No Monday morning blues......

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No Monday morning blues......

Postby jinks420 » Sun May 02, 10:18 am

Before leaving the Dolphins on Sunday night I took a souvenier photo of the wife sitting on what we honourably call "Otis' Stair". No, we've never met him but thought it was one of those things that just had to be done after reading all of those great stories and seeing the picture of where his grinder had been left! Wonder how many good times have been had in there?
Woke up around 09.00 and noticed a joint in the ashtray from last night. Of course, you can guess what happened. I leaned over, grabbed the lighter and sparked it up! The wife was peeing herself laughing and declared it to be the best Monday morning since the last time we had been in the Dam. Mmmm, Juicy Fruit, nice apperitif for breakfast!
Enjoyed Irish breakfast at Rejnders on Leidseplein (much better than at Sports Satellite Bar). The weather was glorious, the wife was brave enough to leave her umbrella in the room. Strolled along in the sunshine and stopped for a cold Palm before heading for Rookies to meet the guys.
Bought some Crystal Haze and the wife spotted DaPanther at the bar with another guy who turned out to be Jerkypete. We'd met him at last. He was explaining that his heritage was Polish so the wife said hello in polish to him. I think he was impressed. SDShadow and his brother arrived, followed by Jerkypete's nephew and we settled down to some serious smoking. Had a fantastic afternoon with all those guys. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!
We all started drifting out of Rookies after 16.00 and the wife and I ended up in the Hard Rock. We had read in our in-flight magazine on the way over that if you present your Easyjet boarding card you can have a free hot fudge sundae. After our food the wife asked about it and was told by our waiter he knew nothing. After checking, he came back with our sundaes. Result! Ended up completely stuffed so headed back to our hotel. Smoking,drinking and eating is such hard work. LOL!

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