FLASHBACK - Sept 2003 - Christiania/Amsterdam - Part 1 of 2

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FLASHBACK - Sept 2003 - Christiania/Amsterdam - Part 1 of 2

Postby viking » Sun May 09, 4:35 pm

I am stuck here at my office this weekend, babysitting some
A/C repairmen and am bored to tears, so, since I happen to have
my travel notebook here with me, I figured I'd punish you readers
with a few details from my trip in September 2003:)

I landed in Copenhagen on Saturday 6 Sept and flew out of
Amsterdam on Friday 26 Sept. I flew using Delta ff miles which
mandated a three plane journey from Virginia to Copenhagen,
via JFK and Charles de Gaulle. By the time I landed in
Copenhagen, I'd been up for just under 26 hours and discovered
that CDG is now my most hated airport. Needed almost my whole
2 1/2 hour layover just to make my flight from there to Copenhagen.

Perked up once I got off the last plane. Copenhagen's Kastrup airport
is second only to Schipol for me. Lots of glass and light and
beautiful wood floors, not to mention the incredibly attractive
natives. I fly carry-on only and breezed through customs and headed
straight for my usual ATM in the airport.

Decided to visit the train ticket office at the airport and buy my ticket
for the night train to Amsterdam for use on the 13th. Even though I
was buying it a week early, I got the last available single cabin
available. Cost me 1516 dkk, around $250, for a first class sleeper cabin
to Duisberg, Germany, and a first class seat from there to Amsterdam.
Must remember that you save a night's hotel cost when doing this.

After checking into my hotel, it was off to
Christiania to see my friends. My good friend Werner, of
www.jointen.dk fame, was out of town until the following day,
so I hung out at the excellent Månefiskeren (Moonfisher)
coffeeshop for four hours, meeting old friends and toking
up a storm. (Nol has some nice pics of the Moonfisher
under the Trip Report section at his site, www.hempcity.net )
Unlike Amsterdam coffeeshops, you don't buy gear
in the Moonfisher, but outside on Pusher Street at the stalls.
(That said, the sellers themselves have since torn down all the
stalls on Pusher Street and you need a contact these days
to buy there.) Since I hadn't toked since my Amsterdam holiday
in March earlier that year, I went easy on my first day purchases
and bought only 3 grams of Super Pollen ($11/g), 1 gram of Extreme Maroc ($15),
1 gram of Jack Herer ($15)(surprise! a weed purchase!), and a gram
of Nepal Pollen($21). These prices are much higher than what I'd
be paying for the most excellent Super Super Maroc ($6.5) I'd be
smoking the next day and for the rest of my stay in Copenhagen.

The smoking scene in Christiania is much more skewed toward
hash, rather than weed. I don't know a single local who smokes weed.
I bought the Jack Herer to mix with hash and use in my dugout with
its little cigarette look-a-like pipe while roaming the streets outside
of Christiania. When I did roll a joint with some of the JH in it,
the friend I passed it to gave me a look of mild disgust and
said, "Weed? I haven't smoked any weed in years!"

Over the years I have adopted the rolling habits of my Danish
friends and roll what I call Christiania-style joints. First you
roll a nice cone, complete with a cardboard filter or tippie,
then you toast a cigarette over a flame until its dark brown,
blowing out through it several times during the roasting process
(creating a noxious smelling cloud of toxins), then you rip the
ciggie open and mix the toasted tobacco with a generous
amount of light maroc. How generous? At least as much hash
as tobacco, usually more:) One gram minimum, I'd say.
Once the hash and tobacco are throughly mixed, you
use a piece of paper folded down the middle to pour
the mix into the cone.
Werner has some nice photos of how to roll the perfect
Christiania-style joint on his website. And I can say he's
the perfect teacher when you're with him:)

Back to the Moonfisher. I didn't get to Christiania until
almost 5pm, and spent about 4 hours hanging out there
getting reacquainted with some old friends and making
some new ones. Since it was my first day toking in
6 months, I only smoked the three grams of Super Pollen,
the gram of Extreme Maroc, a bit of the Nepal (which I was
posting to a friend in Paris), and some of what was passed
my way by my friends. Come to think of it, they passed
me quite a lot:) One friend, Jesman, was passing me
joints made with an excellent ice hash called "suitcase".
I asked him where "suitcase" came from and he said,
"Because it was smuggled here in a suitcase."
Makes sense.

