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WC 2014. #17

Postby worldcitizen1723 » Sun Aug 24, 10:05 am

Day 17
Good morning Amsterdam
We try again with a plan

Breakfast at Gartine it is!
We have attempted breakfast here numerous times on numerous visits
They do not take reservations
And it is always packed
They only seat 23 to 25 people
We got in this time!
It was very good
But I must say it is one of those instances
Where the menu is more enticing than the actual dish

Walked around the area after breakfast
went into Kadinsky's
The female bud tender had an attitude
The place was empty - well, one person sitting there
We go downstairs to play pinball
Mate wants one water
She says we have to buy 2 drinks
Mate says we will be putting money in the machine.
She balks
We say fuck it
And just
Walk out

Strolled over to a coffeeshop called new times
They said we didn't even have to buy a drink to sit and smoke our stash
Surprisingly nice people
Comfy chairs
What a change from Kadinsky's

Swing Back to the boat on our bikes to get a jacket for the mate
It feels like full on Fall here.
then off to Vondel park to check out art in the park
Kids version ( those kids are taking over everything! )
There are kids sculptures scattered thru out the park
What can I say - it looked like artwork done by kids
Not too inspired really

But like the international art festival they have every 2 years-
On the map they show that there are more installations out by the hilton
We ride out there
Not one stick figure or poorly executed paper mâché sculpture

Back to Vondel park

There is sweet project in the park
A large set up of swings
That have sounds and harmonics emitted as you swing
Each swing has it's own tonality
It is very spacey and mesmerizing
Sound like subliminal messages
I listen
I hear
"Your place is New York"
It makes me sad

I tell the mate
He listens
He hears it too

As I walk and ride around time
I try to put my finger on what has changed here

One thing for certain that I observe
Is the younger generation seems to be pretty
Standardized. Like clones or drones. They wear the same dull uniforms
There is really very little individuality or creative expression on the streets
It's sad
It makes the street life appear like everywhere else
This was a piece of the city that always touched my heart - that extraordinary flair for the outrageous. It appears to me to have vanished.

even the eccentric elders seem to be dwindling

The spirit of the 70's when Amsterdammers took back their streets from the cars
Would not occur in the Amsterdam of today. But I suppose that is no different than the USA now too.

Back in the day even the papers would extoll - this is Amsterdam where individuality and freedom of expression were the upmost of importance. You do not see written reminders of such any more

Back on the bikes breeze thru the city
To the boat to do the web stuff.

We walk with the dog to amnesia
It's really busy in the city today

There's also a lot of road construction and detours in the city at the moment. New bricks everywhere!

Amnesia is crowded and we share the outer bench. They have removed the tables out front and now there are only two benches. What a shame. No rolling, no eating. i have no doubt that it is pressure from the neighborhood.
There was another stoner dog, a little black pugged face terrier
She is a female
There was a spark of interest,
But fearing any stimulation for the dog and his still healing member
We kept them separated.

Back to the boat
We sit out on the porch ...one of the best seats in the city. Really!

We rested and then biked to our 7:30 meal at tempo doeloe
They keep their door locked
you must ring a bell to get in
Pretty much if you have
No reservation
You will not be seated

We ring in and are greeted with suspicion
There is a front table for 2 with a reserved sign on it
She stands in front of the table
And says this is your table
But you are late!
Your reservation was for 7pm
(At least I did not make this reservation - this is the mates doing)
She is a bit peeved
The waitress stands in front of a table not letting us in
She says - we called and you did not answer the phone
We apologize and she looks at her watch and says
Well you can sit - but you only have the table until 9pm
She turns and leaves us

We sit and then it seems to take forever for us to be waited on
We laugh about how they our wasting our table time
Or maybe we can just sit at the table until 9
There was never any guarantee that we would get served

We do get served and the food is fresh and delicious, still nothing even comparable to this NYC

The Daughter of the owner is cleaning the table near us
(We recognize her from past visits)
The mate strikes up a conversation
And we compliment her on her table cloth changing technique
We talk about their old decor
They used to have material all over the walls
We all agree it is less dusty and more comfortable now
Even though before it was very cozy and gezellig

We enjoyed our meal, but every time the doorbell rang we joked that
Our time was up and that
We would be kicked out of our table

When we were finished,
she returns and asks how we liked the meal.
We told her how delicious it was.
She beamed and said customers like us made her day!
After the plates were cleared, the owner and the daughter come over to offer us
A shot of a Thai liquor!
We are not drinkers, but is it a gift, so we partake
We are told sip it slow
That it tastes layer cake
Really? A shot that tastes like cake?
No way!
Fuck me it did!
Weirdest shit I ever drank
Did not taste like alcohol
The first whoosh of flavor is fruity, fresh, creamy
Maybe a hint of strawberry
Then it rolls up with the flavor of cake!
Siya (sigh-ya) I think was the name
But I can not be certain of the spelling
It was quite the surprise and a nice ending to what could have been
a stressed situation.

The skies are Delft blue

We Ride home

Leave bikes and go to spirit
There has been no rain and I have not checked the app

We enjoy our pinball time

There is a tiny drizzle as we leave spirit. We have no umbrella
The drizzle is constant
We get inside the boat, take off our coats and the skies open up yet again!
More buckets of rain
This rain is unending

I swear I have smoked myself straight tonight

Nothing feels like it can get me high anymore
Not weed, not hash

I am 100% THC
All the receptors are filled
And I feel straight

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Postby MikeFromTx » Mon Aug 25, 8:48 am

Good stuff WC.

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Postby worldcitizen1723 » Mon Aug 25, 9:42 am

MikeFromTx wrote:Good stuff WC.

Thanks : )

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