Day 5 - 3/3

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Day 5 - 3/3

Postby thaioneon » Sat Mar 28, 1:55 pm

Every trip we always try to make it a point to see a movie at Pathe Tuschinski, a beautiful art deco theater near the Rembrandtplein. This place has an interesting and tragic past as well. Sadly, its founder, Abraham Tuschinski perished in Auschwitz. Today we decided to see a matinee showing of the film, 1917 in the beautiful Grand Hall. So we all got up and going early and had a nice morning stroll over to the theater.

We were 4 of the maybe 8 or 9 folks at this 11 am screening. 1917 is a great war movie, great cinematography that made you feel like your on the battlefield and down in the trenches. It was especially great to watch in that theater. Also nice that our tickets came with a complimentary snack and beverage of our choice which of course was a Dutch beer.

After the movie it was time for a canal walk so we crossed over the Rokin and up the Singel, then over to Herengracht and wound up at the Arendsnest for another round. This time Indeejars for us all. Checked the news to see where things stood and glad to see that the count had only risen to 24, an increase of just 8 and all in Noord Brabant, far away from the city. This somewhat naively gave us hope that containment was a possibility but we still were as careful as one could be while still enjoying our vacation.

It was around 3 pm and we decided to stop at t'Loosje for a late lunch, our usual club sandwich and chicken soup and vegan burgers for the kids.
Then back to the apartment for a rest.

On the agenda for the evening was Marcus King Band at the Paradiso. The concert had been sold out for months and we were lucky to find tickets at a reasonable price via a ticket agency. Marcus King is a very talented young singer/songwriter guitar player that we have had the pleasure of seeing a few times already back home so we were very excited to see he and his band at this great venue.

We left the apartment at around 7 and down to the Leidesplein we went. Not in a real hurry to get to the show as there was an opening act so we figured that Marcus wouldn't start until around 9 at the earliest. We decided to stop and grab a drink at Cause Beer Loves Food, one of the 4 bars owned and operated by Peter Arendt. Love this small café very well hidden off the main square with only a dimly lit sign. Great beer selection, we wound up with something from Brew Dog, and a few others from small craft local breweries that I had never heard of before.

We arrived at the Paradiso a little before 9 to a fairly long line at the entrance. Quickly realized that this was for their late show (different band) and we walked into the packed house in time for their 2nd or 3rd tune. Man this place was packed like sardines even on the upper floors so we found a spot where we could sort of see the band. We decided to leave after awhile, not really out of fear for the virus but mainly because it was too crowded to really enjoy ourselves, especially for Lady Thai who definitely could not see the stage at all. We would see Marcus again back in the States.

Decided to go to Proeflokaal de Zotte, another great brown bar close by. Passed the Melkweg and the police station across the street over the canal to Raamstraat. De Zotte is a really terrific Belgian cafe' with great food and of course beer. We had our traditional Kwaaks as they are hard to turn down on tap. Kitchen was closed but nobody was really hungry anyways. Proeflokaal translates to Bodega so not sure what the story is here but love the name.

The kids were leaving by train for a couple of days in Brugge early the next morning so we took the long walk back to the apartment and called it a night.

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Re: Day 5 - 3/3

Postby winnie » Sun Mar 29, 11:32 am

Thank you. I'm really enjoying your reports

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