After getting up with Werner on his cellphone, we agreed
to meet at his sports club the next day around 2pm.
So, it was back to the hotel by the excellent Danish bus
system, a bit more toking there, and off to dreamland by
1am. My notebook entries get increasingly illegible and
less detailed once Werner and I hook up. I wonder why?

Spent from 2 to 7 the next day at the most excellent
Christiania Sports Club.
Werner and his fellow club members have put many, many
hours into renovating an old brick building into a private,
members only club devoted to all things football (soccer).
Oh to be back there now, sipping a cold Faxe Kondi
(Danish soda) and trying to keep up with Werner as
we roll joint after joint.

The next day was actually toke-free for the entire midsection
as Werner and I took his three-year-old daughter to the Zoo.
We all had a blast. I'm not a big fan of little kids, but his
daughter's a real sweetheart, always smiling and laughing.
After the zoo it was back to the CSC for lots of toking and then
off to dinner with Werner and his wife and daughter at a "locals"
Italian restaurant. Yummy.

The next day, Wed. 10 Sept, was the big football match.
A championship matchup between Denmark and Romania.
The CSC was packed and very smokey, with at least 40 people
or so all toking on huge Christiania-style joints. I know I smoked
up a bunch of Super Super Maroc that long afternoon
(and more beforehand and afterwards, of course) and can
only imagine how much was burned that afternoon. I
truly believe one could have gotten a contact high from
just sitting in that room.

Things were looking good for Denmark for all of the match
until Romania pulled ahead 2 to 1 at the end, but, luckily,
Denmark tied them in the 93rd minute with less than 20
seconds left. The place literally exploded when the tying
goal was made. The guy next to me leapt up, tipping
his table over and sending drinks and ashtrays crashing
to the floor. I think I lost some hearing from all that loud
cheering. Werner explained to me that tying was just
as good as winning in this case. OK, great! Pass me another
Faxe Kondi and let's light another one!

The next day I got a personal tour of Christiania with another
friend from the CSC, Jan. Never knew there were weed display
gardens, but there are. Had a nice time hanging with Jan
and his friends who were at their headshop-like stall.
While there, Jan asks me, "Want to have some bong hits?"
"Sure", I said. Now, I've never owned a bong and have
only used one once, during the SGF 2003 Cup. And I caused
a lot of grins then, since I didn't know about holding your thumb
over the hole near the bottom. Anyway, I was expecting a little
handheld bong, and Jan takes this huge 4 foot tall glass monster
out of the stall! This thing has a huge bowl to match and
the stall owners are smiling as they pack more and more
hash/tobac mix into the removable bowl. Now, my Danish is
worse than my Norwegian, but I can tell they're asking Jan
if I can handle it, wondering if I'll puke. I think Jan is
wondering, too, and they all start grinning at me:) Jan decides
to take the first hit and says, "Here's how you do it." He then
proceeds to suck up that huge bowl all in one long draw!
I was truly impressed and was now starting to wonder myself!

