The Big report... Day 7

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The Big report... Day 7

Postby Couch » Thu Mar 25, 2:55 am


Packing this morning so we can make a quick exit tomorrow (phooey!). May go to the Anne Frank house museum, and hit a few markets to pick up treats for people back home. Decided to skip the Anne Frank house as it was too far of a walk. We decided to hit the nearby market and pick up souvenirs for folks back home instead. I got a hot stroopwaffel for myself, and a little package of stroopwaffel cookies for Kris. Also got 2 wheels of baby gouda cheese – one for me, one for my friend John who is in Peru right now, and will be bringing me some good Peruvian coffee from his trip!

Popped in to Rookies coffeshop just to catch a quick buzz at noon today. Nice enough place. It looks more like a bar than a coffeshop, but they had a cute barmaid and decent tunes. They also had a pool table. Didn’t stay long, but it seemed like a nice place.

Walked around the Leidseplein area looking for chocolate for my wife. Found a nice place, and bought her a little assortment of some really fancy filled chocolates, then we found another store with more chocolate, and I picked up a treat for my mom, and a couple of big chocolate bars for my wife. Back to the hotel to rest a bit. I think my buddy is developing one of his famous headaches. If so, he probably won’t go out with me tonight. <later> My buddy got up and seemed alive, so we went to the irish pub that’s right on the Leidseplein. I had shepherd’s pie and my buddy had fish & chips – a humongous piece of fish and a big pile of fries. Pretty good eats! Afterwards, we walked the area south-west of the centrum.

Went to the meetup at Kashmir Lounge and we were pretty much on time at 6:30, but we didn’t see anyone else. Hung out for a while and rolled up the last of the Amnesia Dream. I really enjoyed this bud too. Doesn’t make you too incoherent, but makes your arms and legs feel like they have 100 pound weights attached to them. Mixed in with something stronger, this stuff could be the secret ingredient that makes a joint a real knockout. Nobody showed up while we smoked. I think we stayed until about 7:30, then decided to mosey along.

My buddy was tired of walking, and his headache was starting to get worse, so he decided to retire and sleep before a long day of traveling tomorrow. I had packed this morning, so I walked back to the hotel with him, and set an 8:30 wake up call for myself. It’s only 8pm now, so I will probably go walking for an hour or two and find an internet café to send my wife an email.

Dropped friend off at hotel, and I was on my own again. I was still hoping that I might run into some of the channels/SG crew. I popped in to coffeshop Softland to use their internet and light a J. Their browsers aren’t even IE, and Hotmail didn’t work properly, so I just browsed the web for awhile. They had a lot of internet computers, but I can’t really recommend it due to the unusual browser, and frequent errors while surfing. Popped in to Abraxas (very close by) to use their more reliable internet. Shot an email to my wife, and decided to walk over to Old Church coffeshop to see if I could spot Otis in the window or something. No luck, the place was rather empty, so I didn’t stop. I decided to head to Amnesia on the off chance I would find some channels folks there. The street I decided to take to cut across to Amnesia also happened to be the street that De Kuil is on, and it just so happened that Otis & StoneyUSAdude were sitting in the window seats there!!! They flagged me down, and I was SO happy to have some company for a while. They had been smoking like crazy for the past several days, but were in the middle of a nice Hawaiian Haze (from Abraxas) cone. Had a few drags of that, and then smoked some of a fat J of the last of my White Melon that I had been saving for my final night on the town. Chatted for a while, and then Mr. Charlie & wife (?) appeared and introduced themselves. He rolled us nice U.S. style joint (no filter, short papers, fat in the middle and tapered on both ends) of something he had bought there. That was tasty too. Then, all too soon, Otis and Stoney had to catch a train, and Mr. C was off as well, so I decided to pack up and head to Amnesia. Just as I get there A-H & girlfriend are walking out. I waved them down, and chatted in the street for a minute or two with them, but I couldn’t twist their arm and get them to stay to smoke a J with me. Oh well, just gonna have to people watch again tonight I guess. Had the yummy banana shake again, and smoked up some roaches I had left. At midnight I asked the shopkeeper when he is closing, and he says if it stays dead, probably 12:30, so I have a few more hits and start to think about leaving, but then a group of about 8 college students comes in, so I guess we are staying open a little longer. I just spectated for a while, they were all speaking American English, and looked like they had recently arrived because one said he had never smoked before. I decided to ask if they were staying for a while, and they said that they actually lived here. They were all studying in Amsterdam for a semester. Studying smoking ganja I think! I gave them the last of the Jack Herer because I didn’t like the taste and wasn’t going to smoke it, but I hate to see it go to waste. They had been passing around a bong of NYC Diesel, and asked me to sit with them and have a hit, so I did. Yummy stuff. Then one of them got the volcano vaporizer going, and they passed around a few vapo bags. Got to try my first one of the trip. Very tasty. A couple more rounds of bong hits after that, and the shopkeep announced he was closing in 10 minutes (1am). I snapped a few pictures of the shop and my new friends, and sauntered happily back to my hotel.

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