5 November 2012

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5 November 2012

Postby Dogbreath » Tue Nov 06, 11:04 am

“We smell like marihuanaâ€￾, Red proclaimed as she got our coats out of the hotel closet in the morning. Apparently, all of the open air walking we do is not enough to purge the ubiquitous odor.

The day started as cloudy and rainy. But mostly clear sunny skies appeared near noon. A perfect day for a boot ride. Red even wore her sunglasses as we waited for the tram.

A stop at the pastry shop for an appleflap. We stroll down the Singel, and come across the Poezenboot. Red, a hard core dog lover, in an act of heresy, wants to visit the cats.

We enter, and offer a donation as an entry fee. There are cats here… lots of cats. They are all quite arrogant, of course, and they all uniformly and intentionally ignore us. We don’t take it personally, of course, it is the way of felines. Cats wander in and out to a little sunning deck on the starboard side of the boot facing the canal. There are big cats, medium size cats, and super-sized cats. The ladies attending to these creatures tell us to avoid two of the cats, they have socializing issues…they can never be adopted… they have apparently had some traumatic experiences, but all of the other cats can be adopted. Thank goodness this isn’t a dog boot… we’d be helpless with compassion and would likely end up adopting a hound.

There is a separate room with cats we cannot access. “Dees are quarantined cats, zay must be isolated for a whileâ€￾. After about tem minutes we depart. After all, a cat is a cat, and the cats here are the same as the cats in the US, the only difference is that Dutch accent in their meows…. Kind of like a choking sound.

We very slowly continue our walk along Singel… such a perfect day… sunny, calm and mild. Even with no attitude adjustment, we fall in love with these quaint Amsterdam neighborhoods, again. Life is good.

At the post office, I mail a large manila envelope to myself. Here we place all of our seed catalogs, coffee shop maps, etc. and all similar incriminating evidence. We do not want this literature in our suitcases when we go thru US customs. It is always best to be proactive in avoiding hassles with the US government, I have learned, the hard way.

We hop the tram to Leidseplein, and arrive at Boom Chicago for the 3 pm boot ride. The attendee informs us, “Zee boot ride has been cancelledâ€￾. Much to our chagrin, there were not enough people signed up. We have the options of going for the 6 PM Tuesday ride…. Which we do not like because Tuesday is our last Amsterdam evening… or a refund. We collect the refund.

We previously had checked on St. Nicholas boots, as suggested by WC. Alas, they are still in legal limbo, and are currently out of service.

We wander to the Grand Café next to Bulldog and have a coffee and sandwich, and people watch out of the large glass windows. We find accessible wireless internet on our iPhones. E mails and text messages come from my dog-friend neighbor down the road. I send her photos. We text some more.

My US neighbor/ultra-hardcore dog lover neighbor/dear-friend asks if we took out the international texting option before traveling. Of course not. She tells us a single text we send will cost US $ .50 each, and US $1.50 for each pic or video we send. I am not certain AT&T will charge us since the texting was sent to another iPhone person. But understanding this level of technology is well above my pay grade. One must have teenagers in the house to fully comprehend and utilize all of these smart phone features.

We stop in at Homegrown Fantasy, the first time there has been seating available for us. The thick crowds are now gone on the Monday afternoon. After a nice Dr. Grinspoon smoke and Looza drinks, and much gawking out of the windows… a perfectly normal and customary activity while stoned in a coffee shop, we decide to wander the Jordan some more…. It is just too nice a day not to be out walking.

Back in de Dam. We ask a young couple to take our pics with the Royal palace in the background. At first they look puzzled.. and by their first looks must be thinking, “Old people have romantic feelings?â€￾ Sort of in the same realm as trying to imagine your parents having sex: as incomprehensible as trying to understand when time began or how big is the universe.

Then we stop in at 420 café to meetup with Winnie, a channelite, and find a table in the rear. The cat comes over to Red. Red ignores the critter, not wanting to be bitten again.

Winnie soon appears, a pleasant woman of Irish pedigree. She talks the talk. She has lived in AMS since 2003, and shared some interesting perspectives in living and working in NL. She was able to learn passable Dutch, and lives about 15 minutes away, by bicycle.

The large table next to us had one mature man… late 40’s smoking reefer heavily. Surrounding him at this same table were about ten young folks… we judged their ages to be in the 16 to 17 range. Huh. Not only that, the “kidsâ€￾ were smoking cigaretten. Is there some kind of special exemption for kinder under 18, if accompanied by a responsible adult? An adult who appears to be smoking himself under the table? We find it difficult to understand about these Dutch laws.

Red learns Winnie’s hometown roots are the same as her Irish grandparents, who came from Ireland to Boston. Red declares she and Winnie are related. Six degrees of separation?

After an hour or so, we say good bye and we go our separate ways.

More aimless wandering….

The dogs. We observe certain characteristics about the dogs we have come across here in Amsterdam. They are “cityâ€￾ dogs, and thus differ from our “countryâ€￾ dogs in rural Vermont. City dogs ignore people…. They walk right by you without even a glance. Makes sense... there are people everywhere. Country dogs will always want to meet a humanoid passerby on a rural road… obligatory tail wag and some strain on the leash or at least perk up their ears when they see someone. One thing we have noticed: strays. We have yet to see any strays.

Changes in Amsterdam:

Dog poo: There is far less than in previous visits. Only once, in the Jordan, have we found sidewalk scat, with the rquisite human shoe print embedded on half of the package.

Weed: The weed has improved a notch since the last visit. This, of course, is a purely subjective opinion, and lacks the quality control of a true double blind, controlled study. New powerful strains. There are far more high-end sativa strains. A trend I personally like. Sativas lack the cannabinoids which make you low energy passive (couch-lock), veg-out and make you terribly lazy. That low energy/couch lock is what one acquires with the natural aging process, for free. It is so pleasant to smoke high quality sativas and be able to function, even work, depending on the degree of cerebral effort required.

Life is goeden. We are in Amsterdam.


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Postby chigusa » Tue Nov 06, 11:52 am

you do stink of weed. i can smell it from here.
how are you and your bird going on for voting? did you do it before you left?

if you fancy a really fucking good brew and perhaps some beans to take home try this place,

i had forgotten about them until they sent me an email this morning. lovely pancakes too.

i hope you enjoy the last few days of your trip as much as you've enjoyed the rest.

fuck canal boats and all who sail in them.

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DogBreath My Old Friend!!

Postby BB » Wed Nov 07, 2:16 am

So great to see you are back in The Dam! We will be landing back in town in early March. I'm going to read your trip reports with gusto, my man!

Cheers & Hope all is well with you,
BB an OG

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