WC 2014. #5

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WC 2014. #5

Postby worldcitizen1723 » Wed Aug 13, 9:09 am

Day 5


Woke up and walked out of the bedroom
There is blood everywhere
Tablespoons of blood
Blood drips, puddles and droplets

My immediate reaction is that I must be in some
Weird dream state
I bend down
This stuff is real

The little dog is bleeding
Oh geez!
The blood appears to be from his penis

Great. : <

It stops for a while then he drops a wad of blood and it stops again
The blood does not seem to be connected to his urination or urinary track as his pee is normal ....except when it combines in with the blood.

Since we are uncertain of what is going on...we figure we will wait a bit and give him some time...maybe it will clear up on it's own.

I stay with the dog as the mate goes off to the market (it's Saturday)

I am left in charge of following the dog, keeping him off furniture and cleaning up the puddles of blood.

Things seem to be calming down with the dog
We enjoy some fresh bread, cheese, tomato and pesto sandwiches on the porch
As we wave to selected tourists as they pass

I try not to stress as my short fused stress meter has not yet sufficiently recovered.

We have found a technique to waving...basically we ignore the tourist boats..but if you do happen to look up - there is usually one person on the boat, that if you catch their eye and give them a wave - they respond like they just received a secret gift
Their entire demeanor changes. It's cool.

There is definitely less music pouring out of the market than usual

the Sandwiches on the porch are sublime
Next is the web page
Get the posting done
While the mate goes out to enjoy the city

I am still locked inside playing nurse maid

This Saturday is a big deal - the mate has been planning on it for days now - there is a festival at ruigoord and he is like a kid wanting to go this evening. It is the high point of the trip for him

We Smoke a bowl and decide on going to the park to plan our out evening at ruigoord
Put my jacket on
And after some quiet hours of no bleeding
It all begins again
There is just way too much blood

We can not leave (we will have to pay to refurnish this place before long!)
So much for a calm easy fun afternoon

Back to feeling like a bad shit magnet
Guess I am
Living up to my name - wc

The mate goes to the market to speak with Tak and to find a veterinarian
He returns gets on the computer. it is Saturday and every vet is closed

I go to the computer and write

Sorry there will be no more trip reports
For this trip
I can no longer make this fun
And I do not want to share my pain

We decide to take the dog to an animal hospital ( they are open on weekends)
It appears he has cut his penis
This is not life threatening... Unless the bleeding does not stop..
He cut it Either on a thorny bush or with his sex toys
He is given antibiotics, pain meds and a gel.

THey also supplied us with a huge pile of pads to cover furniture and carpets with
All in all it was a good experience.

Alright so reality hits
No ruigoord tonite. We can not leave the dog for that many hours

The mate prepares a great meal from the food he procured at the market
We eat on the porch and try to relax and enjoy it. I have been house bound and cleaning up blood all day.except for going to the vet

If that much blood came out of me - I would be really worried! He's only 7.5 pounds so as calm as I attempt to remain.....I am worried.

No bike riding, no free wheeling joy
No riguoord
We decide we could take a walk for a milkshake and I can still get out today
So we put pads everywhere covering all surfaces.
We walk over to amnesia
Sit down
We are informed that they have stopped making milk shakes
It's 10pm on Saturday - plenty of time before closing....don't people want milkshakes? Why would you stop now?
So we decide to walk over to Barney's certainly we can get a milk shake there
We Sit down
The waiter comes back and says the machine is being cleaned- no more shakes!
The waiter even runs back to check to see if he can stop the cleaning...it is too late
No milk shakes

So we are sitting in Barney's
At an empty table
I just began to laugh
One of those full bodied deep laughs
I proclaim that I think we are good students and becoming quite adept at being happy with not getting what we want.

We get up and walk over to spirit
The mate asks if perhaps he has ice cream at spirit
With his dry sense of humor and drool timing
The bud tender states this is a coffeeshop
You need an ice cream shop for that
Of course, they are all closed now.
(It was funny when he said it)

We returned to more blood everywhere
And expect to have an unsettled and sleepless night
Watching over our dog

( did i mention that this is very stressful!)

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Postby bogart » Wed Aug 13, 9:27 am

I have been studying the genre of horror, and your little tale fits perfectly into the idea that a questioning of the benevolence of creatures, shakes a human's fragile toadstool of fantasy/ reality. I also enjoyed your other reports, very well written

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Postby chigusa » Wed Aug 13, 9:31 am

chin up, wc.
i'll keep you and the little dog in mind today.

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Postby chichi123 » Wed Aug 13, 1:27 pm

oh my gosh I'll be thinking of Pooch today too and his little member.

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Postby 27guldens » Wed Aug 13, 2:01 pm

Ã￾nimo amigos! Cheer up.

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Postby Generous_J » Fri Aug 15, 2:45 am

Kick in the balls there!

At least youre in Amsty though and it wasnt serious (if stressfull) what/ where is ruigoord?

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Postby worldcitizen1723 » Fri Aug 15, 9:20 am

Generous_J wrote:Kick in the balls there!

At least youre in Amsty though and it wasnt serious (if stressfull) what/ where is ruigoord?

It's the oldest squat community in the Netherlands


The mate felt immediately at home from the first visit

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Postby worldcitizen1723 » Fri Aug 15, 10:42 am

Chichi - I know you asked about the scissors somewhere... they are hair cutting scissors and the are new.

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