WC 2014 #8

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WC 2014 #8

Postby worldcitizen1723 » Sat Aug 16, 9:15 am

Day 8

Now this is rain
Lots of it
All night the sound of rain on the roof and the water
It is calming and soothing

None the less
It is

Raining now!
torrential rain
I roll over and go back to sleep

Another slow starting day
Too wet and cold to eat outside
We sip our coffee and watch the tourists boats pass by
All of us encased in our boxes
We are just participants in this zoo

There is No blood!
OMG finally no blood
I will not look over my shoulder
But I will breath a sigh of relief not too loudly
Don't want to jinx anything

Got an email from oracle's mate looking for an important utensil for pulling stems from strawberries. Maybe she left it here? The mate has found it, didn't know what it was or where it came from....so we will have some quick company, hugs and a little good vibes spread around, plus she can relax knowing it has not been lost, just forgotten.

The rain didn't stop till 14:00

Dog desperately wants to go somewhere
So we are once again
Off to 137

Wow since last I was there, the sidewalk and street has been debricked
Piles of sand with some mats to walk upon
I have a long skirt on and for some reason, sashaying thru this I flash that I am in the west, in a cowboy town in the late 1700's.
Didn't they just do that last year?

As we sit in front of 137
A very thin street fellow walks into the shop
He is escorted out.
A fight ensues
They argue in Dutch and my pimslers trained ears are clueless

street guy wanting something
Food, money, weed, use the toilet....your filled in blank is as good as mine

The whole affair begins gently enough with bowing and simple requests
It rapidly escalates to threats,yelling, air kicks and punches all right in front of our table. Mate leans in and whispers that perhaps we should get out of here

The owner expertly maneuvers the gentleman away from the business and down the street and apologized to us. We finish our smoke. The dog did not react at all to the poorly behaved humans

Stroll back to the boat with dog
Still no blood.

Maybe all those pads can come off of the furniture!
Won't that be nice! Nothing like living in a place that looks
Like a home for the infirmed

We decide to go to the stedjik museum
But first we need to eat something
So it's
Sandwiches on the porch
And a little too much wine.

Get ready to go.but - I can't leave,
gotta do the web postings (btw at least I have most processes automated so I am not getting up in the middle of the night this year )

posting takes a little longer than normal
I blame the wine
We look at the clock
Too late to go to the museum
Oh well
It was a good idea

Get back on the bikes
(Always a good idea)
Just Ride up and down the canals
In and out of little twisty streets
Beautiful windy clear Amsterdam day in the mid 60's

End up on Utrechtstraat

Stix is gone. Finished. No more.

I liked stix I have fond memories of trips in the 90's when stix had a strain of edelweiss that would knock your socks off. I also always liked that you could walk in and hear some great jazz while toking up. I liked those 2 booths
I just Liked the place. It was comfortable and maybe a little more "adult" than some other shops.

It has been replaced by
Boren jorgon

I have never been to their original shop, so I have nothing to compare it to.
But this I did not like
It is
Buy and fly only
Incredibly antiseptic
Bud tenders wear white medical jackets
They do not look or act like stoners
3 working at a time
Appears like a takeoff of a CA medical marijuana shop
( from what I have seen in pictures)
They have more strains than most places
They are Doing a remarkable business
These 3 lines are constantly moving and growing

There is a Guard on the street running after a guy who leaned his bike on a building
He actually ran across the street and right in to the coffeeshop and dragged him out to move his bike. Never saw this before. The corner has a weird and different vibe. Never saw street guards before. Feels more gangish around here.

Back on our bikes rode around outside of the hortus
In and about the Plantage area
and the centrum
Decided we were hungry again.
Hunger..a never ending need for satiation

So we head back to Utrechtstraat and Meghan the Indian restaurant that has been a favorite for years.. It had slipped a bit, but they have a new chef and all is quite delicious once again.
The food was fresh and spiced well.

food really has not been an issue on this trip. Unlike last year, restaurants are not disappointing us and there is room for us, wherever we go.

Back on bikes to return to the houseboat
Ahh the canals
Those over the bridge hills are beginning to make my thighs scream.
I am glad we are almost home.
100 feet from the boat, the mate decides he wants ice cream. Swing a turn and retrace our steps/ pedals
He wants to go to the little ice cream shop on Prinsengracht near Johnny's coffeeshop
The ice cream is dense, rich and flavorful...
I think I have already gained 5 pounds
We walked around the canal looking into windows
Enjoying our ice cream

Back home
One last quick AH trip
and Dog walk in the neighborhood

The evening in noordemarkt is simply beautiful.
the candles flickering from the restaurants and on the outside tables
It is gentle and beautiful
In the background there is plenty of Laughter and chatter
It is the end of the super moon

It is less touristy today in Amsterdam
Restaurants on utrechstraat were practically empty

Like the tide there is an ebb and flow to everything

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Postby Dogbreath » Sat Aug 16, 11:30 am

Such a pleasure to wake up every morning and read of your adventures......

Hope your vacation never ends.....


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Postby Hammer » Sat Aug 16, 2:34 pm

What happened to the Stix near the nieuwmarkt? Maybe it has closed too. Great reports.

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