop, everything was reasonably priced and they had some really great things to choose from, we got some t-shirts and a bottle opener, and you also got a FREE gift, they give you a Heiniken tin container and a beer glass, very nice. Everyone on the tour was very friendly, what a great place to work! I highly reccomend this tour, well worth the time and money.
Purchased more mushrooms at the smart shop, same kind but this time we shared them so we cold function in public. The guy tried to sell us the strongest ones, we declined and went with the Mexican ones again. Only 12.50 euro for 3.5 grams. We purchased some this past weekend and it was $10 per gram, they were also mexican and looked exactlythe same as the ones we got in Amsterdam, but just way more expensive.

DAY 7 MAY 5 ( I may have my days mixed up with the laying ofthe wreath)
Last full day in Amsterdam. I am sick of eating out, we want a home cooked meal.
I am ready to go home, dont get me wrong I had a great time, I love holland but I was ready for the comforts of home. We went to central station and purchased tickets to Schipol for the next day, so we would have less hassle and in case there were long lines for tickets the day we leave. Headed to Spui area via tram, again no attendant so we took another free ride and hopped off before getting busted. We found the Beinghoff (sp?), very peacful and it seems like an awesome place to live. The oldest wood house in Amsterdam from the 1300's is there, but was closed so we could not go inside. We then ate a light lunch at a Broojie shop. Headed to Dam square, to see the wreath the Queen had laid the day before in honor of falled soldiers. I was amazed the wreaths were gated off, no one guarding it (at least I did not see anyone) and it was untouched, no one had messed with it, that was cool.
I took a pic of the wreaths. We had watched the ceremony the night before on TV, I wish I could have understood what was being said.
We stared to pack our bags, I must say all my months of preparing for this trip paid off, I did not forget anything and we did not run out of anything other than money! We walked over to the Mariott near by and had dinner, and drinks.
Watched some TV show starring John Ritter and went to bed.

Got up early, caught a tram to Central Station then a train to Schipol. We arrived around 9:20 hung outside and smoked some pot discreetly and chowed down the last space cake for the ride home. Jeff had on this shirt that I swear flagged us to be asked many many questions.
It was a shirt with a character resembling a drunken messed up Grinch from Dr. Suess.
It said I WOULD DRINK BEER WITH A GOAT ON A BOAT IN A BOX IN MY SOCKS IN A CAR AT A BAR, I DO, I DO, I LIKE BEER, SLAMMED I AM , JAMAICA. Its a very funny shirt and he always gets comments on it when he wears it. So the security guy pulls us aside and asks may questions, "why did you come here", "what did you do", "what did you see", he played dumb and asked me where keukenhoff was located and how we got there, on and on and on. It was making me nervous and I had nothing to be nervous about, we were not hiding anything. He let us go,for all the questions he asked he did not check our luggage very well to see if we were hiding anything.
We went and smoked some more cigarettes before heading to the gate. At the gate we were questioned again and padded down. We boarded the plane which was only 1/4 ofthe way full, so after take-off I grabbed a row and so did Jeff and we laid down and slept.
It was great to get home, I missed my comfy bed and my pets.

It was a great trip, I would say the best one so far. My photos turned out great.
Next time or a suggestion to others,
Bring way more money than what you think you need.
On the last day we had like 5 euros cash, so we used the debit card with no problems.

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Postby a bollocks » Sun May 23, 5:27 pm

'gon girl! Wonderful report. Details and beauty.

Thanks so much!

btw.... on those trams... there's a machine at the back door.. self-punching lol.

I could never figure them out (you gotta punch them on the right end lol) so I always got on at the front.


ooops..... BBPPP lol
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Postby lctricity » Sun May 23, 7:15 pm

Great report LUNACHICK! Sounds like you guys had a great time.

Sorry about Amnesia... Perhaps if we had gone with the Mexicans over the Hawaiians we could have made it.

Cheers to next time!

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Postby Mike » Mon May 24, 1:03 am

Great report. Enjoyed it alot. I'm leaving for the Dam tomorrow.....Can't wait...

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Postby johnyjoe » Mon May 24, 4:51 am

Thanks Lunachick for a great report. i loved reading about your shroom trips.

I too was honored to meet you and hang out with you and Jeff.

Like lctricity, I apologize for missing you at Amnesia. But as you may have read form his report, we tripped our brains out, parted ways in the afternnon. I was not myself till close to 10:00 that night.

My wife and I have been married for 13 yrs so congrats on your anniversary of 12 yrs.

My wife and I are going to the Dam for next year's Queensday and we will have an apartment for the week. We will be throwing a party on Queens Day so check out the thread. If you guys go next year be sure to come by. It will be much less crowded than in the Square area.


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Postby LUNACHICK » Mon May 24, 11:55 pm

Glad you liked the report. I had a great time.
It was also very nice to meet you guys, I am glad we were able to meet up the 2 times we did.
I understand about Amnesia Coffee shop, it was a cool place and I am
glad we went there, great atmosphere.

So plans are in the mix for next year's queens day, sounds like fun.
Who knows we may be there and if so we will be glad to join you, thanks for the invite.

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Postby Bohannon » Tue May 25, 12:08 am

Does your avatar know Weldon's? LOL

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That same cat.

Postby LastHamlet » Thu May 27, 2:38 am

That very same cat was in that same stool when I visited in June 2003. I think he is a regular customer...LOL...
No kiddin' he has a regular status in that place.
Really nice report. I was laughing right along with you two when the part about the fellow walking in the ladies room by mistake. To think Jeff didn't warn him, bet he was laughing away at that.
Thanks for the Report. I have never been during Queen's Day, and Maybe that might be good, as over 30 as I am.
Congrats to both you and Jeff, 12 years and still kicking. Many more happy years ahead.
Best Wishes For The Both Of You,

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Postby LUNACHICK » Fri Dec 24, 1:49 pm

I have not read this since I wrote it. Glad I did write it becuase I had forgotten some things. The bug has bit me again, I wanna go back, just wish I had the funds free to do so.

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