Trip Report - Day 15

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Trip Report - Day 15

Postby thaioneon » Tue Nov 01, 10:04 pm

So this was to be our last full day of this wonderful vacation. We got an early start (at least for us) as there was some shopping to be done as well as packing.

Off to de Bierkoning for some beers that we simply cannot find back home. In particular some Westveletrens and some selections we like from some of the small Dutch breweries. We feel comfortable bringing back around a dozen bottles and always double wrap them in zip lock bags to avoid unpleasant surprises when unpacking! We used to bring with us some hard to find American IPA's and trade them for Westveletrens but that was years ago. Nowadays it seems that the Dutch have no problem importing just about anything from across the pond.

Next stop the Kaaskamer for some cheese to take home as gifts. They have a nice selection and everything is wrapped well for travel. They will even ship overseas if you like but we're here so no need for that.

Stopped at the apartment to drop off our purchases. Getting a bit hungry so off to a final visit for this trip to t'Loosje for yummy turkey clubs and a Texels for the lady and an Ij beer for me. We were definitely winding down after 14 days in a row of pretty steady partying so today was to be pretty tame in that regard.

Stopped by what used to be a Puccini's but now is called Old Church Chocolate shop actually located in the Old Church. It seems like the selection is pretty much the same and in fact I think that a former employee of Puccini's bought the place. Picked up a few more gifts for back home and then off to the apartment to begin packing.

We took our time and just relaxed and enjoyed what was left of our final day. We even took a long nap and woke up at midnight! Now what to do as we were wide awake and didn't have to get up until 9 am in the morning.

So we decided to have a nightcap for the trip at de Brabanteaap. Another great crowd especially for a Monday night and of course excellent music. So we wound up staying until 3 am (forget what I said earlier about winding down) and had no problem getting a few hours of sleep to ready ourselves for our travels back home.

This really was the prefect trip for us. Great weather, plenty of time to relax and the longest that we have stayed here. Can barely wait for this year's adventure!


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