no tocar peligro de muerte

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no tocar peligro de muerte

Postby patrick » Fri Jan 23, 5:14 am

day 4 arrives and it is raining and cold, i planned on meeting smutdog at his first coffeshop, greenhouse centrum and 10 a.m. we get there and stems is already at the dealers counter making a purchase. i bought one gram of the hawaian snow for 10 e, no price break on larger buys, the buds very small and green with lots of red hairs, under the scope the crystals were very impressive. the bud was so dense it was hard to break up in the grinder and later in the trip i found it impossible to break up by hand. the whole gram was only enough for one medium sized joint, with standard grams you get 2 medium joints. the taste was hard to describe, maybe fruity would be a good word, just by the taste you could tell this was excellent gear. it was advertised as having 26 percent thc and i believe it. i found i can judge the quality of the weed by if i forget i ordered a drink and find myself getting up to leave without even drinking it. smutdog and his sister showed up shortly after 10, they said they had a good flight and were ready to explore the dam. smutdog is a vet but this was his sisters first time. we smoked a couple joints and then we were off to grey area to meet brandx.

got to grey area and grabbed a window seat and a GIANT bud of double bubble. once again i asked jon for a big bud with the same glazed looked and once again he amazed me. this time the bud cost 50e and was about the size of a baseball. incredible pot. jon said a friend of his had grown it. after a short vist, the place is just too small to stay very long we walked towards anyday.

nice medium length walk down a nice street taking pictures and making small talk. past chocolata and then into anyday. this was my first vist to the shop, very small downstairs area and there were several customers already there. we ordered some drinks and went upstairs, brandx or stems got a bud of stella blue. the upstairs at anyday reminded me of sitting in a holding tank with regge music playing. the windows were all frosted and the only seating was a large red wooded bench that went along two of the walls. the dealer was very nice and the place was spotlessly clean but i doubt i go back.

later that evening we did the standard and went to de kuil for a couple of giant last hamlet joints and a few vapor bags then over to the RLD with a stop st excalibur. excalibur is the hells angels owned coffeeshop in the heart of the RLD, it has a sign on the bar that reads, "the managment reserves the right to beat the shit out of anyone that pisses them off" and then a plaque with skull and crossbones that reads " no tocar peligro de muerte" i get what it means but if anybody can translate that phrase i would appreciate it. sitting there smoking and watching people come and go i remember life is all about going places you enjoy and watching/meeting/talking to whoever else is there. after awhile it was off to greenhouse centrum for a gram of manilla cream for 13.50e. one more trip around the RLD and then off to the room. i just wish it would stop raining.

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Postby StemsnSeeds » Fri Jan 23, 1:54 pm

Patrick, says it means: "not to touch death danger"

no tocar = don't touch
peligro = danger
muerte = death

I'd imagine it's a "touch and you die" warning.. Nice reports, as always, it will be very hard to forget those cat-head size buds you were getting at Grey Area.


Postby patrick » Mon Jul 28, 2:58 am

Good timez

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Postby chichi123 » Mon Jul 28, 3:54 pm

Hey dickie did you ever meet that other dick brandx?


Postby patrick » Tue Jul 29, 12:11 am

Go blow a dog, you stupid worthless cunt

Mokum Dream

Postby Mokum Dream » Tue Jul 29, 12:12 am

patrick wrote:Go blow a dog, you stupid worthless cunt

Fuck of man, cheech is ok


Postby patrick » Tue Jul 29, 12:15 am

I reserve the right to insult anyone anytime i choose

Mokum Dream

Postby Mokum Dream » Tue Jul 29, 12:16 am

patrick wrote:I reserve the right to insult anyone anytime i choose

And I reserve the right to accuse you of gay sex with Bas everytime you visit Holland...


Postby patrick » Tue Jul 29, 12:19 am

I would not expect less from you. Cheers

Mokum Dream

Postby Mokum Dream » Tue Jul 29, 12:20 am


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