Trip Report - Day 13

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Trip Report - Day 13

Postby thaioneon » Tue Oct 04, 6:32 pm

Woke up to a lovely Saturday morning. Less than a week from Christmas, the city is now all dressed up and bustling with shoppers and tourists and Mrs. Thai and yours truly!

First stop today was for those fantastic oysters at the Haring stand on Utrechtsestraat. Man are they good, big and salty and fresh. Then over to the Onder de Oovieaar for a couple of Indejaar beers and some soup. Again, a marvelous café to watch the world go by from. And an fyi for worldcitizen and mate, they do have a pinball machine and a pool table downstairs!

Next stop just a block away to another fave of ours Café de Oosterling. Very nice old corner bar with beautiful tiled floors run by the same family for generations. One of the few places where we indulge in a shot of jenever. We opt for the 5 year old stuff and it is quite smooth. Chase it with a Brand pils and we're ready for our final visit to the Cuypstraat market of this trip.

We take our time strolling through the bazaar and buy some gifts for the peeps back home. Also have another one of those yummy spring rolls. The market is packed today and everyone is in a festive mood with the holidays just around the corner.

Time for a final stop at the Katsu for their water vape and something to put in it. Opt for the Blueberry as a fresh batch just arrived as we were standing there. Quite lovely inside and out!

Next stop over to the Gollem 2 for some Gouden Draak and more lap time for the kitty with Mrs. Thai. Now we start reflecting on our trip thus far and the lamenting the fact that we only have a couple more days left. So we will not be back to some of these places that we love so much for another year. But alas, enough of that, let's enjoy the moment while we are here. We meet some nice folks from London who have just arrived and we wind up staying for a few more rounds. By now our tolerance for these high octane brews must be getting up there as we are still able to walk the semi straight line back to our apartment after a few of those Draaks!

We are pretty tired, however and decide to grab some takeout from Wok to Wok and watch a movie in the apartment. The food was average but the company was perfect as we fell in for a lovely romantic evening together.


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