The Big report... Day 5

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The Big report... Day 5

Postby Couch » Thu Mar 25, 2:41 am


Up just in time for breakfast again. My buddy and I both went to breakfast looking like hell. Back to the room to freshen up, and wake up. My buddy says he wants to go to the torture museum, so that will probably be our museum stop for today. This just in… BBC news is reporting that The Netherlands’ queen mother has died today at age 94. We saw the royal palace in the Hague during our last trip. Another rainy, cold, and very windy day. My buddy decided to stay out of the weather, and have an afternoon nap, but I was undeterred!
Out into the rain I went. I walked over to the east side of the city, near the University of Amsterdam campus. I then went north to the Waterlooplein market (still nothing good to buy there). I found a toy store along the next street, and bought a little yellow duck for my daughter. I made it to the Dam Square, and there was a huge anti-war and somewhat anti-U.S. protest going on. Probably about 250-400 people with megaphones and flags and signs. Then they all started marching, and I watched the procession go by. I sheepishly took a picture of the parade. Everybody I’ve met here so far has been very friendly, but it’s still not necessarily a good thing to an American over here right now. (Today is the first anniversary of the beginning of the (2nd) War in Iraq.) Back to the hotel, and out of the rain.

Walked myself over to Het Ballonetje in the rain today. Ugh the weather is just lousy, rainy, windy, cold. Everyday is a good day in Amsterdam however, so I popped in to smoke a few hits and have a cup of coffee and warm up. Very small on the lower floor, but I didn’t go upstairs (I didn’t see the stairs until I was leaving). Looked like all dutch university students in there. Didn’t sample any of their wares, but several people came in to grab a bag and go. Watched the rain out the window for a while, and when it lightened up, I headed out. As I walked, it rained more and more, and I was soaked pretty quickly, but I was pretty far out of the center of town, so I just had to keep going. I headed towards Abraxas after a quick jaunt through the Waterlooplein market. Stopped dead in my tracks by a huge peace protest in Dam square. Nothing I could do but wait for them all to parade by while I got drenched. Finally made it to Abraxas and it was completely packed – all floors. Everyone trying to get out of the rain. I mainly wanted to use the facilities, and the internet. Finished off some more White Melon, and sent an email to the wife. The rain stopped, and I wanted out of the crowd, so I headed back to the hotel. Almost got knocked off my feet twice because of the wind. Motorscooters were being blown over everywhere! Nasty!

Woke up late for the DeKuil meetup today, and decided to have dinner first. Made it to DeKuil at around 6pm, but didn’t spot anyone. Damn! I thought it was going to be a big meetup, but maybe DeKuil was too crowded for such a big group, and they moved on? We rolled up a fatty of the last of the Dutch surprise. It’s really quite good/strong. I prefer the White Melon taste, but I think the Dutch stuff is stronger. Walked over to Old Church coffeshop, and didn’t recognize anyone in there, so we went to Abraxas which was completely packed. Finally we tried Amnesia where we had been earlier in the week. This is probably my #2 shop of the trip so far. It was pretty full, but the chess table was free and the chairs are all comfy, so we sat down for a few games over a J. In the middle of the first game, I think Otis’ 7 Spanish girls came in. All of them were cuties, and they sat right next to us, so I’m surprised we ever finished the game. Must have distracted my buddy, because I actually won my first game against him of the trip. Yay! After a couple hours of chess, we headed back down the canal towards the hotel. I dropped my buddy off at the hotel, and zipped over to The Noon for my nightcap buzz. Dutch guy there saw me rolling a J using a 20 Euro bill. He got a chuckle out of it, guess he never saw someone use the ‘ol dollar bill rolling method. After some smoking, I was dead tired, so off to bed.

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