WC 2014. #21

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WC 2014. #21

Postby worldcitizen1723 » Thu Aug 28, 12:22 pm


The day before the last day

At least it rains and stops and rains again
It is not total 100% rain like if had been

We catch a clearing and stroll with the dog to 137
But first we have yo get thru the square
It's the clothes market day
And even though it is wet and rainy, the market is bustling
we stop by to see Tak at work.

Once at 137 the three of us, sit outside and enjoy the street life of this particular corner
In a blink -there is the huge head of a white and brown pit bull nuzzling the mates lap Trying to get to our dog who sits between us.

The dogs owner an expat from some part of the world says, he's a pitpoddle! Don't worry he is friendly! Well all I can say is that this huge dog had the most brilliant gentle, smiling eye and what can only be described as a grin. A big shit ass grin. Incredibly sweet dog. She said he was socialized well, because as a puppy she brought him to the coffeeshops and let him loose so that the stoners could play with him. She then sat down and started talking about living in Spain and growing her own marijuana. She said she had this great huge bush, but it appeared someone was stealing from her plant. She got herself ready and was on her way over to visit her neighbors to confront them, when she noticed her dog (a different one) grabbing and eating a bud from her plant! The story continues..... That dog dies about 18 months later of a brain tumor - she thinks he was self medicating during that time

From there it is time to trade the dog for bikes and do our final run at Pucinni Bonboni and reypensyar cheese for gifts and for us too. Heck, might as well stop at the grey area since we are here. This is one of the mate's favorite corners.
We step into the grey area and the rain begins anew. There is a table open - a clear sign that we should just stop and sit down and we do. Enjoy some grey haze and chit chat with a group of young boys from France. There is much talk about remembering their umbrellas that they have leaning against the wall. They smoke and laugh. They get up to leave, I think there are about 6 of them, they begin to walk out the door sans umbrellas - the mate calls out to them and with great embarrassment they gather their belongings. The rain is not stopping. We were to meet winnie at paradox at 4:20. But it does not look like we will be there on time.
Send her a message and get on our bikes. Since the rain looks to be fairly consistent, we decide to ride back to the house, get dry and walk to paradox.
We get there about 15 minutes late, but we did beat Winnie .....she had no choice but to bike it. We enjoyed conversation, smoke and our beverages of choice. Mine was fresh oj. Really sweet and tasty this year. Last year it seemed the orange crop had a bad year as they were more bitter and acidic everywhere we went.

Winnie made an interesting observation. She said we just come over and live our lives in Amsterdam for 3 weeks - we are not vacationers in the regular sense of the word. This statement sticks in the back of me head. I roll it over and under - there is truth in this and there is really a fine line that distinguishes the two. Humm, maybe I need to relearn how to vacation.

We walk back to the boat and part ways. The mate and I change to go out to dinner for one last meal at Toscannini. It's a 9pm reservation.

We shared a nice meal there
It is a fascinating experience on the level of food service
Both times we ate there we ordered the vegetarian antipasto
Both times it was completely different. With the 2nd time giving us almost twice as much food as the first.
The mate ordered mussels and pasta.
He said they were gritty!
When the waiter came by to ask how it was, he told him.
The waiter apologized and left. A few minutes later, he returned with a dish filled with steaming mussels, saying that the chef wanted him to have this and said he washed them really well. Near the end, there was yet again one gritty mussel. I understand the rest were perfect.

After dinner it is pinball at spirit. Hum, after all these year some of the local fixtures,
whom we see every time we are in town, tonight actually acknowledge our presence with a smile and a Hoi.

Maybe it really is the expats from the different corners of the world living in Amsterdam that make the city the open diverse place it is and it is not the Dutch.

Like a beacon for kindred spirits Amsterdam calls out to all of us.

I don't know but tonite it does feel like that.

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Postby chigusa » Thu Aug 28, 4:09 pm

it was never the dutch.

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Postby worldcitizen1723 » Thu Aug 28, 5:08 pm

chigusa wrote:it was never the dutch.

yeah i always wore rose colored glasses and gave the Dutch much more credit for the cities vibe

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Postby Dazzler » Thu Aug 28, 5:19 pm

It sort of was - they realised very early on that they could thrive by laying down their arms and selling shit to potential invaders. They're very far from welcoming you with open arms. you're paying for their Volvos, their ostentatiously modest canal houses and their month-long trekking trips in Nepal.

They're tolerant for practical reasons. They don't have to like you.

Fuck 'em. Miserable cunts. The Spanish and Portuguese are nicer and don't look at you like you've just got your cock out if you suggest a night on the collies.

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Postby Rudy » Thu Aug 28, 5:44 pm

Something in the water.

Like the Seine.

Urine I`m guessing.

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