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Postby patrick » Sat Jan 24, 8:22 pm

i think i left my last report off at sundown on sunday, it had been a wonderful day and stems had turned me on to a great night time picture taking spot. i smoked a couple bowls and in my notes i have writtten "got higher off one hit of grey mist crystals then a whole bowl of any other hash product"

as the wife and i approached the tram stop we saw the tram we wanted was there. we got there just at the nick of time but as i stepped onto the tram and pulled out the strippenkart the doors shut behind me leaving my wife outside the tram. she had no money, no identifacation and probably no idea where she was or what to do. her eyes got very big and all i could do was wave, fortunatly the tram conductor realizied what was happening and opened the door to let her on board. we both had a good laugh after she calmed down. the spot stems pointed me to was great, if you are heading south on tram 1,2,5 or 11 get off 2 stops past the spui at the keizers gracht stop, turn right and walk a short distance up to where the leidsegracht canal intersects. after that it was off to damkring to fill my supplies back up.

dampkring was crowded and we asked a guy i had seen in the grey area (he seemed to be a regular) if we could sit as his table. he was a very nice fellow from new york. he told us this was his 56th trip to amsterdam and this time he was staying for 7 weeks. i went to the dealers counter and thought i ordered 2 grams of budda sister and a gram of super citral but ended up with 4 grams budda sister and a gram of super citral. as i said in my other report the budda sister was grade A gear, the super citral was not very impressive. it is the one purchase i wish i had not made. close to our meeting time at rookies so off we go.

when we got off the tram at leidseplein it was all lite up with lots of activity, in the middle of the square was a lone saxaphone player playing the theme from the pink panther movies. we walked slowly down to rookies and i laughed at how on my first trip i went into rookies souvineer shop thinking it was the coffeeshop. rookies was also crowded with only a couple open tables. we picked a large one and waited for anybody who showed up. this turned out to be brandx's first no show. i do hope he is alright. i did not see speedlink but i did notice a italian looking man with a beatiful lady sitting near the pool tables. might have been them but i did not go over and ask. stems showed up and off we went to the bulldog palace to see some of the playoff game. the bulldog palace is near boom chicago and is the place to go to see sports. it is very large with 2 or 3 giant big screen tv's and many many other smaller sets. they are smoker friendly and serve food and drinks. it was stems last night and we all wanted to head back closer to the hotels before the trams stopped running so at half time we left. stems went off to dolphins for alast menu check and we headed off to de kuil.

i checked my supplies and just to be sure i got a gram of white widow for 6e and sat down to enjoy the last of the evening. we spent a hour or so smoking and talking to stems then wished him well on his trip home in the morning and after a piece of pizza from m pizza and yet another rld tour it was off to the room for dutch tv and bowls of weed.

things i noticed, the simpsons only last 20 minutes without comercials, being from houston i heard enron, the superbowl and the movie "texas chainsaw massacar" talked about on the news that night. tomorrow is my last day and as i look out the window and hope for another sunny day, it starts to rain yet again.

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