The Big report... Day 6

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The Big report... Day 6

Postby Couch » Thu Mar 25, 2:44 am


Off to Arnhem today for some WWII museums. Have to walk to Centraal Station first though, so I had better get going!

Stopped at coffeshop Abraxas to send off a quick email to my wife, and catch my first buzz of the day before our trip. A white melon J, I think. That done, we were off to the train station.

We took the train to Arnhem. We sat upstairs in one of the 2nd class train cars, and there was a group of 6-8 footballers (soccer players) drunk as all hell, and singing boisterously, and stomping feet and just acting obnoxious. As people got fed up and left the car, they would sing goodbye songs to them. Luckily they got off soon, and we cheered them as they got off the car. Anyway, there were 2 museums to see, but we got off to a little late start, so we headed for the better of the two. My map showed it was a medium walk from the train station. Ooops, never trust those internet maps. I had the address right, but the city wrong, so we were actually about 4km from our destination according to the nice Dutch fellow working in his front yard that we stopped to ask directions from. He did say we could just catch a bus though, so we decided to try it. Aaah, much better. Bus came in about 15 minutes, and we finally made it to the museum around 4 pm. Lots of weapons on display, both german and allied. There was a Sherman tank out in front of the building, and a couple of howitzers (?). Inside, there were machine guns, rifles, grenades, mines, anti-tank weapons (Piat, panzerschreck), mortars, Etc. There were maps of Operation Market Garden, and movies about the battle. There was even a neat little machine to look at stereoscopic (3D) aerial reconnaissance photos of the bridges they were fighting over. We didn’t make it to any of the actual bridges, and most were destroyed during the fighting anyway. We walked across the street, and took some photos at a monument to the battle, and then hopped the bus back to the train station.

Went to Pink Floyd coffeshop after returning from Arnhem. Very friendly folks working there. Decided to hang out upstairs. Nice area, but there were about 6 brits up there already, so the air was very smoky. We smoked a big J of the White Melon, and then decided to leave. An ok shop, and I’ve heard the Mother’s Finest weed is excellent, but we just smoked what we already had. Very tourist friendly – if you’re a bit nervous and not sure what to expect from the coffeshop scene, this would be a good place to start.

Walked west from Centraal Station for a while, and then south through the Jordaan area. Lots of nice looking apartment buildings, and still an older part of town. Probably a nice place to live for folks who work in the center of town. We followed a long, curving canal back to the Leidseplein area, and hit a Mexican restaurant. Good stuff, but not very cheap because it’s in the tourist area. It was about 9pm when we finished, so we headed back to the hotel – it had been a long day.

My buddy went to bed, and I went out to smoke. I went to Dolphins first, but they were crowded, so I decided to just keep walking. After wandering and being indecisive for a while, I finally decided to head to Amnesia despite the long walk to get there. I plopped myself in the primo red light viewing chair, but the red lights were off. I smoked up the last of that White Melon J from earlier in the day, and watched a bunch of girls playing cards with some naked man cards they had bought at a sex shop. Two American guys smoked some bongs and played a game of chess, and a group of young dutch guys played chess and talked. I just sat in my comfy chair and chilled. I got a gram of the house’s Amnesia Dream (6.70 Euro). Funny looking bud (top left in my pic of their goods), and unusual semi-fruity smell. It was described as a “nice stony indica”. In my closeup shots, you can see all the white crystals. I rolled up a J and gave it a try. It was not nearly as strong as I expected, but it was definitely a full blooded indica. Gave that heavy body buzz, and I just melted into my chair with no desire to get up and move. Many small, dense buds, and somewhat sticky. I managed to finish the whole joint by myself over the course of an hour. Despite the fact that it wasn’t very strong, I liked the pure indica buzz, and the flavor and look of it were very nice. I had 2 of their banana shakes – very yummy. Again the staff was very nice. I stayed until almost closing (1am), and the headed back to bed.

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