Trip Report - Day 10

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Trip Report - Day 10

Postby thaioneon » Sat Sep 17, 1:44 pm

The Mrs. and I both slept in this morning after having a little too much fun yesterday and last night. On the agenda for today was the opening of the new Star Wars movie at the Tuschinski. We had already purchased our tickets to the 4 pm showing so all that was left to do was to have a late lunch and ready our minds for the film. Neither of us were huge fans of the franchise but we were drawn in I suppose by all the hype. And honestly the main attraction for us was to see it in the Grote Zaal of this fantastic theater.

So we had lunch at the Burger Zaken near our apartment which was the first time for us at this joint. Not bad but not sure that we'd return as there are a couple of other places that we prefer for burgers in the city.

Now it was time to ready our heads for the experience so we decided to go to Barney's on Reguliersgracht. Always have preferred this location over the uptown and original Barney's as the staff here seems less stressed and its in a beautiful neighborhood. They also have a few volcanos so one is always available. Tried their 2014 Cup winner Cookies Kush and when I went to attach the bag to the chamber noticed that it was at least 4 feet long! Took the bag back to the budtender and he said "oops! this was from the private party that they had last week and shouldn't have been in his box." I told him no worries and that we'd see if we were up to the challenge. Pretty funny sight to behold this bag fully inflated! We went for it and success! Now definitely well prepared, it was time to head over to the Tuschinski.

The Christmas Market was set up on the Rembrandtplein so we stopped and grabbed a few snacks to take with us. The theater was pretty crowded and there were staff dressed in costumes and patrons as well. Quite the buzz surround the opening and we could feel the excitement and anticipation. We really did enjoy the movie and like I said before the theater and setting were perfect, as well as the kush! Pretty sure that we wouldn't have enjoyed it as much at one of the non-descript cinemaplexes back home.

Time for a beer so off to the original Gollem near the Spui but it was packed so we decided to check out Cafe Spui just around the corner. Cute little bar where the theme was Ole Blue eyes himself! Also known as the Sinatra bar, we enjoyed the vibe and the La Chouffes. Met a couple who had tickets to the late showing of the Star Wars movie we just saw and they were true fans. One of those "how did it end? no don't spoil it for us conversations!" Too funny!

Decided to try the Gollem again and there were a couple of open spots at the bar so we grabbed them and shared a Westveletren and each had a Westmalle Dubbel. Mostly locals here tonight and many familiar faces. This is just a very special bar and one that just feels like home, if you know what I mean.

Time to head back to our other home away from home, the apartment, but we were running low on beer (I know you must be thinking you haven't had enough?!) so we made a resupply stop at the Bierkoning. Got some Rochefort 10's, a couple of Wesveletrens, and some assorted Dutch faves and dropped them off.

We were getting hungry again and decided to try the place that we had lunch earlier in the trip and that was close to the apartment. Had another wonderful meal at De Kerkwijn. Beef stew for me and soup and salad for Mrs. Thai. No late night drinking for us tonight as we were ready to call it a night and chill back at the apartment.


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Re: Trip Report - Day 10

Postby smokedpeppers » Sat Sep 17, 5:27 pm

thank you .

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