Trip Report- Day 4, Part 2

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Trip Report- Day 4, Part 2

Postby thaioneon » Fri Sep 02, 6:29 am

It's now around 5 pm so we know that Gollem is open and most likely starting to fill up so we take the short walk down Spuistraat, then a right onto Raamsteeg and we grab the last 2 available seats at the bar. The bartender and a few of the locals are familiar and greetings are exchanged . Now its time to get down to business and see what delectable offerings are on the chalkboard over the bar. They always seem to have 4 or more Belgians that you only would find at the Gollem unless of course you were inclined to travel to Belgium. We have been there a few times and still haven't found too many bars with as interesting a selection as this one. So we start with a St. Feuillen Triple for me and a Westmalle Dubbel for the Mrs. Both tasted fantastic and went down way too easy! Mrs. Thai wanted to do some early evening shopping before dinner so we shared a bottle of Westveletren quadruple which is always a treat and one not easily found back home.

So then off we went down Spuistraat across the square over to Kalverstraat and headed up to Dam Square. Of course along the way we had to stop into about 400 of the 1000 or so shoe stores on Kalverstraat. Okay maybe exaggerating a bit, only 200! By the time we made it to the Dam, we were getting thirsty yet again so we made a quick stop for a brandy at the Wynand Fockink, then dropped bags off at the apartment and down Warmoestraat into La Paella for our second dinner there of the trip. Again, an incredible meal and feeling quite satisfied, we decided to take another walk down the Herengracht for a look at the light show and then called it a night.

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