Trip Report Days 7 and 8

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Trip Report Days 7 and 8

Postby thaioneon » Sat Sep 10, 1:12 pm

Day 7
Lost my notes but pretty sure that we had a lazy Sunday around the apartment as yesterday was a barn burner!

Day 8

Another typical start for us. Wound up leaving the apartment at around noon and made our way to Utrechtsestraat and to the Onder Oovieaar for lunch. Delicious as usual as was the local beer.

Then off to Albert Cuypstraat for some more shopping. Had walked many times by this stand that sold spring rolls and always passed but this time decided to try them. Glad I did as they were amazing!

Stopped by the Katsu to use their water vape and tried their Tangerine Haze which was also amazing! For me this is and always has been one of my favorite shops as I just love the vibe here.

Then over to the Gollem 2 and glad to see that they still had the Drak on tap. The little kitten again went right for Mrs. Thai's lap and we spent an hour or so there.

Next stop was over to the Rembrandtplein and into the Tuschinski Theatre to see the new Bond movie. Love this Gothic theater and the comfortable balcony seats.

Back to the apartment to drop off our stuff and then off to dinner at the Thaise Bird which as always was terrific.

Then over to the Casablanca for a set from the Big Band that plays there every week for years now. Love the vibe in there as well.

Then for a nightcap at t'Appein.


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