Trip Report - Day 5

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Trip Report - Day 5

Postby thaioneon » Sat Sep 03, 11:07 pm

Another beautiful day today! Temps in the mid 40's and sunny. We're hoping our luck holds for the rest of the trip as this is just perfect weather for us. We still get a rather late start as we are pretty locked into this routine. Awake at 9 for me , coffee, GH for a couple of bags, wait for my beloved to rise and we're both ready to embark on today's journey by noonish.

First stop today was In de Wildeman. Perfect way to start a lovely Friday afternoon. Decide to try something a little stronger today so we opt for an 8% Belgian Triple from a small brewery I never heard of for me and for the mate an 8% stout from a Dutch brewery that I never heard of. Both were excellent and to be sipped and not gulped. Met an interesting fellow from Scotland who was in town for the weekend with some buddies and who was also a fan of this bar. Shared notes on other favorite pubs and had several in common. So good chance we would run into him again. He recommended that we try some of the Scottish and English ales and ipas on the blackboard so we did. Can't recall the breweries and didn't write them down but they were fantastic! That's another great thing about Wildeman. They collaborate with so many different breweries from all over. Always interesting selections on tap and ones that we've never tried before. We also tried their meatballs which were delicious and helped to absorb some of the alcohol...or so we hoped!

Time for a walk so we headed over towards the train station and across to Harlemmerstraat. Decided to try the GH and found the volcano. It was very busy but the very friendly budtender set me up nice and tried some of the Neville's Haze. That was another theme of this trip as I seemed to be on a quest to sample all of the hazes I ran across!

It was getting on past 4 and Mrs. Thai was ready to shop a little so down the Nieuwendijk and in and out of maybe another 200 or so shoe stores! Truth be told, it was fun to shop with her as she knew what she was looking for and we breezed through and were at our next destination, Café Belgique in no time at all. And she loves to shop and I love her so 'nuff said.

There were only a couple of seats to be had at one of the tables and lo and behold the 4 lads at the table were the Scot from Wideman earlier today and his buddies! We wound up hanging out for a couple of hours and a couple of Kwaks and West Coast Belgian IPAs. Interesting group as they all grew up together in the same town and were on their annual dude trip to Amsterdam. Although I suspect that this may be more than just a once a year excursion for most of them, especially since its fairly easy to get here from their home and they love this city.

It was getting close to 8 and we wanted to relax and watch the city from the windows in our apartment so our next stop was the AH and de Bierkoning for some supplies and the cheese shop and a nice fresh baguette from Renees. Mrs. Thai made a nice salad and the cheese and bread and beer all made for the perfect dinner at our home away from home. The streets were crowded below as the city was filling up for the weekend. I must say that I was surprised how many tourists were in town even during the week for the early part of December. We found a great Liam Neeson movie on tv that we hadn't seen before, The Grey. Happy to be inside and to observe the action below from our comfortable perch above, we were now in full vacation mode and appreciative of all this special city has to offer.


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Re: Trip Report - Day 5

Postby chichi123 » Mon Sep 05, 6:33 am


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