WC 2014 #9

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WC 2014 #9

Postby worldcitizen1723 » Sun Aug 17, 10:09 am

Day 8+
Don't know how this slipped my mind, but after we went to borenjorgen we walked over to Barney's lounge to sample what we bought.

It was filled. Jam packed. We find 2 seats and grab them and fire up. From a corner booth a voice rings out- anyone from the USA?

Now I never would respond to such an inquiry - especially since the voice sounded drunk. But the mate shockingly waves his hand. I was shocked! Within 30 seconds a very drunk and high women crawls out of the back corner of the booth she was In and rushes over to join us at our table. Oh good. Did I mention, that she was LOUD? She announces that she was an original hippie and she now lives in Texas (really a hippie in Texas? humm this makes little sense). She is carrying on about her hippie life, but she proclaims that because she came from the east coast she did not do any acid - that was a west coast thing. There is a pause in her litany and I say ahh, but there was plenty of LSD in the east- clearly you did not know the right people. Everyone in the shop roared. She quieted down and went back to her table.

Day 9

It's supposed to be raining
But the sun is shining!

And there is no blood
We can definitely remove these pads covering the furniture (we have been extra careful)

Today we go to the stedjik museum. We had never gone before it was closed for renovations and figured it would be a good day for it

Wonderful bike ride over there.
Riding a bike here is so extremely relaxing,
Nothing like riding in NYC with the noise and traffic that tries to squash you out of existence

At the Stedjik
Well, you know-
Modern art can be really moving and provocative
Stirring the soul and inspiring the mind
It can also be like - what the fuck is this waded up piece of trash, looking like a hurricane left over, doing in the center of the floor?

It was a little of both...though Chagall and Kandinsky can take you on quite the visual trip. The mate and I both really enjoyed the kadinsky pieces more than anything else.

Down stairs was an exhibition entitled bad thoughts. It is one Dutch couple's private collection. We are talking rooms of art work. Lots of rooms filled with their collection. When an artist did a series in either sculpture or canvas, they bought the entire friggin series! I could not even take it all in- I could only focus on these people who have such a gluttony of acquisition and where the hell did their money come from?? Of course, it is great for artists to have such patrons....but it really spotlighted the difference between the rich and the rest of us. It was hard to enjoy. The entire exhibition seemed somehow wrapped in ego and a gluttony of riches

After wards we get back on the bikes to go to the boat, check in with the little hairy guy and of course post

Tea with a Stroopwaffle
What could be better?

The mate went out to procure the fixings for an early dinner. It feels like we are eating too much!
Once the mate is back I take the dog out for a stroll

It's funny here in Amsterdam I get a lot of flirtatious glances from young and old
Along with winks, smiles and conversation

Doesn't really happen so much in the states. Actually, I never notice the absence, until we come here and I get all of this male attention.

We enjoy a lovely simple meal
Big salad fruit, tuna, bread
Olives, goat cheese

There is a chill in the air so we eat inside this evening.

One more time back on the bikes
This time to amnesia
To check out their pineapple chunk
It is our favorite indica thus far..
But it is the end of the batch and not looking great
So we leave and decide to try borenjorgen again

It is soo sterile in this place.
But we were a bit intrigued by what we smoked and want to see what else they have

Someone walks in, looks around in shock, and ask what happened to stix?
A bud tender says stix is gone we are here.
That ends the conversation. Bud tenders are super professional, business like and as noted earlier not at all stoner like.

Go back once again to Barney's lounge to smoke a bit.

The place is packed.

A well dressed 'older' gentleman motions that we can pull up chairs at his table

Big mistake

He is a loud obnoxious retired gentleman from southern CA

Geez, Two evenings in a row we are cornered by loud obnoxious Americans - the people we attempt to avoid are all in this place. Obviously it is important to take note of the clientele that frequent this place. I whisper to the mate that maybe we should not return.

One thing is made stinkingly clear
When Dutch or other European's engage us in conversation it is pretty much, literature, politics, religion, metaphysics and pot laws.
The Americans on the other hand talk mostly about themselves and their possessions
Conversations so shallow I feel like I could suffocate. Silence is most definitely preferable.

I give this guy every cue of disinterest in the book
Nothing. He notices nothing! Just carries on jabbering about his wealth.
Thankfully seats open up in a near by booth. We excuse ourselves and move to the booth. Whoosh relief.
This guy moves his chair to join us and is now yammering about his wealthy friends.

I hold myself back from screaming yeah well most of my friends are starving artists!

Somewhere in the conversation he mentions that he is much older than us. We smile and say no, we are probably as old or older than him. He laughs and repeats that he is much older. Okay, he does look like an old guy.. We let it go.

I have my ipad, so it gets pulled out and I set it up for us to play a pinball game

The man absolutely ignores that we were concentrated and playing a game
He continues to brag about his life and I keep losing balls

It later turned out he is a year older than yours truly. He thought we were maybe close to 50. When he found out our ages, he went into shock. could of knocked him over with a feather. He could not relate to us any longer - I think he needed to feel older and in control - he wanted to show off his impressive knowledge of Amsterdam..... He was not older, cooler or smarter about Amsterdam. Talk about one shocked man! He pulled himself together and excused himself. Finally.
I can breath again.

That's it! I have had enough of this place!

We left to get our bikes
I am really pretty high ( it takes a lot!)
standing in front of my bike, locked on a bridge. There are not many railings between my bike and the water. The bike fears begins to bubble in my belly. The fear of dropping my bag into the canal, the fear of dropping my keys into the canal, the fear of dropping my chain into the canal and the final fear of rolling the bike into the canal! This balancing act demands full concentration and calm, slow, deep breathing...I can do it, I can do it, stay calm.

Nothing falls into the canal, including me.

We ride home via Herengracht. This city unlike most cities, is as beautiful at night
as it is in the day...or maybe even more beautiful

I notice that unlike past visits, I am not so concerned with cars passing closely. That magnet that always felt like it pulled me into cars is non operational.

After a 2nd tasting am not really that impressed with our purchases from borenjorgen
Girl Scout cookie - I give it a 7
Blue grail gets an 8. It is a really nice and strong indica - up there with the pineapple chunk
Ak47 gets a 6

There are no 10's from anywhere.
Borenjorgens does have the largest menu I have seen anywhere

Back at the boat - I fall asleep watching the headlights aim for the bedroom window. I think if this were the states there would have already been at least 3 or 4 cars landing in here
But it's not the states
And I am safe

We are in Amsterdam

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Postby Dogbreath » Sun Aug 17, 10:30 am

Wonderful... Just a wonderful trip report....


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