WC 2014 #20

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WC 2014 #20

Postby worldcitizen1723 » Wed Aug 27, 8:15 am

Day 20

The same nothing changes

It clears for a bit so we
walk to 137 with dog
It is Closed and it is noon

Undaunted we walk up to doors and bull dog on the singel
Bulldog has fresh oj so we grab a seat outside
Joined by 5 young French kids here for the day
First time in the dam
There are dam excited

A lot of French here for the day, once again
Yeah we used to talk about taking a day trip to Paris, but
Heck we can not even get to Delft - how we gonna go to Paris?

Walk back exchange the dog for bikes
And ride over to pancakes! In the nines
For their '3 in a pan'
A favorite apple pancake.

Back to the house
I do the web work
Mate goes out on a truffle hunt
Well not so much of a hunt..
Comes back with mushrooms in chocolate
And was offered dried shrooms too!

It is the FIRST afternoon in weeks that it will not rain. There is sun
There are clouds, but No Rain!!
I want to go on a boat - rent one
Find MH's connection with a boat at Rookies
I am torn
This is the first partially sunny afternoon in days and we have been invited to the
Kashmir lounge to hear
Shaman E dj

There is no decision - we will go to the Kashmir lounge

Tak is there with some friends as is m'lady E

Walking in from the sun it is dark and dingy
But comfortable
Either the air filtration system is much better
Or the cigarette smoke has not yet reached epic proportions in here

The music takes a hold of your body and mind and we just relax into it
He is playing for about 5 hours. So somewhere in the middle we step out to get a bit of food. Leaving the cocoon of sound was like walking into a different world.
Outside the sun is shining
We walk
I spot a place that looks special, clean and sweet
We step inside and are immediately told that this is
Not a restaurant it's all personally home made food. Okay. Not exactly certain of this distinction, but what the heck

We have soups and some absolutely fabulous concoctions
Perfect choice
Totally satisfied we head back
to the street and
Return for a continued musical Disneyland ride for the mind

Shaman E's set was really excellent

We Ride back on our bikes and Shaman E and M'lady E come back to the boat to unwind. Winnie joins us for a relaxed evening. M'lady E proceeded to stuff us with marble cake and chocolate eclairs!

A gezellig afternoon and evening
Even if we did spend the only non rainy day in days inside

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Postby MikeFromTx » Wed Aug 27, 9:11 am

I love Shaman's work. He is very talented.

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