Short vist Dec 24, Jan 2

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Short vist Dec 24, Jan 2

Postby Philter » Sun Jan 06, 3:31 pm

Too short but here goes. Arrived and easily located the Bellvue hotel, i had got a gr8 deal i think, $63/night, very small room but so well located. Steps from the Resin coffeeshop which helped as I had trouble walking after having worked the weekend.
Started out going to RLD but was intrigued with the Speakeasy, have not been in there in so long. Purchased the red lebanese hash 9E, and a gram of the Thai weed 5E. Weed is lightish but very nice, i reccommend this for a first smoke when you might be tired, jet lagged. It's a very nice high. Red lebanese was good but not what I remembered so I would skip that.
Nice vibe upstairs, felt comfortable even though eveyone else in groups.
had that comfort zone feel.

Went back to room to rest, tried to get to the dam sq. for Uki thing but missed them by 45 min. got a coffee there and spoke for awhile to some homeless guy. He asked for 50 cents i gave him, and next morning found a 50 cent coin in front of Double Rasta CS.

Spent time in Prix Diami coffeeshop. Very crowded with a diverse crowd, but enjoyed smoking there. they have an extensive menu but didn't need anything. 'snuck' upstairs. Sat in Ben cuz it was empty.

Finally crashed out at 7pm till 9pm went out again, spend alot of time in the Resin,
best\ hash of the trip was their Sahara Fudge. I highly highly reccomend this hash.
HAd some Amnesia haze also but can't remember from where. then I had too much gear as I was leaving the next morning, so made a hiding place (again) this time near the Music gebow / Movenpick, lots of good hiding spots there.
Slept from 2.15 till 5am had a 9.20 flight to Buchaerest, brought some edibles and enjoyed that city on Christmas day, quite cheap as compared to Amsterdam. A coffee was 50 us cents for example.

Final day found the hidden stash and consumed most of it, again in the resin. My new favorite coffeeshop. also went to Babylon, like how its next door to the Polite. They have some good prices on gear and drinks as well.
Although a short trip, i had that giddy exciting feel for me of feeling the freedom to enjoy Cannabis openily, and the fine vibe of Amsterdam, same goodness as always.

Noticed alot of the tourist shops selling bagged seeds of Cannabis, seems like a new thing.

Jan 2 nice Dutch ladies still giving doughnuts at Schipol.

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