They clean out the bowl, as Jan has left nothing but ashes,
and I watch as they methodically repack it. "Geez, just
how much is going into that bowl?", I'm thinking. Looked
like at least what I fill a cone with! (But it probably just looked that
way.) Well, it was my turn. Here goes. I take a few deep
inhales and exhales to get ready and Jan bends down to
hold a flame to the bowl. After a mighty exhale I seal my mouth
to the top of the bong and start a slow, steady inhale. The
clear bong fills up like a cloud chamber and I'm off! I keep inhaling
and the bowl keeps right on burning. Damn! I must finish this bowl
in one go, and I keep inhaling. Well, Jan and I must have the same
sized lungs (we're both 6' 3"), `cause just as I'm at my limit, the bong
chamber clears and I'm done. Holy hell, I'm full to bursting with
delicious Moroccan perfume! I hold it a few seconds then casually
exhale in one long stream, not wanting to show them I'd rather
blast it out:) I don't know who was more surprised that I was
able to repeat Jan's feat, me or them! Well, it's a good thing
I'd been toking heavily for the past few days, or I probably
would have keeled over, but I was now in my thc stride and
all that bong did was put a huge smile on my face. I made
a couple of new friends right there.

The next few days were more of the same. Beautiful sunny
skies, beautiful Danish people, and lots of laughter and
good times at the CSC and the Moonfisher.

(Backflash to Sept 2002 – Here’s a recipe for a fun day in
Copenhagen. Mix Werner, a slab of Super Super Maroc,
and a day at Tivoli! Whoo-hoo what a riot. We laughed
our heads off.)

Sat. 13 Sept. - I stow my bag at the train station and spend
my last day with Werner and his family in Christiania. I always
hate leaving Copenhagen and linger as long as possible in
Christiania until heading to the station to catch my night train.
We all know that Christiania will have changed by the time
I return in Sept 2004, and everyone is wondering what will
happen. I worry about Werner and his family, and all my friends
there as the City prepares to launch another attempt to take over
the now very desirable real estate that Christiania sits on.

The news in recent months has not been very encouraging,
with continued police raids and arrests. Werner is always
very busy and is notoriously slow in responding to email, but
he says the city has often tried to "reclaim" Christiania, but the
the residents have always fought and won. Let's hope their
winning streak continues.

The night train to Amsterdam is fairly uneventful, although I did
find myself without a lighter or matches. Horrors! How am
I going to enjoy the three Christiania-style joints I've brought
with me during my three hour wait for the train from Duisberg
to Amsterdam in the morning?! The prospect of being in Duisberg
from 6am to 9am without a light is haunting me so I go to the
restaurant car in search of a pack of matches. No luck.
I order a lager and strike up a conversation with an American
couple, eventually telling them of my problem. They are very
sympathetic, but they only have one lighter. But, after a few
more beers, the wife graciously hands me her only lighter
saying, "Here, you're going to need this much more than
me tomorrow morning." Man, was I ever thankful.

Stowing my bag in a locker at the Duisberg station,
I head out into a cold clear German morning. I have no
map, and unlike Amsterdam, the whole city is asleep
and the streets are utterly deserted. (It's a Sunday morning.)
I decide to just start walking and toking and come across
a beautiful little park where I sit and finish all three Js and
then start toking on the JH/hash mix in my dugout.
By the time I board the train to Amsterdam, I'm feeling fine
and looking forward to the next two weeks in paradise.

Well, If you've actually read all this, you're a better man (or woman)
than I am. This has gotten long as hell. Can you tell I'm bored
here at the office? hehe
Well, I'll stop this now and start a new thread with the Amsterdam details:)

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Postby BlueBerry » Sun May 09, 5:04 pm

Souds like a cool place to hang out as well :))
Glad you had such a wonderful time with your friends,, like you, I sure hope things work out for them there,, it would be a shame to see their freedoms crushed. I wish them well...

Looking forward to the rest....... Ahhh, yes,, Amsterdam!!!


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Postby a bollocks » Sun May 09, 9:24 pm

Of course a "Viking" would feel comfortable in Scandinavia.

I wanna go! I expect the Danish girlies to be as much or more enticing than the Dammie women. Woof.

Thanks, Thor, for your attention to detail, even though you beg forgiveness for your splotchy notes. I'm thinkin' you're reliving as you scribe. I love that feeling.


