Day 1 - Queens Day 2004

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Day 1 - Queens Day 2004

Postby johnyjoe » Sun May 23, 2:08 pm

I land at Schipol at 7:10 in the morning after a long red-eye flight from D.C.

As this is my second trip I don’t miss the stop like the first time, and I make out of Centraal Station in about 40 minutes.

Through customs, on my way with my one carry on size backpack, and at 7:50 I am sitting at a little table in the Central Café smoking a huge joint of what I thought might be a nice morning high, bioskunk. It was nice tasting and went well with the coffee. I had two of each.

I am the only one there when I walk in and by 8:30 the place was humming with morning locals as the hustle of commuters moved outside the window. All six tables and the window seat were filled.

I was here………relax……....believe it or not, Pink Floyd live is coming from the speakers. My hotel, the Crown is a few blocks away, tucked in a quiet corner on Ouids Voorburgwaal. I can check in at any time. I chill here for a while and head on to The Crown.

Mark, the bartender smiles as he sees me, “Ah, here is a familiar face”. It takes a few moments for me to jog his memory of my stay here one year earlier. He recalls and we talk a bit as I settle up and get my key. I am incredibly stoned, the jet-lagged first stoned of Amsterdam.

I am here!!

The next 9 days are ahead of me………

I walk around a bit, hit the ATM, do a walk through the neighborhood passing familiar places ……and so many places I have yet to explore.

I will be meeting lctricity and realdeal tomorrow morning at 8:30 as they come in from the airport as I did today….. at Central Café.

Shake off the jet lag with a good sleep.

Dinner, a few beers, spliff after spliff.

Explore the city night.

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