Trip Report - Day 14

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Trip Report - Day 14

Postby thaioneon » Thu Oct 13, 10:37 pm

Going to Graceland, Graceland....but not the one in Memphis but right here in Amsterdam West!

So in doing some research for some live music options, I discovered that there was a new bar-b-q joint that had opened recently. Owned and started by a guy from NYC, they do southern smoked bar-b-q and have live country and bluegrass bands on Sundays. So since it was a fine Sunday morning, we decided to check it out.

On the map, it looked to be farther west than we are used to walking to but there were of course many great places to stop at along the way. Our first stop was at the Bier Tempel just off the Dam. This bar is by the same folks that own the Arendsnest and specializes in American craft beers. So after drinking exclusively European brews for the last couple of weeks (no complaints here) we indulged in some fine California hops and tried a couple of Stone beers. Nice bar with come comfy couches and a nice vibe.

Then through the 9 streets and the Jordaan stopping into some shops along the way. We were getting hungry and were eager to complete our quest to find Graceland so we found ourselves there right around 3 pm. The walk actually took no time at all and Graceland was easy to find. Loved the place with its honky tonk feel and great seating especially to watch and listen to the band that was setting up in front of the room. We ordered some ribs and pork bar-b-q and a couple of local beers that we hadn't tried before. The food was pretty good but not in the same league as our favorite bar-b-q from back home. The music was very nice however! Terrific traditional string band playing country and bluegrass standards guessed it.. some Elvis tunes mixed in! Ran into an old friend, Jur who is the owner of the Maloe Melo, another great live music club. Always fun to run into some of the local personalities that we have come to know over the years. These include some of the folks that work at the laid back beer bars that we frequent. We bump into them away from their home base every now and then as well. Similar tastes I suppose.

After a couple of sets, we decide to begin our journey back to the apartment. Stop at Paradox for a few bags Still have a pretty good stash and only one more full day left so no need to resupply here. But we did have some mint teas which were satisfying after our walk back from Graceland as it was a bit chilly this evening, probably the coldest since we've been here.

Next a stop at Belgique for couple of Kwaks. The bar was packed inside so we sat on the benches outside under the heat lamps and chatted with some of the locals. This seems to be a very popular place for the locals to hang out at especially on Sundays. For us any time here is perfect and its perhaps the place we miss the most when we're back home.

Back to the apartment for a short rest and then a late night dinner at La Paella. Again outstanding and bittersweet as we knew that it would be another year before we would return.

Over to Elfde Gebod for a nightcap. It was quite relaxed with only a few patrons and some great music on the stereo. After a couple of nice Belgian beers, we returned to our apartment for a good night's rest to get ready for the last day of our vacation tomorrow.


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