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Postby Boner » Sun May 09, 11:03 pm

Hey Viking,

I've read about Christiana before and I must admit your reprt has made me want to visit there more than ever.. Thanks...


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Postby PurpleHaze » Mon May 10, 1:22 pm

Hi There Viking! I Love your Christiania reports. As you know I have been there a couple of times myself. As a viking myself living in Oslo, Copenhagen is the nearest smokers paradise - not that I don't like A'dam - but it has a different vibe.

Maybe I see you in Christiania this August. I will try to make one of my work trips via Copenhagen.

OK Vike. Take care, it was really nice to get to know you and smoke with you this March in Amsterdam/Haarlem.

"Toking makes people happy".

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Postby viking » Mon May 10, 8:45 pm

PurpleHaze wrote:Maybe I see you in Christiania this August. I will try to make one of my work trips via Copenhagen.

If you see me in Copenhagen in August, let me know!
I'm not getting there until 3 September:)
Hope you can make it in September!

And, yes, it was great meeting you, too!

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Postby PurpleHaze » Tue May 11, 9:12 am

September 3rd is marked in my calender. I will do my best to pass by Viking. I'm going to Cambodia next week, and I've heard they got some strong weed there...

Until next time...

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Postby Mike » Tue May 11, 3:53 pm

Great report. Can't wait till it's my turn to go.


Postby brandx » Tue May 11, 9:37 pm

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Postby viking » Wed May 12, 6:09 pm

brandx wrote:I've had the pleasure of viewing Werner's site: What a huge Christiania-style j on THAT site!

Makes me want to visit as well, but I guess we'd all better hurry, no?

Glad you liked Werner's site. Now you can know why I'm honored
to call him a friend. He's a very cool guy:)

I will post about Christiania when I'm there in September.
Hopefully it won't be a depressing read.

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Wow Viking.

Postby LastHamlet » Fri May 14, 9:14 pm

Off the chart report Viking.
What a long dam journey it took to get there. Goodness, you could have flow to Australia in that length of time.
You took me back to when I first met Wernerd in 1981. One of the original legends of the weed world.... Fine fellow indeed.
Most wonderful and unique way of writing. I really enjoyed the read, and in fact I am getting ready to read it again... I caught a big buzz from reading it the first time..
Way to go Viking, excellent read.
Best Regards,

I am saving that part 2 of 2 to read tonite, when I can actually smoke a bowl while reading it... Of course, it won't be as good as what you will be writing about, but it will have to do...
Dam, this is Noah's Ark Day for me...... 40 days till blast off.

Santa Marta
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Postby Santa Marta » Sat May 15, 2:21 am

Viking, you hedonist you, obviously you really know how to have a good time--and appreciate the finer things in life. I have enjoyed the adventures you have shared with us. I now have an even larger list of places I must visit thanks to your fine trip report. I too am a hash lover from way back and will check out some of your favorites. Keep up the hash toking and let us know about your journeys.

Enjoy and Take Care,
Santa Marta

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Postby dapoopa » Sun May 16, 5:04 pm


Most impressive and vivid trip report, thanks for that. I liked how you "took it easy" the first day at Christiania after not having smoked in six months and "only" bought six grams of fine hash. I can only imagine what you must buy on a usual day or, heaven forbid, a heavy day LOL.

Such a shame what the Danish authorities are doing to Christiania -- I was seriously thinking of visiting until I read about the crackdown and all the arrests. Seems A-Dam is a much safer alternative nowadays, although I would have liked to return to Copenhagen (I visited once, for a few days in 1990).

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Postby viking » Mon May 17, 2:39 pm

dapoopa wrote:I liked how you "took it easy" the first day at Christiania after not having smoked in six months and "only" bought six grams of fine hash.

Ha! I was hoping someone would notice that:)

Thanks, dapoopa!

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Postby lctricity » Mon May 17, 3:18 pm

Impressive! You've got great style Viking; In writing and smoking. I hope to partake in some hash joints with you personally next April.

Keep up the great work!

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