WC 2014 #11

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WC 2014 #11

Postby worldcitizen1723 » Tue Aug 19, 9:07 am

Day 11

Now every time I ride the bike
I hear the Wicked witch's theme song

Lazy day
Our bodies are a bit achy
And it is nice to just feel relaxed and lazy

Those days when I had to touch every corner of the city as soon as I arrived and then every day after that are gone

I am happy to stand on a brick. But now that I realize that they are being constantly replaced I can no longer hold the fantasy that I am stepping on bricks that have absorbed centuries of life.. Still I am happy just to step on a brick.

We move slow, I get the web posting done and we have not even left the boat! So by 14:00 we have a plan. The mate will bike to grey area while the dog and I go to 137. We will meet up at 137.

Good plan

He gets out before us
The dog and I stroll past the winkle and linderstraat crossing lindengracht I notice a wind beginning to stir, it has a different feel then the wind of 5 minutes ago...Amsterdam is like that
I look up and in the far corner of the sky
Heading towards us is a massive black cloud

Now is the moment to decide we are half way between 137 and the boat
Quick mental check
And there goes the plan
We head back to the boat
Key in the door
Woosh the rain
Drops in buckets

Get a text from the mate
grey area is closed
Went to utopia for champagne haze

I put on a kettle of hot water for tea
Nothing else to do

Another text
Got to utopia
The skies opened up

At least he is in a good place
Dry with plenty of smoke
I on the other hand am at the boat with only bags of indica

Oh well
It' been a slow day. It will just be slower

The Rain stops
He returns

We ride over to Greenwoods for lunch yeah redundant, but we like it.
Afterwards, we leave our bikes to wander by foot. We eventually land at Doors so we smoke some weed and play some pinball. The machine is worn and a bit slow, but there's something nice about it...like perfectly worn jeans, before they start to rip. (Lol -It's late as I write this ..... )

Go back to our bikes and ride over to la tertulia to sit outside on the canal
It had been closed for renovation. (Not sure what was renovated - and they are supposedly closing next year anyway..). That mother and daughter work hard!
Ahh Fresh oj
A couple of young Girls from Crete sit down near us and
Start up a conversation
They tell us about the political situation in their country
And the inability to make sufficient money even with masters and doctorate degrees
They say the people are fine - it is their government that is fucked
Plus there is a greedy wealthy class. We tell them it appears to be the same story the world over.
There are noticeably a lot of French folk in the city today
The city has a French edge to it today

Clouds begin to gather
We pack our gear up get on the bikes

It rains

The mate decides he wants something sweet to eat and wanders westerstraat in the rain. After a bit of wandering he realizes that the best apple pie is on the corner, so he brings back pie from the winkle. Perfect - pie and tea

It's the opening night of the Grachtenfest this evening
So in the Amsterdam drizzle and spit
We ride off to find the concert location

Damn, it is sweet. It is dark there are simple colored round bulb lights strung around. People on both sides of the canal and 7 acts to perform. Opera, a classical violinist who is now a jazz violinist, a crazy running and dancing orchestra, jazz vocalist, a string quartet and a brass quartet. I love how unpretentious and small it is. It really does feel like a community celebration that has not yet been destroyed by too much interest from tourists.

Afterwards we want to sit and have a smoke, but we are in the Leidenscplein - where does one go, now that there is no Rookerij? We looked at the bull dog and turned away. We walked a bit and saw the Super Skunk coffeeshop next to Easy Times
Both have good back room seating and canal side seating too. We were cold and damp and wanted to be inside. Stepped into Easy Times and the staff attitude was so toxic after 30 seconds we walked out and went next door to the Super Skunk
we grabbed some seats to relax.
A couple of young. British girls chat us up
They are young. It is their first trip here.
They leave to go drinking.
A couple of French girls sit down and tell us that 8/15 is a national French day off
So that is why there are so many French folk around. Many come for 24 hours

The mate is hungry, so we stop at mazo

Then off to Borenjorgen for their blue grail
I like this a lot
Also like their Casey jones in the afternoon
But the buying experience is horrid as usual
Maybe not horrid, just disconnected, business like and cold.
The guards from the street corner the last time we were there
Are here - but maybe they are actually the guards for the coffeeshop
As the guy tonite seemed more engaged inside the shop than policing the outside

They do a booming business here

We Ride our bikes home
Tonite I am mesmerized by the street lamps and house lamps
The shapes
The shadows
The Lights that share a loving wink and a kiss on the cheek as we glide by.

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Re: WC 2014 #11

Postby Red Pleb » Tue Aug 19, 6:31 pm

worldcitizen1723 wrote:Tonite I am mesmerized by the street lamps and house lamps
The shapes
The shadows

Nice . I know this one well . Particularly captivating during the warmer months , when the world feels as good as it can .

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Postby Generous_J » Tue Aug 19, 6:40 pm

I liked the stepping on a brick bit

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