WC 2014. #18

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WC 2014. #18

Postby worldcitizen1723 » Mon Aug 25, 9:31 am

Day 18

This is not Amsterdam rain
This is like NY rain
The kind that settles in and just rains and pours all day
Massive amounts of rain
It's the kind of rain that only a tourist with a 5 or 7 day vacation is gonna be fighting. Everyone else is gonna stay inside

Winnie comes over by bike dressed in one of those no nonsense Dutch rain suits
We spend the entire afternoon on the boat
Mate makes food appear as we need it, actually before we even know we want it.

Good times with a good friend

Rain sorta stops
The day really has gone by without our notice
We decided it might be time for a
La perla visit

We stop at the restaurant across the street
Rude, nose in the air waitress
We will not get a place to sit
We go over to the pizza parlor and the big table in the side room is empty. We can have our salad and pizza here in private with a big table. ..just no wine and no attitude

I thought the place across the street was somehow connected or an extension of the pizza parlor
But it appears it is just a brilliant parasite
Really a kickass idea
Open a restaurant where the primary food you serve is made across the street in a kitchen you do not run
Offer up some salad and liquor or wine.
A brilliant parasite

So I have to try the 4 cheese pizza
Because of Moe's recommendation
And description

Moe - your memory is faulty or they have changed their pizza!

Ordered the 4 cheese pizza. Holy fuck there was so much cheese! Piled with cheese all the cheeses, were all combined. Whoa! Waaaayyyy too much cheese! It was NOT one cheese per quadrant
It was my worst nightmare of a pizza
I ordered another and we all shared

Walked down the street to one of the most delicious, flavorful ice cream shops
Flavors so pure and fresh they knock your socks off

Little rain begins again

The three of us pull to the side and stand under the red awning of cafe nol
eating our ice cream cones and watching the rain
Out of literally nowhere
A tall fancifully dressed Dutch woman jumps out of a car
and says ...I kid you not!
"May I take your picture? You three makes a perfect picture"
She tells each of us the direction to look and snaps away. She then takes the mates email and says she will send him a copy. Then out of the blue - she says, I live around the corner, want to do an apartment exchange? More information is exchanged she jumps in the car with her husband and drives off.

Winnie can not quite believe what just happened. See?! I don't exaggerate!

Back on the boat we all sit on the canal side porch and smoke up

It is a cool, crisp lovely evening so we take advantage of the ability to stroll up to voyagers without an umbrella. Amazingly, they are playing good music and there are actually available seats at the window. Perfect.

Form there we walk back to the boat and bid adieu to our friend. It is almost 11pm.

It's pinball time for us!

Spirit is packed in the back with young Dutch kids ( 20 somethings)
A group of 4 that are all dressed up.

Another group of about 8 guys playing cards


We play
Others play
We smoke
Others smoke
Peaceful perfection

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Postby chigusa » Mon Aug 25, 9:48 am

this business of strangers taking your picture has gone too far.
you have either been followed by one of your country's security services and are the subject of evidence gathering, or an as yet unnamed group are stealing your life force in small increments through the medium of evil photography.

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Postby moe. » Mon Aug 25, 5:07 pm

I am so sorry to hear that report about La Perla's pizza WC! My memory is fully intact even though it has been 4 years. They must've changed the way they make it.

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Postby Rudy » Mon Aug 25, 5:13 pm

They didn`t keep the cheeses separate?

What in the world were they thinking?

Mixed cheeses?


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Postby worldcitizen1723 » Tue Aug 26, 8:49 am

Rudy wrote:They didn`t keep the cheeses separate?

What in the world were they thinking?

Mixed cheeses?


yup a horror of cheeses all melted together!

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