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WC 2014 #1

Postby worldcitizen1723 » Sat Aug 09, 9:05 am

Day one

this was one of those trips that until the last minute it was never clear if we were actually going to be getting on a plane. I had let go of expectations. am exhausted, short fused stressed and really ready for a change of attitude. There has been little to no pre planning or imaging of what we might want to do on this trip.

The airport
One more hurdle.

We dropped our bags at the check in - shockingly one bag was 7 pounds overweight, the other 3 pounds overweight. The behind the counter clerk says - do what you can and get all the weight in one suitcase so that BOTH BAGS aren't charged an overweight fee...$100.00 per bag! We were herded into a "roped off" area in the middle of everything with a scale in the middle... Nothing else. No tables, nothing to put the suit cases on. it appears we are supposed to crawl on our hands and knees pulling our stuff out of suitcases to repack??!! You have to visualize this - these suitcases are packed- they are the big size. Hey it's three weeks. It's Amsterdam..it could be-hot, cold and definitely could be wet...and then there's all of the dog's stuff, including food both dry and canned, treats and toys...... He's finicky and I am his human servant...which means the mate gets to share his suitcase with the dog. (Well, at least I'm honest!) So imagine suitcases that are bursting at the seams, I mean clothes rolled, neat. tightly fitted, like a delicately conceived construction site. This whole idea just seems brutal, but I decide to try. I felt like I was on some kind of game show. Pulling stuff out of a suitcase, running to the scales, trying to fit it into the other already full suitcase. Pull stuff from the other weigh it and attempt to move it. Clothes and dog food flying in all directions. More and more of our stuff is on the floor in the middle of the airport. This is not working. It is frustrating and there is no way I can reconfigure the contents of these cases without totally emptying them...I refuse to do this in the middle of the airport with only floor to work on. I am just exchanging weight - this is futile. I concede defeat and go back to the counter. I lost the game show challenge. I confessed my inability to combine the overweight bundles into one case to the clerk. Really must have appeared pretty distraught. She took pity. Even though both cases were still overweight, she charged us for only one!

Off to the plane. Thanks to some unexpected twist of fate we still had a couple of Moe's cookies tucked away in the freezer. a few hours into the adventure, I was finally beginning to relax. Feeling good. Very good. EXCEPT every time I closed my eyes to go to sleep, I get these intense impulses to rip off all of my clothes and run screaming up and down the aisles informing anyone who would listen: "there is no air in here! This plane has no oxygen!" I control myself....the mate opens his eyes, looks directly into mine and states: "there is no air in here." With a conspiratorial whisper, I answer back- "I know"....just try to breath.

Paid to fly economy comfort. The promised - More leg room & the seats will go back further. Lol. Should have known there was a catch... I had a lady in front of me that had her seat in my lap and a cute kid behind me that was either screaming or kicking the back of my seat for the entire trip. I could only laugh - you know some times life is just like that... All the negative crap just seems to stick like a magnet. Apparently this is one of those phases. I surrender. Lesson learned - economy and comfort is an oxymoron.

Okay so this trip had a bumpy start....but I still hold on to the idea that things will get better.


We usually have an early check in at our houseboat. But this time around there are guests and we can not drop off bags until 11:00am. It is 7 when we pass through customs. After some hemming and hawing ( wtf does that mean?) we decide to take a cab to the Pulitzer hotel. It's an expensive hotel, but they are also kind and friendly and say they will stow our bags for us.

Okay. Good. The trip is beginning to smooth out, the body is relaxing. I think I see the possibility of becoming stress free and finding my playful spirit. We grab the dog and head off to Barney's uptown for food and some early morning smoke from Barney's coffeeshop. Uptown is not open until 9. The coffeeshop is just too smokey to bring the dog into. We walk around, sit on a bench

All of a sudden a cold shiver coursed through my body, I felt faint and nauseous. I tell myself you are just tired and jet lagged. As the minutes pass, each is experienced in the language of hours, my condition seems to worsen. I try to conceal my vulnerable state. Finally, it is time to walk back to Barney 's - we sit down in the back. The place is empty and the music is a little too rambunctious for my immediate state... But, at least I am sitting. Then the ritual begins - like clockwork, almost every 6 minutes I must excuse myself and go to the ladies room. The good news - they just opened and it is clean. The bad news - I felt like crap! lol literally. Barney's remained surprisingly empty while I slowly dissolved. I had that sensation that I went through the Star Trek transporter and all my cells did not make the trip.

We got to the houseboat as the last tenants were removing their suitcases. I told Ron, the keeper of the boat, of my plight ( the place still needed to be cleaned and we were to actually check in at 2pm) he let me curl up on the couch, while he cleaned the bedroom. Once he finished the bedroom, I moved in, feel asleep and pretty much lost the day.

Welcome to Amsterdam

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Postby Dogbreath » Sat Aug 09, 12:02 pm

It can only get better WC.....


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Postby Generous_J » Sat Aug 09, 4:54 pm

Yeah, only uphill from there. I know what you mean about being generally run down but Idont have much sympathy for you re. your suitcases - didnt you know that would happen?

Anyway, enjoy the trip! Go to the Ethiopian restaurant maybe (Semhar)! Also, what kind of dog is it?

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Postby alpha » Sat Aug 09, 5:03 pm

worldcitizen1723 wrote:After some hemming and hawing ( wtf does that mean?)

According to my browser's thesaurus it's synonymous with 'shilly-shally', hope that helps=)

And as dogbreath states its gotta get better and your lack of planning only opens you to more spontaneity!

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Postby moe. » Sat Aug 09, 5:54 pm

It reminds me of a line from Mel Brooks Frankenstein... "It could be worse, it could be raining!"

I hope the illness was short lived. Can't wait for the next installment. I'm glad my cookies helped a bit on the flight. I need to make more soon.

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